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1 Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War on Sat Apr 23, 2011 6:20 pm



Completion bonuses:
Complete the game to unlock the "Free Mission" option (play any mission using any airplane that was previously unlocked), more difficulty settings, the "Music Player" option (listen to any song), and the CG Viewer (view any intermission sequence). Successfully complete the game with "S" ranks on all missions under the Ace difficulty setting to change the saved game icon to the Razgriz F-14 Tomcat version. A special message from the game's developers will also appear during the final debriefing. Successfully complete all arcade mode stages and load your saved data in campaign mode. Mobius 1 can now pilot all 53 airplanes with paint schemes that were unlocked and used in campaign mode. Successfully complete campaign mode under the normal difficulty to unlock the expert and ace difficulty settings.

Hint: Auto-pilot:
Hold L2 R2 and the plane will go into auto pilot.

Hint: Falken:
Get the missing parts from missions 12a, 12b, 16a, 16b, and 27a to unlock the Falken. You must destroy the hangar of each mission. For mission 12a, follow the river north, then go east at the fork in the river. You must be close for the hangar to show appear on radar. For mission 12b, after taking out the four radar sites, destroy enough targets and the hangar will show up near the smokestacks. The one in mission 16a is between the field HQ and the airfield. Mission 16b has it west of the river, between the airfield and oil refinery (south of the north-most river). The part on mission 27 is very close to the gun tower, in front of the tunnel.

Hint: F22A:
Successfully complete arcade mode.

Hint: X-02:
Get all the other aircraft except for the Falken to unlock the X-02.

Hint: YF-23A Black Widow II:
Destroy all five FALKEN hangars to unlock the YF-23A in the European version of the game.

Hint Secret intermission sequence:
During the last mission, The Unsung War, destroy the SOLG with about one second remaining on the timer. An intermission sequence will begin playing instead of the usual FMV sequence. To do this, play under the normal or lower difficulty setting so that you will have unlimited bullets. Once you can attack the SOLG, use your bullets to destroy everything except the core component (which is the solar panels; the four big tube-like things, loading unit, and the other four things that turn -- warhead accelerator). Make sure that one of the four core components either stays undamaged or takes damage of three bullets at most. Once all non targetable SOLG components are destroyed, attack and destroy three core targets, then attack the last one using simple missiles one after one until its radar blip turns red. Shoot one more missile, close at a distance of about 400 feet, then wait. Make sure the distance is about 400 feet at all times. Soon after the timer reaches two-seconds, left blip shoot one last missile. If timed correctly, the timer should freeze at about one second. Note: This was done on the European version of the game.

Hint: Easy kill rate experience:
Unlock the "Free Flight" option and select it. Choose any mission and complete it. You can do this repeatedly and choose any plane on level 26 and 21 (were you can only select carrier jets). Note: The best mission to do this on is level 26 (Sea Of Chaos).

Hint: Get behind enemy:
When you are being pursued from an enemy, dive down and do 360 degree spins. Watch your radar to see where the enemy is located. When you get behind the target on radar, pull up and you should be in range for a nice missile shot. This works well in dogfights.

Hint: Defeating submarines and battleships:
It is a lot easier to fight submarines and battleships if you fly very close to the water, as they cannot hit you as easily. This is very effective if you also fly very fast. Be careful not to crash into the water.

Hint: Destroying the Hrimfaxi:
On the level where you have to destroy the Hrimfaxi (Demons Of Razgriz), choose an F-18 which has anti-ship missiles. Once you shoot the Hrimfaxi and it submerges again, fly high in the sky and come straight down to it. Then, switch to the anti-ship missiles and shoot it while you are coming down. The Hrimfaxi will not be in range to shoot you, but be careful not to crash into the water while you come down or get in range for the Hrimfaxi. Use free flight mode to get the kill rate on the F-22 maxed out. This will unlock the FB-22 Concept, which has rated 99 air to ground. The Sp Wpn is SODs. Use the FB-22 Concept to defeat the Scinfaxi and Hrimfaxi. The Scinfaxi is destroyed by four hits from a SOD, and the Hrimfaxi takes about six or more.To destroy The Scinfaxi and Hrimfaxi easily, use either the Tornado Gr.Mk.1's SP weapon, the BDSP (Bomblet Dispenser), or the Tornado Gr.Mk.4's SP Weapon, the SOD (Stand-off Dispenser). It can destroy more than one target on the Scinfaxi and Hrimfaxi and end the battle quickly. However, watch out for SAMs.

