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1 Van Helsing on Tue May 03, 2011 11:43 pm



Widescreen mode:
Press R3, L3, Down, X, Down,
X, Circle, Left, Circle, Left,
Up, Triangle during game play.

Gallery movie 1:
Press Up, Down, Up, Down,
Left(2), Right(2), L1, L3, R3,
R1 during game play.

Gallery movie 2:
Press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up,
Left, Down, Right, Up, R1,
R2, R3 during game play.

Gallery movie 3:
Press L1, L2, R2, R1, R2, L2,
L1, Up, Up, Down, Down, Select
during game play.

Gallery movie 4:
Press Select, L3, R3, Select, R3,
L3, Select, Left(2), Up, Right(2)
during game play.

Gallery movie 5:
Press L2, R2, L1, R1, Select(2),
L1(2), R2(2), L3, R3 during game play.

Gallery movie 6:
Press R2, R1, R2, R1, L1, L2,
L1, L2, Left, Right, Select(2)
during game play.

Gallery movie 7:
Press L3, Left, R3, Right, L2,
Up, R2, Down, L1, Left, R1,
Right during game play.

Cheat mode:
To unlock cheats, look for small, glowing, white orbs (eggs) hidden
throughout Transylvania. Stand on one and press Circle.
A message should appear at the bottom of the screen with more
information about what was unlocked.

Archaic Clothes:
When fighting Dracula in mission five, get in the bowl of green
slime. Press Circle to collect the cheat icon.

Archangel Skin:
In mission seven, place the egg on the pedestal. Then, successfully
complete the Ring challenge.

Armory Anytime:
Alternately, first complete the game and get the Gatlin Gun upgrade.
When you get into the gear room in Castle Frankenstein's basement
in mission five, instead of going into the door, power it up and
go to the other side. Use your grappling hook and it will take
you to a stone door. Use your Gatlin Gun upgrade to start a intermission
sequence and it will reveal the Armory Anytime cheat icon.

Big Head:
In mission two, look near the Ghost Body cheat icon to find the
Big Head cheat icon near the left rear wheel of a wagon. The wagon
is located to the left, in the upper part of the screen.

Big Melee:
In mission three, go in the mausoleum at the top of the stairs.
The cheat icon can be found in the left coffin in the far back

Color body:
In mission three, look behind the crates on the right side of
the corridor that runs between the graveyard and the library.

Dwerger Skin:
In mission five, put the egg on the pedestal. Then, successfully
complete the Destroy The Statues challenge.

Elephant Gun:
Collect all five Easter Eggs. Put all five off them
in their pedestals. When done, all the Netherworld levels will
be unlocked. Complete all five Netherworld levels and the Elephant
Gun will appear in the center of the Netherworld.

Fell Skin:
Complete mission five and get the egg in the well. Defeat the
werewolf in the town, then put the egg on the pedestal. Then successfully
complete the kill enemies challenge.

Gargoyle Skin:
In mission two, put the egg on the pedestal. Then, successfully
complete the Maze challenge.

Ghost Body:
In mission one, break open the "dragon" door at the
start of the train station with the Alternate Tojo Blades to find
the cheat icon.

Ghost Fiend:
In mission two, find the "dragon" door in the village
square at the base of the silo. Use the Alternate Tojo Blades
to break it open and collect the cheat icon.

Metal Body:
During mission ten, you must knock over a large statue to create
a bridge. At the base of that statue, use the Alternate Crossbow
to break open a "dragon" door to find the cheat icon.

Metal Fiend:
In mission seven, proceed to the part where you must
climb the waterfall. While climbing, you will find a rock that
can be grappled. The cheat icon is located just above that rock.
Continue climbing to the top of the waterfall, position yourself
directly above that rock, then drop on to it to collect the cheat
icon when falling.

Plain World:
In mission 3, get to the top of the waterfall. Jump
on the single pillar, then grapple over to the ledge with the
cheat icon.

Power Clothes:
Successfully complete the game wearing your hat on
every mission.

To get the Rifle, win all of the Easter Egg mini-games

Shadow Body:
In mission eleven, get to the top of the icy cliffs
and go inside the cathedral. Use the Alternate Shotgun to shoot
the wall to the right of the door to reveal the cheat icon.

Shadow Fiend:
Jump on the stallions while fighting Aleera and Verona
on the stagecoach. Get knocked off the stallions by of the brides.
An intermission that shows Van Helsing getting dragged under the
coach will appear. Repeatedly tap Circle while under the
coach to collect the cheat icon.

Sick Player:
Enter the second cave in mission 6. Use your shotgun
to break open the "dragon" door to access the cheat

Small Fiend:
In mission six, enter the side entrance to the castle.
After defeating the werewolves, walk to the lion gargoyle that
is pouring water and press Circle. The cheat icon is in
its mouth.

Translucent Body:
In mission two, get past the train station area and
look behind the "dragon" door.

Translucent Fiend:
Successfully complete the game, then play mission two.
Shoot the Alternate Crossbow at a statue found on top of a small
cliff to reveal the cheat icon.

Unlimited Ammunition:
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty

Unlimited Speed:
Successfully complete the game, then play mission one
again. Just after entering the side courtyard of Castle Frankenstein,
turn left (in the direction of the tower). Jump down the cliff
until you can see the "dragon" door behind the waterfall.
Open it with the Alternate Gattling Gun and use the grappling
hook to reach it.

Wraith Skin:
In mission eleven, put the egg on the pedestal. Then,
successfully complete the Rising Blood challenge.

Mission one cheat icon:
When you first can use the grapple, you will see something
white glowing. It is the cheat icon. After using your grapple,
jump and get it.

Completion bonus:
Once you have completed the game and wait for the credits
to roll, you will be prompted to save your game on a new game
option. Do so and you can start the game with all previously unlocked
cheats, power-ups, and items. Additionally, the hard difficulty
setting will be unlocked.

Hint: Defeating enemies:
When a Boss or other strong enemy grabs you, keep pressing
L1 (Shoot) to take away great amounts of life away
from them. When you have the gattling gun upgrade from Dracula's Tower, press
L1 when you have your ammunition meter up to shoot the
upgrade. Hold R1 + X + Square and press a
direction to dodge and shoot. It is faster than standing and shooting
the gun. It also makes defeating enemies faster.

Hint: Defeating Dracula:
When fighting Dracula at the end of the game, wait
to attack him until you turn into a werewolf. Otherwise, he will
be invincible. After awhile of using Tojo Blades, you will hear
a scream and you will become a werewolf. Later, you will temporarily
be Van Helsing. Also, your background will be bluish when you
are a werewolf and normal when you are not. Note: Dracula remains
normal until attacked -- you will be okay until you turn werewolf.

Hint: Defeating Vampires:
When you get to the part where you have to fight the
three Vampires, take out the one on the left first. When the center
Vampire is going to attack, she will make a screeching type of
sound. When she does that, get ready to dodge her attack. When
she uses her lightning attack, hide behind the pillar. When you
take out the Vampire on the left, the center Vampire will transform.
The transformed Vampire will land on the ground and remains still.
Back away and do not get hit when she dives after you. If you
follow this and attack at the correct times, you should be able
to defeat them.

Hint: Mission 4 Easter Egg pedestal:
To find the mission four Easter Egg pedestal, jump
under the second bridge on mission 3.

Hint: Mission 5 Easter Egg puzzle:
Although you are instructed to kill all the gargoyles,
just have them knock into the statues. This is an easy way to
complete this mini-game.


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