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All clothes:
Press L1(2), R1, L1(3), R1(2)
on controller two during game play. Note: Press any button to
have the game return to normal speed.
Full health:
Hold L1 and press R2(3) on controller
two during game play. Note: This has no effect on kissing level.
All weapons:
Hold L1 and press Up(4) on controller
two during game play.
Ammunition reloaded:
Hold L1 and press Up(2) on controller
two during game play.
Toggle unlimited ammunition:
Hold L1 and press Up, Down, Up,
Down on controller two during game play.
Extra money:
Hold L1 and press Triangle, Square,
Circle, X on controller two during game play.
All gym grapple moves:
Hold L1 and press Up, Left, Down(2),
Triangle, Square, X(2) on controller two
during game play. Note: This will not appear on the stats screen.
All Hobo fighting moves :
Hold L1 and press Up, Left, Down,
Right, Triangle, Square, X, Circle
on controller two during game play. Note: This will not appear
on the stats screen.
Hint: Alternate clothing:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding

Bike helmet Win a bike race.
Bike shorts: Ride 100 km on a bike.
Black cowboy hat: Give a homeless man spare change in Bullworth.

Black ninja costume: Completely fill your yearbook.
Black skate shoes: Walk at least 50 km.
BMX champion costume: Complete a bike race.
Boxing costume: Complete the Boxing Challenge or Prep Challenge
in Chapter 2.
Burglar mask: Found in a locker on Halloween.
Cheerful reindeer sweater: Found in the school office during the
Crash helmet: Finish in first place in the Kart Race at the Carnival.

Dunce cap: Fail three classes in a row.
Dunce hat: Turn on all the showers in the boy's locker room in
the gym.
Edna mask: Destroy nineteen tombstones during Halloween.
Fast food costume: Complete the Burger Joint errand in Bullworth
Firefighter's helmet: Pull the fire alarm twenty times.
Graduation hat: Complete all five levels in all of your classes.

Gnome costume: Smash all the garden gnomes.
Go Kart: Win all Go Kart races.
Gold suit: Buy all the clothing.
Green ninja costume: Hit targets with projectiles 1,000 times.

Grotto Master costume: Collect all G&G cards.
Incognito hat: Complete Errand #21 near City Hall.
Jimmy's skeleton Halloween costume: Complete the "The Candidate"
mission to unlock the "Halloween" mission.
Orderly uniform: Complete "Finding Johnny Vincent" in
Chapter 5.
Pirate hat: Beat up the pirate on the island near the beach house.

Prison uniform: Complete all the detention mini games.
Pumpkinhead mask: Destroy all 27 pumpkins around the school and
inside the main building during the "Halloween" event.

Red ninja costume: Complete the Big Prank task during Halloween
at Bullworth Academy.
Rubberband ball: Collect all 75 rubberbands
Running shorts: Run or walk at least 40 km.
School mascot costume: Complete the "Nice Outfit" mission
in Chapter 4.
Soda hat: Drink 500 sodas.
Tiny swimsuit: Find the preppie with a blue mission on the beach
at the beach house and beat his swimming time.
Viking helmet: Get all collectibles.
Werewolf mask: Found in a school locker after picking the lock.

Wrestling uniform: Complete Gym 1.
Yellow Ninja costume: Get 1,000 knockouts of people, students,

Complete the indicated task to obtain the corresponding

Bottle Rocket Launcher: Complete the Nerds Challenge.
Camera: Complete the Task "Hattrick vs Galloway".
Digital Camera: Complete the Class Photography 4.
Do FireCrackers in Your Chemical Kit: Complete the Class Chemistry
Do Itching Powder in Your Chemical Kit: Complete the Class Chemistry
Do Stink Bombs in Your Chemical Kit: Complete the Class Chemistry
Eggs In Your Room: Complete the Task "The Eggs".
Skate: Complete the Task "Defend Bucky".
Slingshot: Complete the Task "The Setup".
Spray Can: Complete the Task "Tagging".
SpudGun: Complete the Task "StrongHold Assault".
Super Slingshot: Complete the Task "The Candidate".

