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1 Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30 on Mon May 02, 2011 2:06 am



Level select:
Enter BAKERSDOZEN as a profile name.

Authentic mode:
Successfully complete the game under the "difficult"
difficulty setting. Every level completed under the difficult
difficulty setting will also be unlocked under the authentic difficulty.

Hint: Squad healing:
If your character is killed three consecutive times,
you will be given a chance to heal any injuries to your squad.
To quickly get to this point, intentionally throw grenades at
your own feet.

Hint: Destroying tanks:
When you have missions with tanks, get a bazooka and
shoot the tank on the top. It will not be able to shoot. It will
remain there and explode automatically.

Glitch: Ambush At Exit 4: Wrong dialogue:

At the end of the level, Allen and Garnett tell Baker
to man a Browning .30 caliber machine gun. The machine gun you
man in the Xbox and PC versions of the game is a Browning M1919
as it should be, however it was changed to a MG42 in the PlayStation2
version. However, Garnett still identifies it as a Browning .30
caliber in the PlayStation2 version.

Glitch: Buying The Farm: Wrong dialogue:

During this level, Mac tells Baker to take Hartstock,
Corrion, and Desola with him. However, Desola does not appear
in the level; only Hartstock, Corrion and the unnamed tank commander
are under Baker's command. Desola was part of the Assault team
in this level in the Xbox and PC versions of the game but was
cut out in the PlayStation2 version's level, however the dialogue
was preserved.

Glitch: Ripe Pickings: Disappearing weapons:

Just as Mac is speaking to you, look at your weapons.
When he finishes, throw a grenade under the table then stand next
to the person in front of you, Legget will scream "Grenade"
but no one will do anything. The grenade will explode and you
will hear a bleeping sound then your squad will not have weapons
except for Mac, Legget and Courtland, All their guns will disappear.
Shoot them and they will just stand still.


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