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Alternate costumes:
Hold L1, L2, R1, or R2
and press X choose a person at the character selection
screen. Note: This has no effect in story mode.

Hidden FMV sequence:
Successfully complete the game as Sion.

Bonus characters:
Successfully complete the game in story mode to unlock
more characters each time that it is finished. Successfully complete the game (not in story mode) once to unlock
Echidna, Dauragon1, Dauragon2, Dauragon3, Mogetsu, Mogetsu unmasked,
PD-4, Dominique, and Kaldea.

Increased character rank:
Every time the game is completed in story mode, the
rank of the extra characters in versus and survival modes will
increase. This does not include Volt, Sion, and Kou. When Sion, Volt, and Kou each have an S rank, all previously unlocked
characters in versus or survival modes will also be at an S rank.

Successfully complete the MSD Cargo Train level to
unlock Echidna in versus and survival modes.

Dauragon shirtless:
Complete the game for a third time using any character.
After defeating Dauragon for the second time, he will get up again
and fight topless. Defeat him to unlock him in versus and survival

Dauragon fighting with one arm:
Play the game in story mode and defeat Dauragon at
his first encounter. The one armed fighting version of Dauragon
will be unlocked in versus and survival modes.

Play the game in story mode until Dominique destroys
the group of PD-4s to unlock her in versus and survival modes.

Defeat Kaldea before the final encounter with Dauragon
in story mode to unlock her in versus and survival modes.

Kou with MSF costume:
Play through the entire game, only selecting Kou. Save
the game after Kou enters the Mikado building as a MSF soldier.
The MSF costume for Kou will now be unlocked in versus and survival

Leann Caldwell:
Play through the entire game, only selecting Kou. After
you defeat Dauragon for the final time you will view a FMV sequence
where you have to fight Leann. Defeat her to unlock her in versus
and survival modes.

Master Wong:
Select Volt or Kou in their story line through the
Mikado Building and have either of them fight Kaldea. Select Sion
for the fight with Dauragon. After the battle, Sion remember a
battle with Master Wong. Defeat him to unlock Master Wong in versus
or survival modes.

Mugetsu with mask:
Successfully complete the Mikado Building-Hanging Garden
level to unlock Mugetsu with his mask in versus and survival modes.
Mugetsu without mask:
Successfully complete the Galeos-Mid Flight level to
unlock Mugetsu without his mask in versus and survival modes.

Defeat the PD-4 during story mode to unlock it in versus
and survival modes.

Sion with black hood:
Successfully complete survival mode by defeating the
black-hooded version of Sion to unlock that costume in versus
and survival modes.

Wong Leung:
Use only Volt or Kou through the entire game. However,
when you are going to fight Threw for the last time, select Sion.
When you finish the game, Sion will have a flashback. Defeat Wong
Leung to unlock him in versus mode.

Hint: Defeating Dauragon:

Sion: Use Sion's last attack, the Hurricane Blitz. First, let
Dauragon hit another party member. When he is busy, use Hurricane
Blitz. When he gets up, do it again. Keep repeating this until
you defeat him. Note: No one can cover from that attack, not even

Sion: Fight Dauragon, and knock him down in some way. Every time
he gets up, repeatedly use Sion's Floating Mine attack until he
is defeated.

Sion: Get Sion's Double-Knuckle attack. At first, back away from
the party and block (R1). Then, get behind Dauragon. You
should be able to get off three hits with the move, taking away
a significant amount of health. It is possible to fight through
all three Dauragon modes and defeat him overall with over half
your health remaining.

Volt: Use Volt's Lift Up Slam attack. Let your party distract
Dauragon, then use the Lift Up Slam attack. When he is getting
up, use it again and again until he is defeated. Do not use against
a wall or it will not work -- give him some space if he is against
the wall.

Kou: Use Kou's Tiger Frenzy attack. Use this attack non-stop,
so that Dauragon has no chance of attacking or covering. Note:
When he falls, use it the instant that he gets up.

Hint: Defeating Kaldea in panther form:

Choose to fight with Sion Barzahd. When you are not
moving, press Circle(2) while not moving with the D-pad.

Hint: Defeating most Bosses easily:
Play as Kou. After you have gotten his uppercut attack,
wail. If you timed correctly, you can "juggle" the enemy
in the air several times.

Hint: Kou: Phone conversation:
Take Kou on the first battle against MSFs at Fate.
When Kou calls Leann, you will hear what she says to Kou.

Hint: Kou: Arm-break move:
When playing as Kou, you reach the part where you fight
the big green robot and two big yellow robots. If a Trinity Rush
is done, then Kou will instead do an arm-break move in place of
a neck-break move.

Hint: Kou: Combos:

Triple Roundhouse Kick: Press Triangle(3).
Triple Jab: Press Triangle(3).
Slider: Press Right, Left, Down, or Up
then quickly press X.

Hint: Kaldea: Three deaths:

Do not use Sion when you get separated or in the ship where you
see the panther.

Do not use Sion when you get separated, but when you see the panther
in the ship use Sion.

Use Sion when you get separated and in the ship when you fight
the panther.

Hint: Kou: Juggling attack:
Use Kou's Circular Upper Cut for a continuos juggle.
This even works against the final Boss. Note: This does not work
on robotic opponents.