Hint: Easy money:
Successfully complete all the challenges in the gym.
You can now repeat a challenge at any time. Start one, go up to
the line, then press Circle to jump. Press X to
throw while in mid-jump for easy knockdowns. To make a lot of money quickly, save the game then go to the midget
boxing arena at the carnival. Make the biggest bet possible. If
you lose, load your game and repeat until you win. Note: This
only works if you have less than $500.

Hint: Easy tickets:
Go to the carnival. Go to the "Splish Splash"
game. It is fast, easy, only costs $1, and results in three tickets
each time. Go to the carnival. Go to the "Hammer" game. Repeatedly
tap X to get three tickets every time, if done correctly.

Hint: Free soda:
Drink 220 sodas to get free sodas from the soda machines. Use the following trick to get free sodas from soda machines when
you are broke. Go up to any soda machine when you have less than
a dollar. Repeatedly press Triangle until a soda drops
down. You can repeat this as many times as needed.

Hint: Getting throwable weapons easily:

When a nerd attacks you he will sometimes use stink
bombs or fire crackers. When that happens, beat him up and sometimes
the weapon will be available to be picked up and used.

Hint: All arcade games:
At the carnival, go to the place where you get things
with your tickets. Go up the short stairs. If you have completed
all of the challenges you will see the last game, Nut Shots. Note:
You do not have to win all the challenges for this to happen.

Hint: "That Bitch" mission: Make
the "Bitch" vomit:
Hide in the trash can behind you after you place the
stink bomb in "her" locker. When she does not see you,
she will vomit and continue to do so as you make your escape.
If she catches you before you hide she will run away screaming.

Hint: Easy soda hat:
Drink sodas until you get the "free sodas".
Then, go to any store that sells sodas and buy as many as possible.
After about five minutes of pressing X, exit and you will
have a soda hat. It is easier to buy them at the store because
it does not show the scene of Jimmy drinking it.

Hint: Getting all pumpkins and tombstones:

After starting the "Halloween" mission you
are able to receive a bonus for finding and smashing all the pumpkins
and tombstones around campus. If you do not find all of them,
do not worry. In the next (and last) mission of the chapter, where
you go into the basement of the school with Gary, you will get
to the boiler room. Inside will be all of the pumpkins you missed
in the "Halloween" mission. Kick all of them for an
unlockable. Later in the game when you unlock the "Preppie"
part of town, go to the asylum. Next to it will be a warehouse,
and inside are all of the tombstones you missed.

Hint: Finding the pirate:
You can do this only after completing Chapter 1. Press
the Select and find your school. At the left side of your
school in the water you will see two islands (one small and one
large). Under the big island you will see a brown spot. Go to
that location. You will see a pirate ship. Do not go to the pirate
ship. Instead, press Select and look at the big island.
You will see a gray spot on the big island. Go there. The gray
spot is a beach. You will not see the pirate, but will find a
small statue. Face the statue the look at your left. If you do
not see the pirate throw a fire cracker. If done correctly you
will hear the pirate say "You asked for it" and he will
attack. You can defeat him easily.

Hint: Get in the girls dorm unseen:
Unlock the black ninja costume by filling the yearbook.
Go to a wardrobe and change into the black ninja costume. Go directly
to the girls dorm and walk in. If you look at the map you will
notice that the yellow bar is at 0%. The staff will not see you
unless you raise the yellow bar, but the students will.

Hint: Chaos in the dorm:
Throw a lot of marbles at the front door of the boys
dorm and pull the fire alarm. All the students will run for the
door and fall on the marbles.

Hint: Picking up girls:
The best clothing to pick up girls with is with the
Luxury Stud Hat - Black, Aquaberry Shirt, Pistol Pants, and RnR
Suede Sneakers.

Hint: Get kneed by a girl:
Go to any kissable boy and kiss him. Walk slowly to
a kissable girl and try to kiss her. She will most likely knee
you and run. Or, if you kiss the girl then the boy, he will get

Hint: Defeating Russel:
Throw a few fire crackers at him, then get up close
and start punching him. Do not stop he will eventually be defeated.
You will be trapped in a hole with Russell, the man who wants
to kill you. First, make sure you keep the camera on Russell.
When he goes mad and charges at you, sprint around the outside
of the ring to make him run into the wall then just keep hitting
him. When he gets mad, run around the outside so that he charges
again and lets you beat on him again. About halfway through the
fight he will start to chase you. Sprint away from him again,
but make sure he is not too far away because he will get tired
and that gives you the chance to beat on him again. Repeat the
steps until he is defeated.