Hint: Mission 13: Easy "S" rank:
On Mission 13, "Demons of Razgriz", select any desired plane with a good air-to-air ranking. After you have entered and destroy the Hrimfaxi for the first time (when it only takes two missile hits) wait for it to re-emerge. Once it has destroyed all the AA guns and SAMs, make sure not to do to much damage to the Hrimfaxi itself. Once all those are destroyed and the Hrimfaxi cannot submerge anymore, destroy all the UAVs it sends out. This is why you destroyed the guns; to allow easy destruction of the UAVs. The Hrimfaxi will continue to send out UAVs until it is destroyed. Continue to shoot down the UAVs until you either reach 11,000 points or run out of missiles. Then, continue and destroy the Hrimfaxi. Note: It is best to use this trick with a plane with a high missile capacity; like the X-02 or FALKEN.

Hint: Mission 13: Tracking the submerged Hrimfaxi:
When the real Hrimfaxi battle really begins, select a weapon capable of attacking ground targets (regular missiles for air-to-air planes). Select one of the targets on the Hrimfaxi, either an AA installation or the sub itself. Order your wingmen to attack. Continue selecting the attack order until at least one of the green arrows has a Hrimfaxi target. Attack until it submerges and ignore the unmanned aircraft. If done correctly, the green attack arrows will remain on the Hrimfaxi after it dives, allowing you to follow it wherever it goes.

Hint: Mission 18: Evading the 8492 squadron:
After destroying the fortress use the following trick to evade the 8492 squadron. Before you reach the 8492 squadron and the refueling plane, turn and head north/northeast and lower your altitude to just above the ground/mountains. Keep flying north/northeast until you are a good distance away from them and due north of them. Then, start flying toward them southward (from the north to south). When you get close enough to them, they will fire a few missiles at you, but they should not be close. If they are, simply evade them by turning, but not too far off course. Then they will appear as about twelve blips on the radar. Once this happens, immediately fly due east, staying as close to the ground/mountains as possible. If you are attempting this with a mediocre speed aircraft, the trick to avoiding their missiles (which will catch up to you) is to stay low, fly fast, and weave in and out of the mountains while still bearing due east. You should still look out for any inbound missiles, but most will get lost in the mountains. Once you make it across the white line on the radar, they will retreat and leave you alone.

Hint: Mission 27 : Easy SOLG destruction:
In Mission 27 when you have to destroy the SOLG, enter the mission in the Falken. Switch to the TLS as you head to the drop point. When the enemy planes show up, destroy them quickly with the TLS, but make sure to have at least two remaining once they are all dead. When they are all cleaned up, make your way to the drop point. Make sure to still have the TLS as your firing weapon. Once the SOLG enters the vulnerable range, fly at it from the side while having one of the targets in your sights. Once your range from the target is under 10,000, fire the TLS. It should take out two or three of the targets. Turn back the way you came from before the range between you and the SOLG is 5000. Repeat this tactic as many times as necessary, though it should only require two runs.

