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1 50 Cent: Bulletproof on Sat Apr 23, 2011 5:19 pm



Enter ny'sfinestyo as a code (note the required

All weapons:
Enter gotthemrachets as a code.

Stronger weapons:
Enter the hub is broken as a code to enable
Mike mode

Unlimited ammunition:
Enter GrizzSpecial as a code.

Bloodhound counterkill:
Enter gunrunner as a code.

Empty n' Clips counter kill:
Enter workout as a code.

Guillotine counter kill:
Enter GettingDropped as a code.

G'd Up counter kill:
Enter GoodDieYoung as a code.

Mountain Climber counter kill:
Enter TimetoThrowDown as a code.

Southside counter kill:
Enter HardcoreG$hit as a code.

Wanksta counter kill:
Enter AintGotNothin as a code.

Action 26:
Enter orangejuice as a code.

My Buddy video:
Enter sayhellotomylittlefriend as a code.

So Seductive song:
Enter killa1 as a code.

Tony Yayo So Seductive video:
Enter yayoshome as a code.

Pimp Pt2, I'm A Rider,and Maybe We Crazy
Enter 50bpexclusives as a code.

All music tracks:
Enter graballthat50 as a code.

All music videos:
Enter HookMeUp50 as a code.

Hint: Recommended guns:
Good guns to take on any mission are the AK-47,MAC,GAT,9mm,
M4,silenced pistol, and Bulldog.

Hint: Extra money:
Grab your opponent and interrogate him until he drops
a credit card or his wallet. Then, execute him and choose to steal.
He will either give you a credit card or wallet, depending on
what you got the first time. Normally when you kill an enemy and
steal from them, you will only get either a wallet or a credit
card, and never both.

Use a close range head shot to get $5,000 or more in credit cards
or money, jewelry, and armor depending whether you need it or

If you have found some of the Grizz Medals or have some tasks
from Doc Friday, go talk to them to get $10,000. If you found
three Grizz Medals in a mission, you will get $30,000.

Enable the "Invincibility" code. Aim for someone's head,
and when you hear a sound, shoot. Go to the person and steal from
them. You will get $5,000 every time.

When in the Chinatown level, if you shoot somebody in the head,
they will give you about $42,000 to $45,000. However in other
places, they will only give you $5,000 after a head shot.

In the "Safe House" mission, you will get a medal in
the piano in the middle of the house. Give the medal to Grizz,
the man by the weapons trunk in "50's Hood". He will
give you $20,000. Repeat this to get as much money as desired.

Go to the Chinatown level and fight Wu-Jang frequently to get
lots of money.

Hint: Armor:
When you are low on health and have no armor, when
you take out an enemy out, steal from them by pressing Square
by the body. Most of the time they will drop some used armor for

Hint: Saving money:
Save your money. If you do, it will pay off for you
in later missions when all the better weapons are available. Money
is also needed to get better special moves (where popcorn is in
the theater) and the meds from doc when needed. You should buy
all ten painkiller bottles.

Hint: Chasing The Dog mission: Laser sensors:

When must get past the laser sensors, do not bother
going upstairs then around them. Instead, shoot the metal strip
that the lasers are coming from a few times and they will turn

Hint: Defeating Wu-Jang:
In the level where you have to fight Wu-Jang, he will
be throwing grenades at you. Go up to him and start shooting him.
You will have time to shoot him because after each shot he reloads.
However, you must dodge the grenades. Note: If you have a pump
or painkiller shotgun you can kill him with about four shots.

Hint: K-Dog's house:
When you are in K-Dog's House, get out of the kitchen
and go to a black door. Run in that hallway and you will find
him dead. Then, you will find yourself in the bathroom. Go out
carefully, as there are a lot of enemies. Using a counter kill
is recommended. You will then get a task to find K-Dog's phone.
It is in the room where you found him dead. You will then get
a task to open four locks. All the locks are in the room, but
you may need to activate things. Note: You are with Lloyd Banks
so this is easier.

Hint: Counter kills:
Even if you have unlocked most or all of the counter
kills, you cannot use the good ones in tight places. You can only
use those in open areas that have a lot of space. Do not waste
your counter kill in a tight place unless you have too.

During the early missions when fighting the DEA, you cannot take
the large DEA agents as hostages. You can only counter kill.

Hint: Easy head shots:
Head shots are very limited to what kind of person
is shooting at you. If it is someone with a 9mm, he will stop
shooting a few times to reload. You can take him out at this point.
An enemy with a machine gun will just keep moving -- just kill
him. Big enemies will not even move that much, depending on what
happens to them. If you shoot him and miss, he will run to a different
location, stop, and shoot at you. It is easy to take him out with
a perfect shot to the head.

Glitch: Hold a big and little gun at the
same time:
First, equip dual weapons of any kind and grab anything
(dumpster, carriage, etc.) Then, quickly switch to your big weapon
(shotgun, AK-47, M16, etc.). You will now have a big gun in one
hand and a little gun in the other. Note: Sometimes this will
not work on the first attempt. By doing thisyou can cause more
damage to your enemies (for example, by wielding an old vet in
one hand and a MAC in the other.).

Double damage:
Enter TimeToSmokeEm as a
This code has been reported
as inaccurate. Please submit
any corrections or verifications.


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