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1 Bionicle on Sat Apr 30, 2011 12:13 am



Play as Takua Nuva:

Successfully complete the game using all six Toa.

Extra bonuses:

Complete a level with all Lightstones collected as each Toa to
unlock a bonus at the Extras menu.

Hint: Destroying dark cages:

Use Nuva Blasts to destroy dark cages. Charge your elemental energy,
then immediately press Triangle.

Hint: Defeating the Brown Rakhshi:

To defeat the Brown Rakhshi, corner him on one of the floating
wood raft-like objects. Then, shoot that one with elemental energy
and you will win the level. Note: This is sometimes difficult
to do.

Hint: Defeating Makuta:

When you are at the end of the game and are battling Makuta. press
X(2), Triangle. You should be gliding and dodging
all attacks except for the flying bees.
In Makuta's first phase, you cannot do anything to him except
make him angry. He will teleport to a location around the arena
(in front of the metal plates) and summon Rahi. Defeat the Rahi
(you have infinite elemental energy) and Makuta with jump, sending
out a shockwave and cracking the ground. Then, teleport to another
spot. Repeat this four more times. On the fifth time you do this,
he will break the ground and fall in. Takanuva will follow him
down. You are in a perpetual fall with the broken ground as your
platform. If you fall, you will die At the beginning of the phase,
Makuta will "electrify" the metal plates with dark energy.
You must run to each plate and pass through to purify it. This
will cause it to turn over, and Makuta's shield to weaken. Do
this to all four and Makuta's shield will be gone. Wait for him
to shoot an energy ball at you and bounce it back with your shield.
He will "electrify" the plates again and four pieces
of the ground will fall away. Repeat the process (this time he
will be shoot two blasts), and the plates will fall away and you
can hurt him. When hit with his energy balls, he will bend over
and you can shoot his head. Do this three times to win. Be careful,
as the piece of ground you are standing on will flip after about
five seconds.

Hint: Dodging attacks and refilling your

When getting attacked (this works well when facing more than one
opponent), jump and use your shield rapidly. The attack will completely
miss and you will refill your Mana. Note: Do not do this with
dragonflies and other flying enemies. It may work, but there is
less chance of it working. For extra effect, while in the air
press Attack. Since enemies are vulnerable when they attack
you, they will get serious damage.


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