Hint: Use the enemy's own missiles against themselves:
Note: This is only effective against enemy ground units.
This is difficult to do and requires many practice runs. If you find yourself with a missile being shot at you, try to boost to the nearest enemy ground unit. Then, slow down and make sure not to go past the ground unit. As soon as you see the missile closing in on the radar, quickly boost towards the ground unit, and time it so that the missile will go past you and into the enemy unit. This is possible to accomplish with a lot of practice, but is extremely difficult to time correctly. Try using it on enemy ships first, as they are much larger than tanks. Then, work your way down the size scale until you can use it against all enemy ground or sea units. This will save you missiles if your ammunition is low, or you need to conserve as much as possible as in missions 16B, 12B, and 9.

Hint: Acquire upgraded fighters:
You must fly the fighter that you want the upgrade for and acquire enough kills for the unlock. For example, if you want the Super F-14, you must take out the F-14B, fly several missions, and acquire enough kills to get the F-14A. Take out the F-14A and fly several missions with it until you get enough kills to acquire the Super F-14. This applies to all aircraft.

Hint: Acquire ground attack planes:
If you have completed the game, this is a good way to unlocking the series of ground attack planes. First, find a ground plane for which you want to fill up the bar to unlock the next plane in its series tree, and buy four of it. Go to Free Mission mode and play under the Ace difficulty setting. Play the second to last level (Sea Of Chaos). Select this plane for yourself and all your wingmates. Play the mission, and when you are finished, a large chunk of the bar, if not all of it, will be filled. This worked well with Rafale M.

Hint: Mission 26: Better survivability rate:
In Mission 26, Sea of Chaos, launch in a plane with LASMs (Longrange Air to Surface Missile) such as the Rafale M. Once launched, switch to the LASM and target only the ships that have SAMs and/or AA guns. These ships would be destroyers, the Cruiser Umley, and the Aegis Ship Kanaik. Fire only one LASM at each of these ships. It will take out the SAMs and the AA guns if present. Once all of the SAMs and AA guns on the ships are destroyed it will be easy to destroy them, as the LASMs will take the ships down to about half strength. Note: You may want to keep three LASM available for the Osean Cruisers and the single Osean Destroyer.

Hint: Switch views:
You can switch views by pressing R3.

Hint: Auto-target shift:
Hold Triangle when locked onto an enemy. Your view will automatically shift so that you are looking at the target that you are chasing. This is especially useful in dogfights.

Hint: More accurate view:
If you switch into cockpit view in some planes, you can see the machine gun that you are firing and therefore be more accurate with it. The F5 has two guns side by side. The gun on the A 10 is very powerful and accurate.

Hint: Missile view:
When you fire a missile or a special weapon, hold Circle. The camera will now follow your missile/bomb until it hits the target.
Note: Be careful or your airplane may crash.

Hint: FALKEN TLS shooting through objects:
When targets are blocked by certain obstacles (for example, in mission 18 the tanks, SAMs, and AA guns that move under bunkers), you can still destroy them. Aim at the center of the target box with the TLS. You can even fire through hills and other terrain. However, this may lower your accuracy.

Hint: Medals:
Bronze Shooter : Destroy five enemy planes with the machine gun.

Bronze Wing : Get an "S" rank on all missions under the normal difficulty setting.
Desert Eagle : Do not allow more than three allies die in mission 16A or 16B.
Bronze Ace : Destroy 200 enemy targets.
Silver Ace : Destroy 500 enemy targets.
Gold Ace : Destroy 1000 enemy targets.
Gold Shooter : Shoot down fifty enemy planes with the machine gun.
Gold Wing : Get an "S" rank on all missions under the expert difficulty setting..
Grand Falcon : Shoot down all 16 named piloted planes under the normal or higher setting the second time through the game.
Guardian : Shoot down ten enemies that have a missile lock on your wingman.
Lightning Hammer : Protect all eight armored tanks.
Needle's Eye : Get a "Perfect" rank from AWACS in all six landings and both refueling stages.
Silver Shooter : Shoot down fifteen enemy planes with the machine gun.
Silver Wing : Get an "S" rank on all missions under
the hard difficulty setting.

