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1 Smart Phones and Other Technology on Sun May 01, 2011 8:26 pm

fire hazard

"Must have"
"Must have"

Demoplayer for android (aka rockplayer) - It's a DIVX based player that allows you to watch mkv and other file types you normally wouldn't be able to on your phone. (run a google search you should stumble across it - it's still in beta and i don't think it's avail on the market yet).

Amazon app store - so you can get the free app of the day!

Catch - an app for quick notes to yourself (syncs online)

Dropbox - allows you to sync files between your phone (and multiple computers)

amazon mp3 - If you buy an album off of amazon you get 20 GB's of cloud storage for a year free (and can subsequently stream mp3's assuming you have an internet connection... warning though, after you enable this and the years up, Amazon may automatically subscribe you for another year at $20, you can easily unsubscribe through the cloud storage)

Soundhound/Shazam - (free versions limited to 5 tags a month or something, never used all my tags so I'm not sure) between the two I can usually figure out the name of a tune on the radio.

Gesture search - (a google app) you can search your contacts/apps by drawing the letters with your finger.

Aldiko - A free e-readerapp for the *.epub format. You can find a ton of public domain books on various websites (feedbook is the best imo). I like this, because sometimes you get stuck waiting for something or someone and it's always nice to have a book to read.

Google sky map - you can identify the stars! Kind of a cute little trick to whip out to impress your friends, but most everyone has seen it. It is fairly accurate though.

Google translate -

Pandora - Internet radio based on your preferences, I listen to this everywhere I go.

Not necessarily must have, but apps I use frequently

Cardio trainer - keeps track of your work outs, and has some other neat features, I bought pro and use it to keep track of my runs/cycling.

Instant heart rate - uses the same technology as your blood oxidation readers, about 90% accurate (relies on your flash).

Calorie counter

Firefox - Brand new to android recently, and you can sync bookmarks/tabs with your desktop!

Astro (a file manager)

Fring - (video conferencing with other fring users)

Trillian [paid app] - Useful if you like to be able to chat with your facebook friends (facebook chat still not available through facebook app). Can also use AIM/MSN/ICQ.

Amazon Kindle/ B&N Nook - Free e-reader apps, you can read some of the free books they offer, or buy a book or two.

aCar - I use it instead of spreadsheets to now keep track of my cars gas mileage, maintenance etc. (I'm kind of OCD - if you are like me, the apps worth the 5 dollar donation for the export feature).

K-9 e-mail - I use this for non-google e-mail accounts instead of the built in app, it has more features and customization.


Wordup - a word search type game

Wordsmith - an online scrabble type game you can play with friends (or random strangers) [Paid app]

Games for entertaining the kids and you too

Doodle jump [Paid app - I think] - (ages 6+)

Mega Jump - (6+)

Collapse - (haven't decided on an age range for this yet - color based,
gonna test it out on my two year old niece)

Multitouch paint - a paint app with kids mode, that has provided hours of entertainment to kids in the 2+ age range.

If you have rooted, or plan on rooting your phone

Adfree - blocks ads, best thing evar

ROM Manager

Kernel Manager

Titaniumbackup - (pro's worth donating for if you switch back and forth between roms and updates etc)

Shootme - Allows you to take screenshots of your phone's screen. Root is required because of the layer the phone accesses being deep into the system (not sure, but I don't believe there's a non-rooted app capable of this).

And maybe, just maybe an app like SetCPU [Paidapp] for overclocking your phone.

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