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1 King Arthur on Mon Jun 06, 2011 3:15 am



Explosive arrows:
Hold R2 + L2, release, then press Square,
X, Circle. Change to the arrows weapon then hold
Triangle to set the arrows on fire. You will now have exploding

Hint: Cavalry campaign: Break open the
gates easier:

Use your charge to break it open.

Hint: Archery development:

Upgrade the archery skill first to be able to shoot two arrows
at one time. This makes it easier to take out archers and weaker

Hint: Horse kick:
When someone is behind you on horseback, press Circle to
have your horse kick backwards. This can break the shields or

Hint Defeating Cerdic:
Use the following trick to defeat Cerdic in the Vengeance level.
First, pick a character (Arthur recommended). When you get to
the part where Cerdic is using his shield, keep firing strong
arrows to him by holding X and releasing. When another
enemy arrives (especially the men with the long spears), start
running around while charging the special upgrade "Pagan's
Head", where your arrow explodes, then fire at the enemy,
and not Cerdic. Then keep doing the "Strong Arrow" technique
until Cerdic's shield breaks. The next part is difficult. Cerdic
now has a double-sided axe. Be careful when shooting arrows because
he blocks almost every single shot you take. Cerdic is sometimes
weak at power attacks. First, shoot the fence at the left-hand
corner with your "Pagan's Head" so that you have more
room to run around the place. If you are skilled at using bows,
do the following. Run around the room and wait for your teammate
to hit Cerdic without your partner's attack being blocked. When
Cerdic gets hit, shoot as many arrows as you can before he gets
close to you. Eventually, Cerdic will get hit. Keep doing this
until Cerdic's life goes to half. Also, while Cerdic is far away
from you, keep shooting as many arrows as you can by using the
ability "Double Arrows" or "Arrow Storm".
Cerdic will be too busy blocking your arrows that he will not
see your teammate attacking from behind. When you are done shooting
arrows at Cerdic and the next part starts, you should not have
lost any health. However, doing this is very slow. If you want
to do it faster and like using melee attacks, do the following.
Run around the room and wait for Cerdic to attack your partner.
While you are standing behind him, he cannot see you. Do a power
attack behind him, or the X(2), Circle combo. Do
this behind his back. Eventually he will start chasing you; run
around the room. Then, hit him with a power attack. Most of the
time he cannot block it. Keep doing this until his health runs
low. Note: make sure you do not get hit by Cerdic's attack that
hits you with both sides of his axe. The last part is easy. If
you are low on health, hit the two barrels near the right-hand
corner with an ignited arrow. There is a potion and a secret XP.
If the potion is still not enough, there is another barrel at
the left-hand corner with a potion. Cerdic usually now focuses
on your teammate. If Cerdic goes after you, keep running while
charging your "Pagan's Head". You will soon run into
another enemy; fire your bow at him. Keep doing the power attack
technique until Cerdic dies.

Hint: Defeating Saxon shieldmen:

Use the following trick to defeat the Saxon shieldmen in the last
chapter. When using Arthur on foot, simply power attack a shieldman
three times. He will be knocked to the ground. Finally, use your
finishing attack. When using Lancelot on foot, use the X(2),
Circle combo to destroy the shield. If the enemy does not
die, attack him by pressing Circle. When using Bors on
foot, always use the Knight's Wrath X(2), Circle
combo. When using Tristan on foot, use Pagan's Head when using
a bow or his X(2), Circle combo. When using Guinevere
on foot, she moves very slow with melee attacks. Use Pagan's Head.
When your characters are on a horse, simply concentrate on one
enemy then try to run over him. That enemy will fall to the ground.
Press L2 to use the finishing attack. Note: You can attack
with your sword while doing your finishing move on a horse.

Hint: Defeating The Shaman:

Equip Gwen with one healing item (such as Bloodring). Have Arthur
kill any weak enemies. Then, have him go around the corner where
he is safe and let The Shaman shoot a meteor. Remember to dodge.
Finally, get behind the black circle and shoot. Because you are
beyond his range, he cannot hit you. If he teleports, just let
him shoot a meteor and continue from there.


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