Hint: Easy Osean and Razgriz paint schemes:
Use the free flight missions to max out the F-15's kill rate. You will get the Osean and Razgriz paint schemes for all fighters and also unlock the F-15S/MID and the F-15E.

Hint: SP paint:
Shoot down the indicated target or complete the listed task to unlock the paint for the corresponding aircraft.
Note: All planes must be bought before the paint becomes available.

EA-18G: ABELCAIN in Mission 16B
EA-6B: DUNE in Mission 10
F-14D: ZIPANG in Mission 3
F-22A: Clear Arcade Mode
F-2A: CYPHER in Mission 18
F-4G: MINDRIPPER in Mission 4
Falken: Complete Expert mode with all "S" ranks
FB-22: PROTEUS in Mission 17
Hawk: GIGANTOR in Mission 1
MIG-1.44: REPLICATOR in Mission 27
MIG-21-93: SWORDKILL in Mission 23
MIG-31M: COSM in Mission 16A
MIR-2000D: ZAHARADA in Mission 6
Rafale B: DECODER in Mission 26
SU-37: YELLOW in Mission 27
TND-ECR: TWICE DEAD in Mission 18
X-02: Complete Hard mode with all "S" ranks
X-29A: DAREDEVIL in Mission 15
YA-10B: DISTANTTHUNDER in Mission 25

Hint: Aircraft:
Complete the indicated goal to unlock the corresponding

A-10A Thunderbolt II: Successfully complete mission 7.
A-6E Intruder: Successfully complete mission 4.
EA-18G Growler: Get 90,200 points in the F/A-18E.
EA-6B Prowler: Get 43,200 points in the A-6E.
EF-2000 Typhoon: Successfully complete mission 16A.
F-117A Nighthawk: Successfully complete mission 15.
F-14A Tomcat: Successfully complete mission 9.
F-14B Bomcat: Get 47,450 points in the F-14A.
F-14D Super Tomcat: Get 56,250 in the F-14B.
F-15C Eagle: Successfully complete mission 12A.
F-15E Strike Eagle: Get 95,450 in the F-15C.
F-15S/MTD: Get 95,450 in the F-15C.
F-16 Block60: Get 65,450 points in the F-16C.
F-16C Fighting Falcon: Successfully complete mission 6.
F-16XL: Get 6,5450 points in the F-16C.
F-20A Tigershark: Get 19,800 points in the F-5E.
F-2A: Get 65,450 points in the F-16C.
F-35C Joint Srike Fighter: Successfully complete mission 16A.

F-4E Phantom II: Successfully complete mission 3.
F-4G Wild Weasel: Get 12,800 points in the F-4E.
F-4X: Get 47,450 points in the F-4G.
F-5E Tiger II: Available from the start of the game.
F/A-18C Hornet: Successfully complete mission 6.
F/A-18E Super Hornet: Get 51,800 points in the F/A-18C.
F/A-22A Raptor: Successfully complete mission 17.
FALKEN: Destroy all FALKEN hangars and complete those missions
under the normal or higher difficulty.
FB-22 Concept: Get 123,200 points in the F/A-22A.
Hawk .1A: Successfully complete mission 19.
JAS-39C Gripen: Successfully complete mission 15.
MiG 1.44: Successfully complete mission 25.
MiG-21-93: Get 80,000 points in the MiG-21bis.
MiG-21bis Fishbed: Successfully complete mission 3.
MiG-29A Fulcrum: Successfully complete mission 7.
MiG-31 Foxhound: Successfully complete mission 9.
MiG-31M: Get 65,450 points in the MiG-31.
Mirage 2000: Successfully complete mission 7.
Mirage 2000D: Get 35,000 points in the Mirage 2000.
Rafale B: Get 46,000 points in the Rafale M.
Rafale M: Successfully complete mission 16B.
SU-27 Flanker: Successfully complete mission 12B.
SU-32: Get 129,050 points in the SU-47.
SU-32 Strike Flanker: 111,800 in the SU-27.
SU-35 Super Flanker: 111,800 in the SU-27.
SU-37 Terminator: 123,200 in the SU-35.
SU-47 Berkut: Successfully complete mission 17.
Tornado ECR: Get 56,250 in the Tornado Gr.Mk.1.
Tornado F3: Get 56,250 in the Tornado Gr.Mk.1.
Tornado Gr.Mk.1: Successfully complete mission 9.
Tornado Gr.Mk.4: Get 56,250 in the Tornado Gr.Mk.1.
X-02 Wyvern: Unlock and purchase at least one of every aircraft in the game.
X-29A: Get 60,800 points in the F-20A.
YA-10B: Get 85,050 points in the A-10A.
YF-23A Black Widow II: Successfully complete mission 16B.

