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Rate - "Beatmania 2 DX 9th Style"

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1 Beatmania 2 DX 9th Style on Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:56 pm



Mirror+ and Random+ modes:
Press Start in free mode to enter the modifier
menu. Hold 2 (first black key) for two seconds until the
Mirror name turns red to enable Mirror+ mode. Repeat this until
the Random name turns red to enable Random+ mode. Repeat this
until both names turn red to enable both Mirror+ and Random+ modes.

Beyond The Earth song:
Clear Arcade, Expert, or Class Mode three times

Jaeger Final Attack song:
Clear Arcade, Expert, or Class Mode six times

No. 13 song:
Clear all new songs in Beatmania 2DX 9th Style (including
Beyond the Earth and Jaeger Final Attack)


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