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1 Batman Begins on Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:38 pm



Alternate costumes:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Caped
Crusader, Dark Knight, and World's Greatest Detective costumes.

Batmobile missions:
Successfully complete the Batmobile level to unlock
the time attack and extra missions under the bonus option.

After completing certain levels, movies will become
unlocked. This includes movie footage and interviews.

All Gallery Of Fear entries:
Successfully complete the game.

Hint :Defeating Ra's Al Goul:
To defeat Ra's Al Goul at the end, make sure you defeat
all of the ninjas that are around him. He will not die until you
do so. Also, when Ra's Al Goul is trying to attack you with the
sword, it is best to use counter.

Hint: The Black Market: Booby traps:
When you get in the Black Market, Alfred will say something
about booby traps. The first two are unavoidable. If you want
to complete the level you must activate them. The first is after
you get off the elevator. You will go through a door and into
an office. In the middle going across are the motion lasers. There
is no way past them. Next, you must trip the motion sensor. Once
that is done, gas will be emitted into the room, Quickly run to
the door that you came through. Look to the left, jump on the
couch, and look up on the left side of the room. There is a balcony
with a grate, on which a grapple may be used. Do this, then drop
from the grate. Run to the conjoined room. Look for a large vase.
Throw a Batarang at it to relieve your lungs of the gas. Jump
in the room with the vase that you broke, then find the door and
continue to the next booby trap. The second booby trap is a lot simpler. You will first notice
a vase. It does not need to be broken. Past it you will see two
paths (left and straight). Go to the left. At the end of the hall
is a door guarded by motion sensor. Trip them, then run to the
left or right wall along the hallway. A painting should slide
up, revealing a mini gun prepared to spray the door on the opposite
side of the motion-sensored door. Above the painting is a grate.
Grapple and wait for the intermission sequence. A man will come
out of the locked door. Finish him with the static type of attack
(when above him, it should allow you to kill him by pressing Circle).
Drop and go into the room that the man came out of and kill the
unarmed man. Look for the button to open the door which was shot
at, and the door will be unguarded and unlocked.

Hint: Avoiding smoke and gas:
Roll while in smoke or gas to be immune to their effects.


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