Hint: Fighting multiple opponents:
When you are fighting more than one opponent, sometimes
you will get hit from behind a lot. To prevent this, push over
as many opponents as you can until there is only one person standing.
Beat on him for a short time, then push him over when somebody
else gets up. Beat on the person who got up and push them down
when others get up. Try to keep as many on the ground as possible
while only handling one or two enemies at a time. Get some itching powder. When you get into a fight, if you need
help set your weapon as the itching powder and throw it at one
of the people you are fighting. They will start to itch. While
they are itching, beat them up however desired. The itching powder
should last long enough for you to beat them or at least get their
health in the red zone. If you are having trouble fighting in the boy's dorm, grapple
your opponents and throw them in your room. This should make them
not fight you. Beat them up in your room and do not worry about
the knocked out bodies. They will disappear to go to sleep. When you wake up in your dorm, get as many weapons as possible.
Then, get the fire extinguisher located down the halls. Go to
the fire alarm and set the fire extinguisher next to you. Pull
the fire alarm. Quickly pick up the fire extinguisher and stand
in front of the door that leads outside. Boys will start appearing
from random rooms and run to the doors to get out. Hold R1
to spray the nerds, jocks, greasers, and the preps. They will
get mad and start fighting you. Some will be will be helping you,
but most of them will be fighting against you. When you want to beat up a lot of people, find Russell and pay
him to help you. Go to the jock's football field. Punch a jock
three times or hit him with the sling shot two times to make them
start fighting you. Make sure you go towards Russell so he will
not leave. Do this repeatedly until you have the desired amount
of knockouts.

Hint: Fight anyone without getting busted
or hurt:
Use your slingshot to break a car window. when the
driver gets out, jump on the hood and use your slingshot to knock
the driver out. You can then shoot anyone desired, and no one
can pull you off, even the police.

Hint: Get away from bullies:
When you have bullies or anyone trying to hit you,
run to a prefect or officer. They will suddenly lose interest
and walk away. If you walk slowly enough so that they do not know
that you are walking to a prefect, they will hit you and the prefect
will bust them. When you are in trouble, go to the water just before you go to
town. Move out some distance and after a few seconds they will
say something then leave you alone. Go to the parking lot near the greasers' hangout (just before
the entrance to the auto shop). Kick open the door to the school
bus and run through to the other side. This will bring you to
the place where the hobo teaches you all his moves. The person
chasing you cannot get out of the bus. You can aim by pressing
Up. Keep moving the pointer until the circle turns red,
then throw any projectiles. He will stay in one place until you
knock him down. Keep throwing until he is down.

Hint: Avoiding prefects:
During the winter, if you get detention you can shovel
snow. Go over to a trash can and hop in. The prefect will eventually
go away.

Hint: Uppercut:
After learning the "Uppercut" move from the
hobo, use it to break the block of more experienced opponents.

Hint: Fighting moves:
Collect the hidden transistors and give them to the
hobo. With each transistor, he will teach you a new move. The
moves he teaches you in order are:

Uppercut: Hold Square.
Leg Sweep: Press Square, then hold Square.
Side Kick: Press Square(2), then hold Square.
Five Punch Combo: Press Square(5).
Roundhouse Kick: Press Square(3), then hold Square.

Overhead Punch: Press Square(4), then hold Square.

Hint: Dodgeball game at any time:
After completing all five of the gym classes, you can
go to the boy's locker room and start a Dodgeball game whenever
desired. At first you will play against all of the social classes
ending with townies, but after that you will just face random
social groups. Each time you win a best two out of three game,
you will get $15.

Hint: Easy Dodgeball wins:
During Dodgeball, press Triangle as fast as
possible to steal the ball, then use Circle to jump in
the air. While in the air, press X to throw the ball at
your opponents. It should hit them about 90% of the time. After
the ball comes into contact with your opponent, it should bounce
back to your side. You can just those steps until you win. For
more fun, try being the fat kid while doing the move.

