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1 Cabela's Big Game Hunter on Fri Sep 02, 2011 9:14 pm



X-Ray scope:
Get all the tags in a level, then play that area again in Quick Hunt mode. Press X while using the scope to see through the animals.

Bonus hunters:
Complete an area in career mode, save the game and exit. Load the game and start a new career to access a new hunter. A new hunter is unlocked with each area completed.

Hint: Longer quick hunt mode:
In quick hunt mode, once you shoot the animal you are hunting, do not claim it. You should do this if you want to hunt shorter than in complete hunt mode, yet longer than the normal quick hunt.

Hint: Never get kicked out:
When you get a violation for hunting a non-game animal, just go to your trophy room. When you return, you can shoot anything you want. However, this must be done after every violation.

Hint: Find and kill animals faster:
Enter a level, then hop on your vehicle and go to the red dot that indicates an animal. When you are close to the animal, hop off and press R3 to equip your weapon and shoot the animal. If you miss, keep tracking it until you kill it.

Hint: Easy kills:
Buy a .300 bolt action rifle and ride your ATV to the top of a mountain right in front of an animal. You can use your rifle as sniper rifle and hit it easier. If you shoot and wound an animal, get on your ATV, track it down, and hit it. You might get fined but usually will not if you did not do anything illegal before hitting the animal. You get the trophy after you hit it. When you are hunting an animal, hit it with your vehicle then shoot it. You should then get a $100 clean shot bonus.

Hint: Avoid being charged by an animal:
When an animal is charging directly at you and you are about to get injured, make sure you are by your vehicle. Press X to get in your vehicle, then the animal will next to it, walking.

Hint: Montana: White Tail Deer:
Select the easy difficulty setting to see the animal beacons. When you start out in Montana, follow the beacon (red dot) to your very right. Eventually, you will see a White Tail Deer. By achieving this secret White Tail Deer, you will get bonus money and save yourself some time. Note: You must hurry and get the deer first, otherwise, it will disappear once you have already achieved another animal.

Glitch: Alaska: Fly:
In quick hunt or career hunt mode, go to Alaska's Misty Falls. Find your ATVm which should be beside a big green hill. Ride your ATV up the hill. This may be difficult, but possible. When you get up the hill, head towards the other white mountain that is even higher then the hill. This is the highest point in the level. To get up on that mountain, you will have to stay very close to the invisible game boundary. When you get to the top of the mountain, drive your ATV straight to the end of the level, then make a right turn. Stay very close to the invisible game boundary. When you drive off, you will see a slight drop off and land onto some of those decorative mountains that are in the background well. Try to drive on top of them and you will begin to levitate above it. Note: If you get off your ATV while levitating, you will be teleported to the nearest actual land while your ATV will still be levitating where you left it. Also, if you go to close to where the playing field is located, you will get teleported back to the nearest standing land (usually a mountain or hill. This is considered a crash and you can to watch your ATV fall very far.


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