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1 Blood Will Tell on Sat Apr 30, 2011 12:36 am



Dororo mode:
Successfully complete Chapter 7.

Gallery option:
Successfully complete Chapter 7.

Final Chapter:
Collect all 47 body parts in Chapters 1 through 7.

Hint: Raising Dororo's HP:
As you play the game, notice that Dororo gets a heart
after killing a demon. The heart increases his maximum HP. In
Chapter 4, when you play as him for the first time, you will encounter
three portals that put out wolves. Destroy two of the portals
and focus on the wolves that are exiting from the last one. Every
two or three that are killed will drop a heart. Make sure not
to destroy the portal until you have all the health that you desire.

Hint: Quick sword level up:

Find a location that only as a portal that lets out birds with
nothing else around to interrupt you. As soon as the birds appear,
kill them with you arm swords, but make sure that you do not hit
the portal or it will be destroyed after a few hits. The left
arm levels up more quickly than the right arm. However, with some
time you can get them leveled to a decent level at the start of
the game to help you in the Boss fights that happen later.

Hint: Defeating the final Demon:

First, The boss will fly around the outside of the area, shooting
fire balls at you. As you move to get out of the way of them he
will stop just long enough to get one shot from your rocket launcher.
As his health gets to the red, he will shoot out more fireballs,
Wait for the right time to shoot him. Next, the Boss will come
up to the side. This is one of the easy parts of the fight. He
will start to move a hand back and forth across the ground. Stay
to the side to avoid it. Hit it once or twice to get it to stop
and jump on it. You will then be brought to his face. That is
where you can do damage to him. He will shoot a lightning bolt
at you if you do not hit him enough times. He will then throw
you back. Repeat this until his head splits in half. Next, the
Boss will try to stun you with lightning bolts and bursts of air
when he takes off and lands. Try to keep from being hit as much
as possible -- if his head if facing you when he lands, he will
shoot out a beam. Try to stay to his side or back when he shoots
out the beam. You must then run up his tail and onto his back
and attack the spikes back there. Try to destroy them as fast
as possible; the hand at the end of the tail will try to grab
you. You can move out of the way, but if it gets you it will try
to throw you into the beam. You can jump out of the throw. However,
be sure you go in the correct direction so that you will not hit
the beam as you destroy the spikes. There are two layers for each
one, and for each one you destroy you will remove one of the lightning
that you will have to watch for. In the next part of the battle,
he will start dive bombing you. Only use the sword and nothing
else. You must do a combo to stop him, and this works best with
just the sword. With each hit you will slow him down, but get
pushed back yourself. After you get the hits in to stop him, what
appears to be his heart pops out. Charge up the sword and do a
48 slash combo on him.

Hint: Easy slice combo:
At Chapter 7, after you defeat the demon Tahoumaru,
go back to the place in Daigo's Castle where you defeated Tahoumaru.
You will find a very special sword: "Sword Of The Eight Cloud".
This sword allows you to make crazy slice combos. With this sword,
make a slash attack (hold Triangle). Then, for every slice
you make, the CPU will count 3 slices. Note: The button combinations
are harder as with other swords. You can easy make 60 or more
slice combos. With this sword, you can easilty get very rare swords
or objects in the game, and defeat the final Boss slightly easier.


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