Hint: Recommended costume:
Go to a wardrobe where you can change. Put on the school
uniform then go to "Head". Switch it from nothing to
the mascot head. By doing this you will get good compliments on
clothing, and making out time with girls is reduced, which gives
you extra time and the health bonus.

Hint: Free arcade games:
Get the high score in "Consumo", "Monkey
Fling", "Nut Shots", and finish in first place
in every race in "Future Street Race 2165" and "Future
Street Race 3D".
Hint: Class completion bonuses:

Chemistry 1: Firecrackers available from chemistry set.
Chemistry 2 : Stink Bombs available from chemistry set.
Chemistry 3: Itching Powder available from chemistry set.
Chemistry 4: Items produced doubled from chemistry set.
Chemistry 5: Chemistry set available all the time.

English 1: Apology improved.
English 2: Better taunts.
English 3: Ability to apologize to prefects improved.
English 4: Ability to taunt bullies more effectively and from
a distance.
English 5: Ability to apologize to police.

Art 1: Able to exchange gift for a kiss from a girl.
Art 2: 50% health bonus from kissing girls.
Art 3: 75% health bonus from kissing girls.
Art 4: 100% health bonus from kissing girls.
Art 5: Ability to kiss girls without giving gifts.

Gym 1: Headbutt and 3-hit knee groin combo unlocked.
Gym 2: Accuracy for slingshot improved.
Gym 3: Kneedrop unlocked.
Gym 4: Accuracy for slingshot improved.
Gym 5: Accuracy for slingshot improved.

Photography 1: Black and white camera and small photo album.

Photography 2: Yearbook.
Photography 3: Large photo album.
Photography 4: Color digital camera.
Photography 5: Twice as many carnival prize tickets per win.

Shop 1: BMX basic.
Shop 2: BMX retro.
Shop 3: BMX green.
Shop 4: BMX blue.
Shop 5: BMX red.

Hint: English sessions:
Note: There are only a few words are missing from two
or three sessions.






Hint: Room decorations:
Complete the indicated mission or chapter to unlock
the corresponding decoration for Jimmy's room in Bullworth.

#1 Paper Boy Ribbon: Complete Paper Route level 4.
Aluminum Trophy: Complete the "Racing The Vale" mission.

Artist's set: Complete Art class 5.
BMX frame: Complete Shop class 5.
Boxing Gloves: Complete the "Dishonorable Fight" mission.

Bullworth Golden Shield: Complete the "Total Mayhem"
Burned school banner: Complete "The Gym Is Burning"
mission in Chapter 5.
Character Sheets: Complete the "Character Sheets" mission.

Dodgeball: Complete Gym class 5.
Egg Carton: Complete "The Eggs" mission.
Football Jersey: Complete Chapter 4.
Girlie Girl Poster: Purchase at Carnival for 10 tickets.
Girls Panties: Complete the "Panty Raid" mission.
Gnome: Destroy all gnomes.
Greaser Jacket: Complete Chapter 3.
Grim Reaper: Complete the "Funhouse Fun" mission in
Chapter 4.
Picture of Beatrice: Complete the "That Bitch" mission
in Chapter 1.
Picture of Lola kissing Gordo: Complete the "Jealous Johnny"
mission in Chapter 3.
Picture of Lola: Complete "The Tenements" mission in
Chapter 3.
Picture of Mandy: Complete the "Discretion Assured"
mission in Chapter 4.
Picture of Ms. Phillips: Complete Class 5 Photography
Picture of Pinky: Complete the "Carnival Date" mission
in Chapter 2.
Picture of Zoe: Complete the "Smash It Up" mission in
Chapter 5.
Pumpkin: Destroy all pumpkins.
Rat in a Jar: Complete the "Rats In The Library" mission
in Chapter 5.
Rock Band Poster: Purchase at Carnival for 10 tickets.
Russel's shirt: Complete Chapter 1.
Teddy Bear: Complete the "Carnival Date" mission in
Chapter 2.
Tombstone: Destroy all tombstones.
Trophy (on windowsill): Finish the Beach Rumble" mission.

