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1 BeatMania 2 DX 16: Empress And Premium Best on Sat Apr 30, 2011 12:02 am



All bonuses:
Select the "Rivals" option at the main menu.
Set your rivals to the following, in order: "BEAT",
"MANIA", "IIDX", "16", "SECRET
2". Go to Expert mode and create a custom course called "BEATFREE".
Then, select any song under any difficulty with any mod. Complete
the course and watch the credits. All music, gallery images, user
interface modifications, and hidden note charts will be unlocked.

Create custom course:
Select an empty course then hold Start.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding

Bad Maniacs: Complete Archives mode. Complete DOMINION, Back Into
The Light -Feelings Won't Fade Vocal Mix-, and ERaSeR EnGinE DistorteD.
Select Standard mode and complete three songs with an "AA"
rank. For the Extra Stage for the round above, complete any kors
k song on ANOTHER mode with an "AA" rank.

Back Into The Light -Feelings Won't Fade Vocal Mix-: Complete
all 10th Style songs. Note: The EMPRESS songs are DoLL, Lucy,
and One More Lovely.

ERaSeR EnGinE DistorteD: Unlock Back Into The Light -Feelings
Won't Fade Vocal Mix-, then complete all 4th Style songs. Note:
This includes LOVE WILL... on the EMPRESS disc.

From Time To Time: Complete Standard mode or Expert mode.

NO CRIME (Japanese Version): Select NO CRIME, then hold Select
until the song loads.

Time To Empress: Turn on the Taka BGM, then press Select
over the songs that have their first letters spell "EMPRESS".
Play and complete Time To Empress.

Toycube Pf.(RX-Ver.S.P.L.): Complete Standard mode or Expert mode
three times.

Unicorn Tail: Complete Standard mode or Expert mode five times.


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