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1 Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood on Sun May 01, 2011 3:36 pm



Cheat mode:
In the North American version, enter 2ndsquad
as a profile name to unlock all levels and extras including "Infinite
Ammunition", "Super Squad", and "Old Movie"
modes. Alternately, enter BAKERSDOZEN as a profile name.

Old Movie cheat:
Successfully complete the game under the easy difficulty

Infinite Ammo cheat:
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty

Super Squad cheat:
Successfully complete the game under the authentic
difficulty setting.

Authentic difficulty setting:
Successfully complete the game under the difficult
difficulty setting.

Hint: The All-Americans:
This level is separated into two parts, and you get
an unlimited supply of Panzerfausts. Even if your squads get wiped
out by the time you get to the second part and you are low on
health, you can still complete the game by carefully and patiently
using the Panzerfausts at long range. The general strategy is
simple. Grab a Panzerfaust from the nearer of the two crates and
slowly approach the enemy position until you see the red "unsuppressed"
circle above them. Stay out of their range or take cover, and
aim directly above the circle -- slightly if they're close or
way above if they are a long distance away, and fire. Use situational
awareness mode to see if you hit or missed, then repeat the process.
With trial and error you should be able to wipe out all four groups
of Nazis, including the one manning the 88, all by yourself while
taking little damage.

Hint: Full team health:
Die four times after a save point and you will be asked
if you want to heal your squad.

Glitch: Wrong names:
In the Situational Awareness mode, Panzergrenadiers
are identified as Fallschirmjager, Fallschirmjager are identified
as Panzergrenadiers, and the M10 Tank Destroyer is identified
as an M4 Sherman.


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