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1 Urban Chaos: Riot Response on Tue May 03, 2011 11:14 pm



Cheat mode:
Press Up(2), Down(2), Circle,
Down, Up, Circle at the main menu screen.
A "Cheat" option will now appear at the title screen.
Select that option, then enter one of the following case-sensitive
codes to activate the corresponding cheat function, which can
be toggled on or off (except for "All levels and emergencies").

All levels and emergencies:
Enter KEYTOTHECITY as a code.

Long range stungun:
Enter FRYINGTIME as a code.

Minigun instead of pistol:
Enter MINIFUN as a code.

MK3 assault rifle with unlimited grenades:

Enter ULTIMATEPOWER as a code.

MK4 pistol:
Enter ZEROTOLERANCE as a code.

Bullets set fire to enemies:
Enter BURNINGBULLET as a code.

Thermal breather MK2 has better smoke visibility:

Enter ISEEYOU as a code.

Squeaky voices:
Enter WHATWASTHAT as a code.

No heads:
Enter KEEPYOURHEAD as a code.

Disco mode:
Enter DANCINGFEET as a code.

Terror mode:
Enter BURNERSREVENGE as a code.

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Terror
difficulty setting and another level of medals.

Hint: Spin gun:
Rotate the Right Analog-stick clockwise to make
Nick spin the gun he is holding. Note: This only works with the

Slow-motion enemy deaths:
Rotate the Right Analog-stick clockwise two
times. The crosshair will turn light blue. The next enemy killed
will be shown in slow-motion.

Hint: Medal bonuses:
Get the indicated number of medals to unlock the corresponding

Extra Pistol Clip: 2 medals
Shield Mk 2: 4 medals
Pistol Damage Upgrade: 6 medals
T-Zero Body Armor: 8 medals
Smoke Grenades: 10 medals
Stun Gun Mk 2: 12 medals
Riot Grenades: 14 medals
Second Extra Pistol Clip: 16 medals
Shotgun Damage Upgrade: 20 medals
Grenade Belt: 24 medals
Extra Shotgun Clip: 28 medals
Assault Rifle Damage Upgrade: 32 medals
Pistol Mk.2: 36 medals
Extra Assault Rifle Clip: 40 medals
T-Zero Battle Armor: 45 medals
Extra Pistol Clip: 50 medals
Upgraded Grenade Belt: 55 medals
Pistol Damage Upgrade: 60 medals
Extra Shotgun Clip: 65 medals
Stun Gun Range Upgrade: 70 medals
Pistol Mk.3: 75 medals
Extra Assault Rifle Clip: 80 medals
Shotgun Damage Upgrade: 85 medals
T-Zero Assault Armor: 90 medals
Extra Shotgun Clip: 95 medals
Assault Rifle Damage Upgrade: 100 medals
Extra Pistol Clip: 105 medals
Extra Assault Rifle Clip: 110 medals
Pistol Damage Upgrade: 115 medals
Upgraded Grenade Belt: 120 medals
Extra Shotgun Clip: 125 medals
Pistol Mk. 4: 130 medals
Fourth Extra Assault Rifle Clip: Collect 135 medals
Second Stun Gun Range Upgrade: Collect 140 medals
Third Shotgun Damage Upgrade: Collect 145 medals
Maximum Grenade Belt: Collect 150 medals
Third Assault Rifle Damage Upgrade: Collect 160 medals
Infinite Pistol Ammo: Collect 170 medals
Infinite Shotgun Ammo: Collect 180 medals
Infinite Assault Rifle Ammo: Collect 190 medals
Mini-gun: Collect 204 medals

Hint: Emergency missions:
Capture the indicated number of gang leaders alive
to unlock the corresponding Emergency mission.

Emergency Downtown: Capture 1 gang leader alive.
Emergency South Side Lot: Capture 2 gang leaders alive.
Emergency Dockyard: Capture 4 gang leaders alive.
Emergency Sewers: Capture 6 gang leader alive.
Emergency Thompson St.: Capture 8 gang leader alive.
Emergency Angel Heights: Capture 10 gang leader alive.

Hint: Bonus weapons:
Complete the indicated number of emergency situations
or tasks to unlock the corresponding weapon.

Shotgun Mk. 1: Complete 1 emergency situation.
Assault Rifle Mk. 1: Complete 2 emergency situations.
Shotgun Mk. 2: Complete 3 emergency situations.
Assault Rifle Mk. 2: Complete 4 emergency situations.
Shotgun Mk. 3: Complete 5 emergency situations.
Assault Rifle Mk. 3: Complete 6 emergency situations.
Thermal Breather: Complete Webster Street.
Terror Mode: Complete all story missions under any difficulty


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