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1 Virtual On: Marz on Wed May 04, 2011 5:14 pm



B-240 Vox, Bob 1:
Defeat over 9 Vox Bob 1 or 2 in dramatic mode.
B-242 Vox Bob 2:
Defeat over 24 Vox Bob 1 or 2 in dramatic mode.
D-101 SF Vox, Dan Special Force:
Defeat over 9 Vox in dramatic mode with a one star
D-101, Vox Dan:
Defeat over 9 Vox in dramatic mode.
HBV-512-E1, Raiden 512E1:
Defeat over 19 Raidens in dramatic mode.
HBV-512-E2, Raiden 512E2:
Defeat over 7 Raidens in dramatic mode.
J-500 SF Vox, Joe Special Force:
Defeat over 29 Vox in dramatic mode with a one star
J-500 Vox, Joe:
Defeat over 29 Vox in dramatic mode.
J-504 Vox, Jane:
Defeat over 49 Vox in dramatic mode.
L-43 Vox, Loo:
Defeat over 39 Vox Loo in dramatic mode.
L-48 Vox, Lee:
Defeat over 39 Vox Lee in dramatic mode.
MBV-04-10/80 Advance, Temjin 10/80 Advance:

Travel over 4,000 miles in dramatic mode.
MBV-707-J SF, Temjin 707J Special Force:

Defeat over 14 Temjins in dramatic mode with a one
star rank.
MBV-707-J, Temjin 707J:
Defeat over 14 Temjins in dramatic mode.
MVZ-36-T, Apharmd The Hatter:
Complete dramatic mode under the very hard difficulty
MZV-707-S/V, Temjin 707S/V:
Successfully complete episodes 2 through 6 in dramatic
MZV-747-HII, Temjin 747-HII:
Successfully complete episode 3/Earth 18 in dramatic
MZV-747-J, Temjin 747J:
Successfully complete episode 3/Moon 15 in dramatic
RVR-20-A, Apharmd J Type A:
Defeat over 49 opponents using close combat in dramatic
RVR-24-C (AC), Apharmd J Type C Alpha Commando:

Defeat over 24 opponents using close combat in dramatic
mode with at least a two star rank.
RVR-24-C, Apharmd J Type C:
Defeat over 24 opponents using close combat in dramatic
RVR-36-F (AC), Apharmd T Type F Alpha Commando:

Defeat over 24 Apharmds in dramatic mode with at least
a two star rank.
RVR-36-F, Apharmd T Type F:
Defeat over 24 Apharmds in dramatic mode.
RVR-62-D, Apharmd T Type D:
Defeat over 49 Apharmd in dramatic mode.
TA-17B, Angelan WM:
Collect 200 repair discs in dramatic mode.
TF-14A, Fei-Yen:
Defeat over 11 Fei-Yens in dramatic mode.
TG-11m, Guarayakha:
Successfully complete dramatic mode under the hard
difficulty setting.
VR-747 Type a8, Temjin 747 Type a8:
Successfully complete dramatic mode under the ultimate
difficulty setting.
XBV-821m-N, Bal d Meora:
Defeat 10 Bal opponents in dramatic mode.
YZR-8000 "Delta" CL, Myzr Delta
I "Charlotte":
Defeat the Three Sisters Of The Rose in dramatic mode
in the Dymn Chaos missions.
YZR-8000 "Delta", Myzr Delta:

Defeat over 5 Myzr Delta in dramatic mode.
YZR-XIII Sin, Specineff 13 "Sin":

Defeat over 199 opponents in dramatic mode.
Hatter's personal colors:
Unlock Apharmd the Hatter, then obtain a two-star gold
rank (General) and defeat Hatter in Dramatic mode to unlock his
custom red and navy color-scheme.
Hatter's personal colors (versus mode):

At the VR selection screen in versus mode, set the
VRs on the left side to ''AI'' or ''2P'' and set the VRs on the
right side to ''1P'' and ''AI'' or ''no VR''. After that, select
Apahrmd the Hatter for player one and begin the mission. Hatter
will be in his custom red and navy paint-scheme.
Oratorio Tangram music:
Successfully complete dramatic mode under any difficulty
setting once. Save, then play the file again. When the battle
begins, music from the last game, Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram,
will sometimes play instead of the game's original music.
Watch mode:
Select versus . mode and set all VR panels to "AI".
Start the match, and the CPU will go into watch mode with constantly
changing angles.
Secret mission:
Allow Sgt. Hatter to die in the battle against Z-gradt
on Marz, then lose to the Rose sisters in the Jupiter missions.
The next battle will take place in the Rusty mines, and Sgt. Hatter
will return to help you from now until after the battle with A-jim
and Guerlain.
Hint: Defeating Stradtos:
During the mission involving the fight with Stradtos,
the Dymon Fortress missions, you can easily defeat Stradtos without
frustration. Simply get hit to the point where you have no Repair
Discs remaining. After that, get your health down to at least
25%, and Hatter will come in to save you. It will now be a 2-on-1
fight, which greatly helps, since Hatter is never targeted by
Stradtos. This allows him to get in free hits on the enemy. Once
he joins you, he stays with you until the end of the mission.

Hint: Defeating Tangram:
Tangram is no longer the evil end Boss as she was in
Virtual On Oratorio Tangram. In this game she is one of
the easiest Bosses to defeat. In order to fully "free"
her, you must destroy all the RST Units (V-Crystals) that are
located around the field. Start the battle by targeting her eye.
Once her energy goes down, it will give you a few moments of opportunity
to kill at least one, two, or even three RST Units. After that,
target the eye again, and in the downtime, use it to wipe out
the remaining crystals. Also note that Tangram's own projectiles
can damage the RST Units. If you want to kill one quickly, stand
behind it while she performs her "Megalaser" attack.

Hint: Defeating White Knight:
While fighting the White Knight, you may notice it
is rather impossible to hit him with the VRs you have unlocked
by then. Although he is extremely frustrating, a flaw allows him
to be destroyed in a matter of seconds. Simply use the "Guard-Reversal"
function. Guard his incoming close combat attacks, and as soon
as the guarded attack registers as a hit, use your LW (Left Weapon)
to get a quick swipe in. White Knight will be unguarded, and usually
the hit will register. You can also use this Guard-Reversal trick
to destroy the "Shadow" VR easily with almost any VR.

Hint: MBV-747-AII:
Go to the start menu and allow the game to idle until
the demonstration mode starts. You will sometimes see a VR similar
to the MZV-747J appear during the battles, called the MBV-747-AII.
This non-playable VR will also appear as an enemy in challenge
Hint: Cover from Jag and Z-gradt:
When fighting two Jaguarandi or two Z-gradt, focus
fire on one unit until it is dead. The body will remain, and can
be used as cover from the second enemy's barrage.

Hint: Alternate introduction sequence:

Successfully complete the game once. After the ending
sequence and credits complete, wait for the introduction sequence
to appear again. You will hear Apharmd The Hatter's usual battle
phrases during the introduction sequence.


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