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1 Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:48 pm



All weapons:
Hold L2 + R2 then quickly press Right(2),
Down, Up. Left(2) during game play in offline
single player mode.

Hint: EA formation:
After unlocking the Frag Grenade weapon challenge,
complete all rounds and kill every enemy until round ten. If every
enemy is killed, you will go into round eleven. In this round,
the soldiers move and create the shape of first an "E",
then an "A" as a reference to EA Games.

Hint: Hotswap Challenge:
When doing the Hotswap Challenge, it is easier if you
move towards the marker to make more "Hotswaps" available.
By doing this, you will not lose 1,000 points.

Hint: RPG Rocket Challenge:
On the RPG Rocket Challenge, the further you are away
when you blow a vehicle up, the more points you get. An easy way
to rack up points is to take down a vehicle's shield down at close
range, hotswap to a further away RPG man, then finish the vehicle

Hint: Air Traffic Control: Get two helicopters
When you begin the Air Traffic Control level, you will
start out as a sniper. Directly behind you is a chopper. Turn
around as soon as the level begins if you want a good shot. You
should be able to shoot him and the chopper will fall a short
distance directly in front of you. Make sure you hit the pilot,
and not the chopper. Note: It may require a few attempts to hit
the pilot. It will not explode. You can then get in and shoot
out the turrets with the chopper. When the jeeps come by, hotswap
to one and go directly past the turrets and into the helicopter
inside the heliport. You have now acquired two helicopters, making
this level very easy.

Hint: Multi-player: Easy points:
There are multiple ways to get easy points online.
The most common is to plant a C4 on the flag during a CTF game
and wait for the message stating that the enemy has taken your
flag. Then, use the detonator to get about 4 to 6 points. Another
way is to place land mines around the flag, one in the front and
one on each side of it. You will get easy points from vehicle
that run over the mines. Note: Try to hide the land mines in areas
that are difficulty to see when in in a vehicle.

Hint: Multi-player: Easier kills:
To have a higher chance at killing somebody online,
dive as you are firing. This makes it difficult for them to hit
you. Note: This does not always work due to the fact that there
may be more experienced players that can counter the dive.

Hint: Avoiding missiles:
When in multi-player mode and flying a helicopter,
if you start to get laser targeted (not GTAM), fly as fast as
possible, and at the same time get as low to the ground as possible.
By doing this, the missile will hit the ground and miss you almost
all the time, if done correctly.

Hint: Avoid GTAMs:
The only ways to avoid a GTAM is to either immediately
bail out, dodge a couple buildings, or have an artillery strike
fall on top of you. There are several ways to dodge a GTAM. If you are an inexperienced
pilot, just bail from the helicopter. You can also fly in between
buildings in order to get the GTAM to slam into one of them. Finally,
if you realize that it is a GTAM, start flying fast and slightly
sideways. Then, get as low to the ground as possible without hitting
anything (within inches). Note: This requires some experience.
Hopefully you will get the GTAM to hit the ground and free you
from harm. Warning: You may have more than one GTAM on you; make
sure you enter third person view. Also, watch out for tanks as
they can easily hit you if you are flying low.
Hint: Avoid airstrikes:
If you have been targeted by a sniper with an airsrike,
the easiest way to dodge them is to fly very low and fast.

Hint: Easy Expert Healer medal:
If u play online, go to Bridge Too Far. Select the
Chinese side and choose any weapon kit. Get a vehicle and park
it on top of the health box near the garage (where you can get
your vehicle fixed). Get out and go up the staircase. Go all the
way to the top and jump down without using your parachute. Jump
in the vehicle and get your health up. Afterwards you should get
a point. Do that four times and you will get a medal.

Hint: Easy Expert Shooting medal:
Go to the "Backstab" map and play as a sniper.
Get to a good location and snipe. Only snipe people who are standing
still. Note: This requires patience.

Hint: Limited mines and C4:
The Engineer and Special Ops have a limited number
of mines and C4 they can put down. Once you put down nine, you
are good. Put down ten or more and the first one you put down
will disappear or explode.

