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1 Beat Down: Fists Of Vengeance on Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:51 pm



Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game to keep your previous
amount of money and your Blacklist entries. Successfully complete the game with all five characters to unlock
the Movie Viewer option. Successfully complete story mode and defeat Chester to have him
as an ally. Complete the game with the following rank to unlock the indicated
bonus when a new game is started.

Czar: Charisma Pheromone
Governor: Fatima as an ally, Charisma Pheromone
Ruler: Eugene and Fatima as allies, Charisma Pheromone
Investor: Turkey
Super-Rich: Quincy as ally, Turkey
Ultra-Rich: Tracy and Quincy as allies and Turkey
Samurai: Bulletproof vest
Beast: Ignacy as ally, bulletproof vest
Tyrant: Gregorio and Ignacy as allies, bulletproof vest
Good Citizen: The Hole sells weapons and items
Boss: Melvin as ally and The Hole sells weapons and items
Don: Wallace and Melvin as allies and The Hole sells weapons and
Godfather: Zanetti, Wallace, Melvin as allies and The Hole sells
weapons and items.

To get Gina to join you, during mission 4 find out
that the drug deal is at the wharf. Go there and go in the middle
storehouse. You will have to fight some Zanetti gangsters. When
you defeat them, go to the back of the storehouse and you will
find some open cellar doors going down. Go down them and an intermission
sequence with Gina waking up on a bed down there will appear.
You will talk, then she will join you.

Jason G:
Go to the gas station in Chapter 4 and defeat the three
gang members. After the intermission sequence with Jason G, another
battle will start. Defeat him to unlock him as an ally.

Defeat one of the five Fatimas Saints in Chapter 2.
Then, go to the police station and rescue Lola from the cell area
to unlock her as an ally.

Go to Southside Park in Chapter 4. If met by Raven,
defeat him to unlock him as an ally.

Alternate costumes:
Interrogate the following characters to unlock an alternate
costume at the indicated location.

Rag Shack
Crowe in Chapter 2; Abandon Subway
Ralph in Chapter 2; The Hole
Diana in Chapter 3; Railroad Yard
Freddie in Chapter 3; Hospital
Mike in Chapter 3; Station Zone
Dirk in Chapter 5; Station Zone
Freddie in Chapter 5; Basket Ball Court

Matt in Chapter 2; South Side Park
Freddie in Chapter 2; Railroad Yard or Chapter 3; Station Zone
at basketball court
Tim in Chapter 3; Railroad Yard

Patrick in Chapter 2; Hospital Zone or Chapter 3; Shopping
Mike in Chapter 3; Station Zone in front of Las Sombras Cantina

Freddie in Chapter 3; Abandon Subway

Killer Gear
Frank in Chapter 2; Downtown Street
Penn in Chapter 3; Harbor Gate (pay $500)
Hyde in Chapter 3; Downtown Street (pay $500)
Rodney in Chapter 3; Shopping District
Hazard in Chapter 4; Gas Station
Guyina Suit in Chapter 5; Harbor Gate
Penn in Chapter 5; Abandon Subway

Dick's Barbershop
Cobb in Chapter 3; Gas Station
Cobb in Chapter 5; Southside Park
Surfer in Chapter 5; Southside Park
Cobb in Chapter 5; Railway
Nigel in Chapter 3; Station Zone under stairs leading to rooftop

Complete 100% of the side missions to unlock the Brassiere and
Bikini 2 costumes.
Complete 100% of the Blacklist to unlock the Brassiere 4 and Sarong


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