V is for Victory Poster: Complete "The Campaign" mission.

Various Chem Plant Signs: Complete both parts of the "Busting
In" mission in Chapter 5.
Venus Flytrap Head: Complete the "Weed Killer" mission
in Chapter 2.

Hint: Girlfriends:
Completing the indicated mission to unlock the corresponding
girlfriend, which you can then kiss for a health bonus.

Beatrice: That Bitch mission in Chapter 1.
Lola: The Tenements mission in Chapter 3.
Mandy: Discretion Assured mission in Chapter 4.
Pinky: Carnival Date mission in Chapter 2.
Zoe: Smash It Up mission in Chapter 5.

Hint: Transistor locations:

Look on the autoshop roof.

During the "Help Gary" mission, find your way to the
boiler room. It should be on the table next to the fire extinguisher.

Behind the Mexican restaurant next to the bike shop in Bullworth

Found in the fourth photography class on the Bullworth dam.

Look in the "Nerd Challenge" on the table on the right
side of the door to upstairs.

Found on the ground just before you enter "The Tenements"

Hint: Go-cart:
Go to the carnival. Walk towards the back of it. You
will find the go-carting races there. Win all the races at the
carnival to unlock the street go-carting races. Find them and
finish in first place in all of them. Afterwards you will have
your own go-cart t the school parking next to your bike garage.

Hint: Volcano 4000:
If you choose the correct lockers in the hallways you
will get a Volcano 4000.

Hint: Girlfriends fight:
Kiss one girlfriend then walk slowly until you find
someone you can kiss. You must walk slowly so that the girl you
just kissed will follow you. When you kiss the next girl, the
two girls will start fighting.

Hint: Kissable cheeleaders:
All the kissable girls are cheerleaders, except Beatrice
(nerd girl), Lola (greaser girl), Zoe (townie girl), and the fat
girl. You can see the girls as cheerleaders in the Gym class hour
at football camp.

Hint: Kissing Bif:
Complete Chapter 2 and you can kiss Bif, the leader
of the Preppies.

Hint: Kissing Kirby:
After Chapter 5, you can kiss Kirby the jock.

Hint: Kissing Vince:
You can kiss Vince the greaser after Chapter 3.

Hint: Endless Summer Chapter:
It is possible to finish the game without 100% in all
missions. However, if you watch the end credits you will get Chapter
6 ,"Endless Summer ", where you can do any missions
that you may have missed.
Hint: Galloway's liquor:
In the Spencer Shipping Warehouse where you did the
"Smash It Up" mission with Zoe, look in the box in the
center of the bottom floor. It should read "Liquor for Mr.

Hint: Lola's Race:
Before you start the "Lola's Race" mission,
get a motorized bike. Drive it to where you start the mission.
You will be able to race with the motorized scooter while everyone
else in the race has a normal bike. You will go much faster, but
the handling is worse.

Hint: Winning bike races:
Go to the carnival on the second part and win yourself
75 tickets though the mini-games. Then, go to the gift shop which
was seen on your way in. Buy the moped. Go to a garage and it
will be there. Get on it and find a bike race. Note: You will
need a helmet for the moped or you will get a automatic percentage
in the yellow bar next to the map. This works on most, but not
all of the races.

Hint: Wheelie:
When riding a bike, hold the Left Analog-stick Down
to perform a wheelie.

Hint: Backflip:
To do a backflip, ride your bike to the jock's place
and press X very fast. Then go to the stairs. Before you
go down the stairs, press Circle to jump and hold Down.
You should do a backflip. Note: You can do a backflip anywhere,
but the jock's place is better.

Hint: Front flip:
The red BMX is recomended for this trick. When you
go off a ramp, press Square in mid-air then quickly hold
Left Analog-stick Forward.

Hint: Hitting teachers and girls without
getting caught:
Go to the football field and climb up one of the trees.
Take out your slingshot and shoot anyone desired without getting
caught. Note: You will get caught if you come down from the tree
just after you shoot someone.

Hint: Getting slapped:
In Chapter 2 you are able to kiss Trent, a bully, if
one of the other kissable girls catch you. She will then slap
you around the face and run away upset. Trent will then chase
after her. This only works after you have completed Chapter 1.

