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1 Beatmania 2 DX 4th Style: New Songs Collection on Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:54 pm



Original course setting:
Play all 53 songs at least one time.

Survival mode:
Get an "A" or greater rank on the Original
Expert course.

Internet Ranking screen:
Pass at least three stages in a course on a course
not previously used to unlock an Internet Ranking screen.

Expert courses:
Get the indicated number of Internet Ranking screens
to unlock the corresponding expert course.

7 Stars: Two Internet Ranking screens.
Bonus: Nine Internet Ranking screens.
dj TAKA: Seven Internet Ranking screens.
Euro: Three Internet Ranking screens.
Flower: Four Internet Ranking screens.
Hyper: Six Internet Ranking screens.
L.E.D.: Ten Internet Ranking screens.
Millennium: Eight Internet Ranking screens.
Techno: One Internet Ranking screen.
Turbo: Five Internet Ranking screens.

Bonus songs:
Successfully complete arcade mode the indicated number
of times to unlock the corresponding bonus song.

ErAseRmoToR maXimUM: Seven times
Gobble: Three times
Infinite Prayer -floating flock style: Five times
Sana Mollete Ne Ente -B.L.T. style: Two times
The Big Voyager -Infinite Prayer Reinterpretation: Six times.

The Shining Polaris: One time.
Trancemission: Ftimes


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