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1 Blitz: The League on Sat Apr 30, 2011 12:33 am



Cheat mode:
Select the "Extras" options at the main menu,
then enter one of the following codes. The codes only affect Quick
Play mode.

Two player co-op mode:
Enter CHUWAY as a code.

Stamina disabled:
Enter NOTTIRED as a code.

Ball trails always on:
Enter ONFIRE as a code.

Beach ball:
Enter BOUNCY as a code.

Double unleash icons:
Enter PIPPED as a code.

Super clash mode:
Enter CLASHY as a code

Super unleash clash mode:
Enter BIGDOGS as a code.

Win in campaign mode:
Enter CHAMPS as a code. In campaign mode, highlight
a team but do not select it. Stay on the menu and press Square(2),
Triangle to instantly win against the selected team.

Training mode bonuses:
Successfully complete the following training goals
to unlock new game modes and reveal how other new modes are unlocked.

Buttafingaz: Complete the Rushing portion.
Deuces Wild: Complete the Receiving portion.
Domination: Complete the Prime Time portion.
No Injuries: Complete the Passing portion.
Pain: Complete the Defense portion.

Quick Play mode bonuses:
Complete the following tasks in Quick Play mode to
unlock the corresponding bonuses. Note: Do not enable any codes
or game modes while attempting to complete the task.

All or Nothing: Score a 90 yard or more touch down.
Big Head: Get at least 40 wins.
Bonecrushes: Get at least 30 wins.
David vs. Goliath: Win a game without any pass plays.
Lucky 7s: Win a game using only pass plays.
Windbreakers: Kick at least five successful field goals in a single

Game modes:

All Or Nothing: Score in one set of downs or turn it over.
Big Head: Big heads.
Bonecrushes: Bone breaks in almost all hits.
Buttafingaz: Every hit causes fumble.
Cyberball: Robot football with no downs and exploding ball.
David vs. Goliath: Big home team players versus smaller faster
away tean players.
Deuces Wild: Safeties and two pointers are two points, everything
else worth one point.
Domination: Get the ball again after scoring.
Lucky 7's: Every play you have the ball deducts one point from
a touchdown
No Injuries: No injuries
Pain: Touchdowns, dirty hits, and unleashed hits will score points.

Windbreakers: Farts when hit.

Hint: Easy sacks:
Then at the line, take your LB and put him on the left
or right side and blitz in. Press L1 + X to do a
hard hit on the QB.

Hint: Easy turnovers:
Blitz in with your LB and try to do a dirty tackle
(L1 + X). If you miss the sack and the QB throws
the ball, press Circle immediately when you see him throw
it. This will make you switch players. When you press Circle,
it will go to the closest person to the ball on your team. Then,
tackle the intended receiver before he gets the ball and it will
be an incomplete pass.
When you are on defense, go to "Special Plays" and use
the play "FG Block". It results in a QB sack 80% of
the time.

Hint: Easy fumbles:
Do onside kicks, then do a dirty tackle. They will
fumble about 75% of the time. If it is raining or snowing, there
is about an 80% chance they will fumble. This only works if you
do dirty tackles. When you are on defense, repeatedly tap L1 + R1
when the QB hikes the ball. You will automatically pass any defenders.
Then, press L1 + X and dirty hit the QB. He will
most likely fumble about 75% of the time. When you are on defense, go to "Special Plays" and use
the play "Do A Dirty Hit" It results in a fumble 80%
of the time.

Hint: Easy money:
Enable the "Win in campaign mode" code. Go
to campaign mode, select "Play Game" and place a very
high wager (for example $50,000). Before submitting it, press
Square(2), Triangle to instantly win the game and
the wager. If you need a more money, go to "Play Game"
while still in campaign mode. Place a $50,000 wager, play the
gamem then quit when they or you kickoff. Go back to "Play
Game", and select "Wager", place it at again at
$50,000 and you will now have a wager of $100,000. Repeat this
as many times as desired. If you start a new career, on your third division games, always
bet $50,000. If you are a good player, you are almost guaranteed
the money.

Hint: Distract kicker:
In two player mode, when the other player is kicking
the ball tap the buttons on the screen before he or she does,
When you do this, it will say buzz and shakes the screen.

Glitch: Rookie is not injured:
If your rookie is a wide receiver or a running back
it is possible to prevent the injury of this player by Quentin
Sands in Division 1 Game 1. If a WR, call plays in the power
section of the playbook so he will not be on the field. If a
HB, call plays with four wide receivers. Continue to call them
until the video shows your rookie getting injured. Afterwards,
switch back to your normal plays and your rookie will still be
in play.


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