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1 Vampire Night on Tue May 03, 2011 11:39 pm



Hint: Free play:
complete all of the training missions
(every icon has three things under it) to unlock free play for
arcade mode.

Hint: Training mission bonuses:
the following training missions at level 3
to unoock the corresponding bonus in your inventory or the shop
in Special mode.

Angle's Kiss in inventory: Rapid Fire
Army Gloves in inventory: Aiming and Accuracy
Comical Bullet at Special mode shop: Aiming Reloading and Accuracy

Credit + 6 in inventory: Reloading
Credit Infinite at Special mode shop: Aiming Accuracy and Memory

Life + 5 in inventory: Complete all three levels on Aiming
Magazine +4 in inventory: Rapid Fire and Focusing
Mystic Charm at Special mode shop: Aiming Rapid Fire and Reloading

Shotgun Bullet in inventory: Rapid Fire and Reloading
Silver Bullet at Special mode shop: Rapid Fire Focusing and Judgment

Silver Powder at Special mode shop: Rapid Fire Reloading and Focusing

Spirit Brooch in inventory: Aiming and Reloading

Hint: Easy reloads:
playing with a Guncon, insert a standard controller
in any of the other free slots. Rotate the -stick[/b]
repeatedly and listen to the reloads.


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