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Rate - "Beatmania 2 DX 10th Style"

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1 Beatmania 2 DX 10th Style on Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:57 pm



Gallery pictures:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding
gallery pictures.

Pictures 1 to 6 (rank pictures): Score a "AAA" (three
pictures), "AA" (two pictures), and "A" (one
picture) rank.

Pictures 14 to 19 (Tran Adventure pictures): The amount of life
remaining at the end of the last expert course song determines
which picture is unlocked: 0% to 20% is picture 14, 20% to 40%
is picture 15, 40% to 60% is picture 16, 60% to 80% is picture
17, 80% to 99% is picture 18, and 100% is picture 19.

Pictures 20 and 21 (Extra Stage and One More Extra Stage pictures):
Play an 8 Star song on the third song in Arcade mode, on Another,
with Hard Mode on, and complete it with an "A" rank.
Pass the Extra Stage with the same requirements.

Pictures 22 to 28 (Kyu pictures for single mode): Pass the single
mode courses to unlock a picture at the end of the class course.

Pictures 29 to 33 (Kyu pictures for double mode). Pass the double
mode courses to unlock a picture at the end of the class course.

Pictures 34 to 43: Pass the ten Dan courses in either single or
double mode.

Pictures 44 to 47 (failure pictures): Intentionally fail a song
in arcade mode (one picture from an expert course, two pictures
from failing a Kyu on both single and double modes.

Picture 48 (Password Dan picture): Complete a Dan mode course.

Picture 49 (Expert single yellow text picture):Complete an Expert
mode course that has yellow text.

Picture 50 (Expert double yellow text picture): Complete an Expert
mode course that has yellow text on double mode.

Picture 51 (Expert single red text):Complete and Expert mode course
that has red text.

Picture 52 (Expert double red text):Complete an Expert mode course
that has red text on double mode.

10th Style picture (10th Style poster). Unlock the other gallery
pictures to gradually complete this picture.


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