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1 Vexx on Tue May 03, 2011 11:46 pm



Hint: Powerful attack:
When doing the Square(3) combo, press the buttons slowly
and the third attack will be a ground piercing attack that you
can follow up with an uppercut by pressing Square. If you
hold Square on the third hit, Vexx will power up for a
more powerful attack, and his uppercut will send him into the

Hint: Super move:
Use combos to increase the super move meter in the top right corner.
After it is flashing, press R1 to execute a super move.

Hint: Faster consecutive long jumps:

Press L1 + X, and as soon as Vexx lands from the
long jump, press L1 + X again to go faster.

Hint: Everlasting slash:
To perform this move, continuously press Square.

Hint: Alternate ending:
Go to Timberdale. Go to the sundial. Set it to either of the golden
dots (sunrise or sunset). Quickly get back to the hub and enter
the Shadowrealm. The ending sequence will be different, with Vexx
will flipping off Yabu.

Hint: Extra lives:
On occasion, if you knock an enemy off into a bottomless pit or
well, the combo counter in the right hand corner will continue
to grow. If this happens, go around and do a half-decent air juggle
to receive extra lives. It is possible to score 2,500 and get
over 10 extra lives.

Hint: Quick save:
If you found a diary page or an extra life and need a quick way
to save but cannot find a new heart, do not collect a heart you
previously acquired. Instead, go to Darby's house on Timberdale.
Teleport into the picture and pick up the Crimson Key. This works
with the Air Suit, but Timberdale is quicker.

Hint: Cow Suit:
In Timber Dale, there is a hut hidden behind trees. The trees
are metallic, and if you uppercut them, they will clang. if you
go behind them and into the hut, there will be a cow. Uppercut
it and you will have the Cow Suit. Note: When you uppercut the
five metal trees, you will also have a choice of either the Cow
Suit, Fly Suit, or Rock Suit.

Hint: Fly Suit:
In Dragons Reach (level 2), climb up the dragon's tail. Continue
climbing until you reach the yellow poles on the slippery ground.
Climb the first and jump to the others. On the last one, turn
to your left and try to do a long jump to a small platform with
a jump pad on it. You will be rocketed over to the plateau. Walk
around it. The fly suit is on the other side. Note that the jump
to the jump pad may require some adjustments on your part.

Hint: Rock Suit:
After the Talon's tutorial, when the blind guy wakes you up, jump
to the column in the middle that has fire on it, but do not touch
the fire. After that, arrange yourself so that you are on the
left side facing the exit. Hop into the fire, and rocket yourself
out to the left. Proceed towards the blue rings. You will be teleported
to the red tapestry. Climb to the top of it and grab the red disk.
Afterwards, jump off either side to exit the tapestry.

Hint: Pirate ship game in the below:

In the pirate ship game with the three pirates from the belly
of the large beast, it is easier to not try to change the colors
of the squares yourself. Instead, watch the board and let the
cannonballs do the work for you.

Hint: Sundial portal in Daggercrag:

In Daggercrag, once you adjust the sundial, go to the base with
the ring full of enemies. Climb the second pole to the right and
you should find a sundial portal. Go through it if you see another
world in it. Note: Be careful, as this stage is extremely tricky.

Hint: Extra life in Tempest Peak Manor:

Go to the table with the goblets of red and green goo.
Get on top of the one with the red goo and wooden spoon. Climb
up the handle of the wooden spoon. Jump up and down a few times
on the end of the spoon and red goo will pop out, revealing an
extra life.

In Tempest Peak Manor, go to the sofa/couch. Note: Kill everything
on the couch first. Climb the right side and go to the left over
the top of the couch and down to the left arm. There is a Hobbletrod
there. Let it attach to you and move it towards the left edge
of the arm. Shake him loose and he should fall to the cushions
below. Quickly jump to it and perform Ground Pound (jump, then
press L1 in mid air). Keep this up and do not use your
talons to attack. Your attack points will continue to climb, and
each hit gives you more each time. During this, extra lives will
start to appear every ten to fifteen hits.

Hint: Soul Jars in Citadel of Shadows:

The best order to get the Soul Jars in the Citadel
of Shadows is as follows. Take the right route (heart #3) and
collect the Soul Jars along there. After the spinning thing, defeat
the Blast Bugs and walk to the top-left corner of the platform.
If you look down, you will see a small platform leading to the
first heart in the level. If you time your pulse jump and ground
pound correctly, you can dodge the spinning ring and land on the
platform unharmed. From there, go back towards the Rift Hub Portal,
collecting the Soul Jars as you travel. Then, go back up the ramp
and take the left path (heart #2). Skip the first Soul Jar that
you see. Instead, continue until you get to the Soul Jar with
the Hulks and Shadowminions under it. Get that (jump on a enemy
and do a boost jump with a kick), then make your way back down,
collecting the last Soul Jar on the way.

Hint: Enter Dragonreach Sandcastle:
Inside of the castle in Timberdale, get to the part
with the long narrow pathways in the air. Once you get to the
jumping part, drop off the edge to land on a small platform. Jump
to the other platform and do a pulse-jump below the shiny spot.
You should hit a button that will open a door underneath the normal
path. You can dangle from the bottom of the path and climb through
the door. You will then be inside the Dragonreach Sandcastle.

Hint: Defeating Sumo:
Do jump moves or wait for Sumo to do a racer crash
and dodge it, Slice his back and he will fall off the circle to
his doom.

Hint: Defeating Yabu:
After you enter the Shadow Realm and defeat the Shadow
wraiths. Yabu will transform into a spider demon. He is very dangerous
in this form. After he does the double punch, his face will be
at the ground. Slash your talons at his face, then run under his
legs while he is dizzy. Then, do an uppercut to his rear. He will
flip over on his back. Go to his rear again and do a ground smash,
then rapidly circle his body doing the long jump. Repeat this
until he is defeated. When you enter the Shadow Realm, Yabu will send a wave of Shadow
Wraiths. These Shadow Wraiths are stronger than normal and will
require four or five hits to kill. Not all of them have balls
of health. Charge at them, then do an uppercut. While in the air,
do a ground smash. When you continue falling, do a flare kick
before you hit the ground. You will not get hurt if Wraiths jump
at you while you are doing a flare kick. Note: Yabu will send
two waves of normal Wraiths. If you defeat all of them, Yabu will
send four waves of fireballs. There will be rings of fire on the
ground where the fireballs will hit. If you act quickly, the fireballs
will miss. Yabu will put the challenges together so that you must
dodge the fireballs and defeat the shadow wraiths at the same
time. After you defeat Yabu in his spider form, you will take the power
of his red amlet on his chest. He will send his last wave of Shadow
Wraiths. The Wraiths will heal your wounds after the spider battle
after you kill them. After you defeat all the Wraiths, Yabu will
shoot fireballs toward you, instead of shooting them in the sky.
Use your talons to fire them back toward the tower and break it
down. Note: The ground in front of the tower will collapse along
with the tower. Yabu will keep building towers until he runs out
of ground, then he will be on the ground to shoot fireballs. Note:
He may teleport behind you and hit you once. If timed correctly,
you will hit the fireball toward Yabu and hit him. An ending sequence
will automatically begin after you hit him, and Yabu will say
his last words.

Hint: Avoid falling damage:
When falling from a great height and about to take
damage, perform the Ground Pound attack just before you hit the
ground. If timed correctly, it will break your fall and you will
not sustain any damage.


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