Hint: Go directly to lesson:
If you do not want to walk or run to a lesson, just
throw something at the Prefects and get yourself busted. They
will take you directly to the lesson.

Hint: Getting out of any building with
a fire extinguisher:
Pick up the fire extinguisher then go to the fire alarm
and pull it. Then, pick up the extinguisher and walk out when
another student opens the door.

Hint: Shirts:
After defeating a Boss (such as Russell), you can find
their shirts in your room.

Hint: Trent romance:
Get flowers from the girls dorm, then talk to Trent.
If you talk to him twice, it will bring up the option to give
him flowers. When you do so, the lips will appear and you can
kiss him. Note: You must complete the first chapter in order to
do this.

Hint: Rampage:
Get the go kart by winning all the go kart races. Get
it and go to the streets. Drive on the sidewalk, making the police
follow you.

Hint: PeanutButterJelly reference:
In the FMV sequence for the mission where you help
Ms. Phillips with her date, look at one of the easels in the background.
You will see PeanutButterJelly (the Dancing Banana).

Glitch: Bike:
Stand on your bike and pass out on it (basic). When
you wake up, it will be on your head, and when you move it will
float down.

Glitch: Go-Kart:
If you flip your Go-Kart upside down you can still
drive around with it and you will not fall out.

Glitch: Dodgeball:
Press L2 to display the help window just before
one of your opponents gets the ball. Your players will be not
be out if they get hit with the help window is displayed. Instead,
after getting hit by a ball, one of your players can throw it
back at the opposing team. Start a match in the gym. As soon as you get the ball, run right
up to the line and hold X. This should whip the ball at
them and will hit about 85% of the time. However if they catch
the ball they will throw it back. If you are not very good at
catching the ball, as soon as they throw it press L2 to
bring up the help window. This will cause a glitch and you will
not be called out if the ball hits you.

Glitch: Midget boxing:
In the carnival, go to the midget boxing arena and
make a bet. A midget will randomly fall out and you can beat them
up. If your opponent falls out you can have an easy win. Go to the midget boxing arena and make the biggest bet possible.
Then, walk away from the match. You will instantly win.

Glitch: Broken legs:
Get some itching powder and a vase/potted plant. Go
to a place without a lot of prefects. Set your weapon to itching
powder. Pick up the vase/potted plant. Target someone and press
R1(2). Their legs should be in a strange position and they
will be scratching themselves.

Glitch: Student in trash can:
After you get busted by a prefect and must mow 80%
of the football field, run up the stairs in between the bleachers.
If done quickly enough there should be a student (usually a nerd)
standing half in and half out of the trash can .

Glitch: Fire extinguisher:
Get a fire extinguisher, then hold R1 and press
Square. You should still hear it spraying, but will not
see the foam coming out. To stop the sound just press R1

Glitch: Fire cracker fuse burns forever
without exploding:
Get on a bike and select a fire cracker. Note: This
does not work on a scooter. Hold R1 but do not release
it. You will see that the fire cracker fuse is burning but the
fire cracker will not explode until you release R1.

Glitch: Floating and exploding snowballs:

In Chapter 2 (winter), you can make snowballs explode
in mid-air by first knocking out a student. Then, pick up a snowball
and drop it on the student's body. It will float in place for
a moment then explode.

Glitch: Make an adult look strange:
When you try to beat up a car most of the time the
game will make their feet look kind strange.

Glitch: Attack without getting busted:

Stand on top of the highest part of the desk in the
principal's office. You can attack anybody with a projectile weapon
without getting busted. This includes prefects, teachers, etc.
This also works on the wooden bridge. Stand on the railing and
jump on the hood, then on top of a car. Note: Both are unlocked
in Chapter 3.

Glitch: Stuck bag of marbles:
K.O. anybody (a fat person is recommended), then select
your bag of marbles. Get very close to the front of his legs,
then press R1 to target him and shoot the bag of marbles.
If done correctly, the marbles will be shown as a bag without
the marbles getting dispersed, and it will stay as a bag. If you
kick the bag, it will disperse a kind of dust and it will break
after some kicks. If you leave it there, it will explode by itself
then disperse in the air. While in this state, people can still


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