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1 Brunswick Pro Bowling on Mon May 02, 2011 8:36 pm



Hint: Easy strikes:
Line up the target line of your bowler between the
center arrow and the arrow either to the left or right of it.
Just throw a straight ball and you will get an easy strike. Align your throw line between the #1 and #3 pins. Do not put any
spin on the ball and throw it perfectly (100%-100%). This is the
easiest way to get a perfect 300 game. Get a ball with a good amount of hook to it. Bring your throw
line to the second arrow to the left, then swing the line over
to the middle arrow. (the line will look like this: /). Put a
full spin on the ball and throw it 100%. This may require a little
adjustment. Get a ball with a good amount of hook to it. Keep your throw line
exactly where it is without moving it. Put a full spin on the
ball and throw a 100%. If the ball has the correct amount of hook
to it, it will hit Brooklyn every time. Brooklyn means that it
will hit between the #1 and #2 pins (for a right hander) and the
#1 and #3 pins (for a left hander).

Hint: Easy tournament wins:
When you defeat your opponent, the game will automatically
save. If you lose a match, immediately turn off or reset your
system. You will start the game on the same opponent you just
lost to. By doing this you never really lost.

Hint: Tournament money:
If a tournament states that the prize money is $10,000,
you only actually can win $5,000. In any tournament you will only
receive half the prize money for finishing first.


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