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1 Bloody Roar 3 on Sat Apr 30, 2011 12:51 am



Cheat mode (Japanese version):

Enter the options menu, then hold L2 and press Circle.

Fight as Kohryu:

Play through arcade mode until you face Kohryu. Defeat him to
unlock him as a playable character.

Fight as Uranus:
Play through arcade mode and defeat Xion without using
any continues up to that point. Defeat Uranus to unlock her as
a playable character.

Fight as Uriko:
Get perfects in all rounds and battles in arcade mode.
One hit and you cannot unlock her.

Gallery pictures:
Successfully complete the game with a character to
unlock their images in the picture gallery.

Sudden death survival mode:
Survive nine fights in survival mode to unlock this
option. In this mode, one hit kills you or your opponent in survival

Survival ranking:
Win 100 matches in survival mode as all characters
wins put together. Your name will appear in the survival ranking
as the character you completed survival mode with.

Super difficulty:

Successfully complete Arcade mode once without continuing to unlock
this option. In this mode, the CPU opponent is set on the highest
difficulty and you are in survival mode.

No blocking mode:
Get first place in arcade mode to unlock this option.
In this mode, you and your opponent cannot guard (heavy or normal),
with the exception of the guard moves (green electric moves) in
survival and versus modes.

Low speed mode:
Gain a ranking with each character in arcade mode to
unlock this option. In this mode, all moves except throws are
at half speed but do 200% damage.

High speed mode:
Win 100 battles in survival mode with a single character
then enter your name in the records to unlock this option. In
this mode, all moves except throws are at double speed but do
40% damage.

One hit knockdowns:
Get first place in sudden death mode to unlock this
option. In this mode, you and your opponent can knock each other
down in one hit and do double damage in survival and versus modes.
Alternately, get 30 wins in survival mode with one character and
record your name in the records. Note: This only works in survival
and versus modes.

Hyper beast mode:
Win ten fights with a single character in arcade mode
and record your name to unlock this option. In this mode, you
and opponent are always in hyper beast mode (including the unlimited
beast drives).

Sumo wrestling battle mode:
Defeat twenty opponents in survival mode and earn a

One fall mode:
Win twenty rounds with a single character in survival
mode to unlock this option. In this mode, the first fighter to
be knocked down (not staggered) is KOed. The first character to
fall will lose, but will be invincible to all other attacks.

Name ranking:
Successfully complete arcade mode on the default setting
to get your name ranking in that mode.

Looping replay:
Press Triangle during a replay to play it again.

Hint: Bukaryu: Super combo:
Press Up + Square, Forward, Circle(5),
L1. This will take a large amount of health from your opponent.
It can kill someone if you do damage before you execute it. Sometimes
during the Circle part of the combo, the opponent will
turn around and thus it will not work.

Hint: Jenny: Extra damage with Beast grapple:

When in bat form, when you grapple, hold Triangle
to do double damage.

Hint: Mitsuko: Wall slam attack:
Keep pressing Down + Circle, then when
you want to do the move press Down/Forward + Circle.
This does major damage if done frequently. It is most effective
in survival mode because the opponents will barely have time to
attack you.

Hint: Raise Beast Change: bar:
While fighting someone, if you want to raise your Beast
Change bar up more quicker, just keep pressing Circle (Beast
Change) to get it up at least one bar full each time.

Hint: Nearly unblockable Beast Drive:
Press Down/Forward, Down/Forward, Circle
with Stun in Beast form to do a Beast Drive that hits about 90%
percent of the time.

Glitch: Punch at nothing:
While in practice mode, press Start and turn
the "Counter Attack" on and get in a certain range of
your opponent. When in that range, do a punch or kick and your
opponent will just punch at thin air.

Glitch: Wrong shadows:
The shadows of the characters in "sunny"
stages stay human-shaped, even after you Beast Change.

Glitch: Jump out of arena:
On the second (if you won) or last (if both opponents
won once), knock someone out of the arena. Just before the person
hits the ground out of the arena, press Up + Circle.
You should jump out of the arena. If not, you were either too
far from the edge, at the edge, or did not do it at the correct
time. You must do it close to the edge, but not on it. On some
arena's you will catch on fire while doing the winning pose.


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