Hint: Kou: MSF signs:
After you fight the one armed Dauragon, you will get
a MSF outfit. Leann Caldwell sends you a briefing of which button
makes which sign (Square for unparalleled friendship, Triangle
for old man in thought). If confronted by another MSF and you
do not understand which sign they are using, press Square.
Sometimes they will laugh and point you to a different part of
the buildings. This will only work with certain MSF.

Hint: Sion: Three final stories:

Song's story: Play with Kou or Volt through the entire game. However,
use Sion when you are going to battle with Dauragon. Sion will
think about his master.

Kaldea's story: Do not use Sion when you get separated. Use Sion
in the ship when you see the panther and in the last battle. Sion
will remember what Kaldea said.

Dominique's story: Use Sion when you get separated, when you see
the panther in the ship, and when fighting Dauragon to see Dominique's

Hint: Sion: Juggling attack:
Use the Double Uppercut to launch your opponent, then
use the Hard Jump attack to finish. This requires very good timing
for the hard jump. Note: This does not work on robotic opponents.

Hint: Sion: Combos:

Double uppercut: Press Square(2).
Triple Kick: Press Square(3).
Mid-Air Double Kick: Press Circle(2).

Hint: Volt: Combos:

Lightning Kneel Kick: Press Left, Right, Down,
or Up then quickly press Triangle.
Running Liriat: Press Left, Right, Down,
or Up then quickly press Square.
Heavy Low Kick: Press X(2).

Hint: Character attributes:
Sion is the fastest of the three, but with no super
moves he is also the weakest. Volt is the strongest and is also
slow. Super moves should be performed only in an open area since
almost all of them are throws. Kou is balanced. He is faster than
Volt and stronger than Sion. When he gets Tiger Frenzy and Raging
Tiger, he is unstoppable.

Hint: Card key:
To get the card key, open all three boxes. There is
one lunch box on either side on the seats. Just walk up to it
to open it and move on quickly to the next one. The third box
in a briefcase in the back of the train, the key will be inside.

Hint: Team attack:
Immediately press R2 whenever you hear one of
your teammates make a taunt. Most of the time everyone will all
team up against an enemy. This move will mostly always be blocked
by the final Boss.

Hint: Team sacrifices:
Do not worry if any of your CPU controlled partners
gets defeated. As long as you are still standing, they will return
for the next battle.

Hint: After-game fights:
Play as the following character to fight the corresponding
opponent after the game.

Sion: You will fight Wong after completing the entire game as

Volt: You will no one, but you will still see Echidna at the bar
though after completing the entire game as Volt.

Kou: You will fight Leann after completing most of the game as

Hint: Easy experience:
During in any battle, look at the top right of your
screen. When one of the bubbles that represents an enemy is colored
red, go to that person and quickly kill them. You will get the
experience while your partner(s) did all the work.

Hint: Bar Fate battle:
The first battle is in Bar Fate, with MSF Agents as
your opponents. This is your introductory fight. Get used to the
play mechanics and earn yourself some experience. It does not
really matter if you win this fight or not -- it is one of a few
that you can actually lose without the game ending. Get a feel
for what chains work best for the Bouncer you have chosen.

Hint: Save health in Rocket Tower:
During the Rocket Tower sequence, if you are low on
life or do not think you can survive all the way through, just
run past the robots or guards. You can still win the level, just
without all the battle points.

Hint: Hidden computer:
During the three-way path split, choose Sion. After
defeating the two security guards, watch the intermission sequence
and you will be in a office-like room. Go straight, then left
to a door. Exit this corridor through the door on the immediate
left. Run through the bar and out the door on the other side.
Proceed left if you want to fight a security commander and a P-101,
but it is not necessary. Go down the corridor a little bit, then
left through the door. From there, follow the doors until you
go up a flight of stairs, fight five to six guards with two P-101's,
and see Kaldea the panther. Keep going and you will end up in
a sloppy little computer room. Walk up to it and check out the
information provided on the MSFs, Mugetsu, Kaldea Orchid, and
"Aggelos Anastasius".

Hint: Cactuar picture:
When you are looking for the card key on the MSD cargo
train, pick Volt. Do not find the card key and get trapped. Pause
game play once Volt's back appears. He will have a picture of
a Cactuar from Final Fantasy 10 that reads "NO ESCAPE!".
Note: This also works with Sion, but you will see a different

Hint: Save health in Emergency Exit:
During the Emergency Exit level, if you are low on
life or do not think you will live through the guards, you can
run past them and still escape.

Hint: Boss battles:
On any boss level, if you are not that strong,
go for the Boss first. Once the Boss dies, you will win. Everything
is the same except you do not get all the experience. For example,
on the MSD Cargo Train, if you attack Echidna first and she dies
you will win but you will not get all the possible Battle Points.

Glitch: Jump between floors:
In the first fight at Bar Fate, stay on the top floor.
When someone taunts, press R2 to do a Trinity Rush. If
the person that taunted is downstairs, you will attack downstairs.
When the Trinity Rush is over you will be back on the top floor

Glitch: Opponent stuck in piano:
When playing the crystal dome level (versus mode recommended)
and playing as Sion, Kou, or Dauragon (recommended), use the uppercut
(double, circular, or the powerful one, etc.) when under the second
floor (under the piano). If done correctly and directly under
the piano, your opponent will get stuck in the piano and he will
bounce all over the place. When you run into your opponent, you
get hurt and bounce off each other until he dies.


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