Hint: Song decision:
During one of the early stages of the campaign mode, Chopper will ask you about a song. Your next mission will depend on your answer ("Yes" or "No"). Also, at the end of the stage in which Edge gets rescued, Chopper will again ask you about the same song. Again, your "Yes" or "No" answer will decide which stage is next.

Hint: Ace Combat 4 references:
On the level before the last one entitled "Aces", Yuktobanian aicraft and others will join you to fight. There will be a large AWACS aircraft that says that it is AWACS "Okay Nieba" which means "Sky Eye". In Ace Combat 4, Sky Eye was the AWACS that called and gave orders to you. One of your wingmen is named Kai Nagase. In the mission in Ace Combat 4 where you mus protect the two planes from Erusian fighters, there is a woman on one of them. She says that her name is Nagase (spelled the same though pronounced slightly differently). During an intermission sequence of one of the middle stages, Pops will talk about the war he was in. While he is talking he will mention the "Grey Men" and what they did. In the first mission of Ace Combat 4 there is a bomber squadron that you must shoot down. When you shoot some down they will say: <>.

Hint: Sears Tower reference:
In the last mission, 27, where you must destroy the SOLGs, notice that the tallest building is the Sears Tower in Chicago.

Glitch: Mission 16A: Vertical flight:
Near the end of the mission, a KC-10 and two E-676s appear, as well as several fighters. When this happens, climb to 30,000 feet and fly towards the enemy formation. When you are directly above them, dive straight down into the enemy formation. When you do this, the KC-10 and E-767s will be climbing vertically up at you instead of flying at you horizontally as they would if approached normally.

Glitch: Mission 27: Kestrel's non-existent catapults:
In the "Aces" mission, take off with any aircraft, but stay at a low altitude (below 392-400 feet or you will proceed with the mission). Fly around to the back of the Kestrel and land. Keep holding the airbrake (L1) to come to a complete stop. Notice that the moment your speed hits zero you will get a little boost. This catapult effect will occur no matter where you land on the Kestrel. Note: This may be easer to attempt with smaller aircraft like the HAWK, F-16, etc.

Glitch: Mission 27: Wrong exit:
On mission 27, "Aces", continue as usual until the tunnnel is opened. Instead of flying into the entrance, go directly north of it towards the exit. Fly towards it from the side, just barely entering it before coming back out. Be careful not to go too far in or you will not be able to get back out without crashing. If done correctly, you should hear Bartlett say "I'm right in front of you kid". Go back, fly through the entrance, and destroy the core. The game should cut directly to the scene of your squad flying out of the exit instead of racing out through the narrow tunnel having planes in front and back of you trying to get out before the shutters close.

Glitch: Demons Of Razgriz mission: Predict Hrimfaxi appearance:
Climb to 7,000 feet and look down with the Right Analog-stick. You can see where the Hrimfaxi is underwater. You will now know where it is going to pop up next and have the advantage.

Glitch: Aces mission: Failed takeoff:
Takeoff with any aircraft, then do a roll and crash in the water. It will say that the takeoff failed. When you takeoff again, your aircraft will not be there. It will say takeoff failed again.


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