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1 Bloody Roar 4 on Sat Apr 30, 2011 1:02 am



Play as Kohryu:

Reach 30,000 DNA points in career mode.

Play as Dragon Ryoho:

Reach 100,000 DNA points in career mode.

Play as Long:

Reach Get 5,000 MAX DNA points in career mode.

Play as Shina:

Reach Get 10,000 MAX DNA points in career mode.

Play as Uranus:

Reach 50,000 DNA points in career mode.

Stage 11:

Successfully complete arcade mode with Ryouhou and Mana.

Select career mode character in versus

Press L1 or R1 at the versus mode character selection

New Beastdrive:

In career mode, press L1 to look at the full map. The new
Beastdrive is located in the in the map closest to the right.

Hint: Stay as Uranus:

When out of your Beast bar, charge until all your life is gone
and you get Beast Rave. Press any button besides Beast
and Uranus will turn back to human, but she will still have her
beast moves.

Hint: Strong Uranus:

Unlock Uranus as a playable character. Play as Uranus in career
mode. Find the location of the third Beast Drive (press L1
to display the map; the third one is located at the opposite side
of your starting point). Win the battle and apply DNA skill "New
Beast Drive". Make sure to save your progress. All of the
characters in the game have a third Beast Drive, but Uranus' is
the most devastating. At first glance It may seem perverted, but
look again and you will notice how much damage she does to the
opponent's life gauge and absorbs from the beast gauge. If you
want to make this move unstoppable you may need to complete career
mode and apply the following abilities: Beast Damage Bonus, Anti-Damage
Suppression, Block Break Beast, and Add Block Break To Command
Move. Then, go to the options and raise the damage to 8. When
you use career mode Uranus in any mode, you will be unstoppable.


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