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1 Aeon Flux on Sun Apr 24, 2011 12:07 am



Cheat mode:
Enter the "Extras" screen from the main menu. Select the "Cheats" option to display a military-style alphabet code entry screen (Alpha for "A", Bravo for "B", Charlie for "", etc.). Select the proper words to spell one of the following codes. The message "Cheat Unlocked" will appear to confirm correct code entry. To activate the cheats, pause game play then select the "Cheats" option.

God mode:
Enter TRIROX as a code.

Refill health:
Enter HEALME as a code.

Unlimited health:
Enter CLONE as a code.

Unlimited power strikes:
Enter LCVG as a code.

Unlimited ammunition:
Enter FUG as a code.

One hit kills:
Enter BUCKFST as a code.

Free fatalities:
Enter CUTIONE as a code.

Action movies:
Enter BAGMAN or UKGAMER as a code to unlock the corresponding Action movie during game play.

All replay episodes:
Enter BAYOU as a code to unlock all replay episodes at the "Extras" screen.

Bomber jacket costume:
Enter JACKET as a code to unlock the bomber jacket costume at the "Extras" screen.

Revelation costumes:
Enter ARMS as a code to unlock the Revelation costumes at the "Extras" screen.

War costumes:
Enter BLUR as a code to unlock the War costumes at the "Extras" screen.

Monican Freya, Hostess Judy, Una, and Fashion Una costumes:
Enter CLOTHES as a code to unlock those costumes at the "Extras" screen.

Fame costume:
Enter GRAY as a code to unlock the Fame costume at the "Extras" screen.

Seed costumes:
Enter MOVIE or URBAN as a code to unlock the corresponding Seed costumes at the "Extras" screen.

Mrs. Goodchild costumes:
Enter WHITE as a code to unlock the Mrs. Goodchild costumes at the "Extras" screen.

All slide shows:
Enter PIXES as a code to unlock all slide shows at the "Extras" screen.

Enter FUN as a code.

Enter OSCAR as a code.
Note: Spell out the entire word (Oscar Sierra Charlie Alpha Romeo).

Enter TREVOR as a code.

Code warning:
If you enable the FUN, TREVOR, or OSCAR codes, the game will not let you fire a cannon.


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