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1 Aero Elite: Combat Academy on Sun Apr 24, 2011 12:11 am



Reload ammunition:
Pause game play during a mission, then press , Left, L, Right, Up, Select, Right. A voice will confirm correct code entry.

A-7 Corsair:
Complete Air To Ground #4 at the Aero Meet.

A-7E U.S. Navy colors:
Successfully complete twenty carrier landings.

Complete all the surface attack objectives at the Aero Meet.

AV-8B Harrier Jump Jet:
Successfully completing VTOL training releases.

Apache Longbow:
Successfully complete combat training.

Blue Impulse F-86 fighter:
Collect the Blue Impulse squadron icon in free flight mode on the island level.

Blue Impulse T2 trainer:
Collect the Blue Impulse squadron icon under the suspension bridge in free flight mode on the bay level.

Successfully complete the maneuver objectives at the Aero Meet.

Successfully complete helicopter training.

F-104J fighter:
Fly at Mach 2.0 or faster.
Note: Try getting to an extremely high altitude and go into a dive.

F-105 drone:
Fly over 50,000 feet in training mode.

F-14B Test Bed:
Successfully complete reconnaissance mission 2.

F-15 Aggressor 1:
Get a total of 50 aerial kills.

F-15 Aggressor 2:
Get a total of 100 aerial kills.

F-15 Aggressor 3:
Get a total of 150 aerial kills.

F-15 Aggressor 4:
Get a total of 200 aerial kills.

F-15 Aggressor 5:
Get a total of 250 kills.

F-15 Aggressor 6:
Get a total of 300 aerial kills.

F-15 Aggressor 7:
Get a total of 350 aerial kills.

Successfully complete the ACM objectives at the Aero Meet.

Successfully complete ten scrambles.

F-2A support fighter:
Complete the ACM maneuver objectives.

Successfully complete fifty scrambles.

F-4E Phantom:
Shoot down the F-4E Phantom in scramble mode after being instructed to by the control tower.

Accumulate one hour in training mode.

FA-18 Hornet:
Successfully complete the carrier landing training releases.

The Mig-21 can be unlocked in the scramble missions. When you see it, shoot it down.

Mirage 2000C:
The Mirage 2000C can be unlocked in the scramble missions. When you see it, shoot it down.

Successfully complete helicopter training.

Shoot down the SU-25 in scramble mode only if instructed by the control tower.

Su-27 (Camouflage) fighter:
Successfully complete reconnaissance mission 3.

The Tornado can be unlocked in the scramble missions. When you see it, shoot it down.

US-1A Search and Rescue Amphibian Plane:
To unlock this plane, complete the Scramble mission requiring you to locate the Marine US-1A that has gone down at sea. To get this craft that can land on water, play Scrambles until you get a mission where you can fly the observation helicopter. Fly to the area and stay
near the downed plane to unlock the US-1A. Note: It is about the size of the C-1.

Hint: More frequent scrambles:
Increase the DEFCON level in the options screen, then enter and exit various menu screens several times.

Hint: Retry scrambles:
If you fail a scramble, the game will not autosave. Leave the main menu and load a different profile. Then, return to the original profile. After that, enter and exit menus until you get a scramble. It should be the same one. This also should to unlock the US-1.

Glitch: Fly over 800 mph:
First, go to a level with a long, flat strip of land (for example, the highway on the Bay level) with a very fast jet (F-14 or F-104 recommended). When you start (assuming you are on the Bay level), fly to the long highway and land. When you land, press Forward on the Analog-stick and make sure you do not takeoff. Hit the afterburners and accelerate, but never leave the ground. If done correctly, you can reach speeds of at least 1100 mph. If
you used the F-104, you should overspeed somewhere around 1300 mph. However, when you quit the game you will see that you maxed the aircraft out at exactly.


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