Hint: Kamikaze:
Be a Special Ops and get out your C4s. Get near a vehicle
and put one or two C4s on it. Keep your detonator out and go in
the vehicle. When you see an enemy, get out your vehicle so that
it's ghost rides into the enemy. When the enemy is near the vehicle,
detonate the C4s.

Hint: Easy medal:
If you play online and need an easy medal, go to Backstab.
Choose the American side and have the assault kit. Spawn at the
base and take a jeep over to where the health is found by the
tent, which has the tank inside it. Park the jeep on top of the
health box. Get out and take out the weapon to the left. Shoot
at the wall so it at least takes away a third of your health.
Then, hop in the jeep. Once you have healed yourself you will
get a point. Do that four times and you will get a medal. If you
need more ammunition, go in the tent that you were shooting. There
is ammunition inside.

Hint: Chinese restaurant reference:
When you are playing conquest at "Bridge Too Far",
go to the Chinese side. When there is no extra battle sound, you
can faintly hear music that would be in a Chinese restaurant.
Coincidentally, there is a building that looks like a Chinese
restaurant in that map.

Hint: Weapon and equipment upgrades:
Collect the indicated number of stars to unlock the
corresponding upgrade in single player mode.

105mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 150): 133
120mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 150): 133
125mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 150): 133
23mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 3,000): 133
25mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 3,000): 133
30mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 750): 133
40mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 3,000): 133
70mm Rocket (Increased Ammo 150): 171
90mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 150): 133
Antitank Missile (Increased Ammo 75): 171
Assault Rifle (45-Round Clip): 32
Assault Rifle (Armor-Piercing Bullets): 253
Assault Rifle (Increased Ammo 225): 82
Assault Rifle (Increased Zoon): 152
Auto-Injector (Increased Ammo 5): 158
Blowtorch (Increased Ammo 1,500): 89
C4 Explosive (Increased Ammo 6): 101
Forward Observer (Extended Target Length): 183
Forward Observer (Increased Ammo 6): 120
Frag Grenade (Increased Ammo 5): 196
Grenade Launcher (Increased Ammo 5): 63
Grenade Launcher (Increased Ammo 90): 108
Laser Target Designator (Bunker Buster Splash Damage): 247
Laser Target Designator (Increased Zoom): 234
Laser Target Designator (Increased Ammo 2): 202
Locking Missile (Increased Ammo 6): 215
Machine Gun (150-Round Clip): 38
Machine Gun (Armor-Piercing Bullets): 266
Machine Gun (Increased Ammo 1500-3000): 57
Machine Gun (Increased Ammo 300): 139
Mine (Increased Ammo 5): 177
Mortar Strike (Carpet Bomb): 259
Mortar Strike (Increased Ammo 2): 209
Pistol (23-Round Clip): 06
Pistol (Increased Ammo 45): 25
Rocket Launcher (Homing Missle): 228
Rocket Launcher (Increased Ammo 8): 19
Rocket Launcher (Increased Zoom): 76
Shotgun (12-Round Clip): 51
Shotgun (Increased Ammo 48): 114
Smoke Grenade (Increased Ammo 5): 145
Sniper Rifle (9-Round Clip): 44
Sniper Rifle (Armor-Piercing Bullets): 221
Sniper Rifle (Increased Ammo 15): 95
Sniper Rifle (Increased Zoom): 164
Stun Grenade (Increased Ammo 5): 190
Sub-Machine Gun (45-Round Clip): 13
Sub-Machine Gun (Armor-Piercing Bullets): 240
Sub-Machine Gun (Increased Ammo 225): 70
Sub-Machine Gun (Increased Zoom): 126

Glitch: Floating corpse:
Go online and choose a map with a tank. Destroy the
tank with a rocket. Have someone stand on the metal remains of
the tank. Then, have someone kill the player on the destroyed
tank. Wait for the tank parts to disappear. Note: This works best
if you do not use a high powered weapon such as a machine gun
or SMG. Use a pistol that is silenced, as found in the Sniper
or Special Op Kit. Once the tank is gone, the body of the dead
player should being floating in mid-air.


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