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Rate - "Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes the Neighborhood"

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All FMV sequences:
Successfully complete career mode.

Use any wrestler in career mode:

Successfully complete career mode.

Play as Zandig:
Defeat Zandig, then buy his movie in the shop.

Hint: Junkyard mission: Block 50 cons.

Keep blocking until you see them charging a block break. Then,
let them hit you and it will not restart your progress. As you can see in the junkyard, there is a large block of junk
at your left. Then there is a smaller but higher one on top. When
your opponent's turbo meter is high enough to break your block,
go up to the highest block of junk to your left. While you stay
there, the only thing your opponent is going to do is waste his
or her turbo. Once the turbo meter is low, go down and block some
more attacks until the opponent's turbo meter is high again. Keep
repeating this until you successfully block fifty attacks, then
beat up your opponent.

Hint: Easy money:

In career mode, go to the pool area. Grab the skimmer as fast
as possible and start to beat your opponent senseless. Never put
it down and just keep smacking them. Eventually the match will
be over and you will get about $40 per match on average. Repeat
this process for a nice profit.

Hint: Easy win:
When creating your character, select Ruckus' fighting
style. When you are fighting someone, keep pressing kicking and
you will do a seven hit combo for 1,075 damage.

Glitch: Construction Site: Go through wood:

Start a two player match with anyone vs. anyone else.
Have player two go to the bottom of the site. Then, have player
one jump off where you start. You will not go through the wood
on the first jump. Do it two or three times. Note: You cannot
jump off where you start to where you go through the wood.


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