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1 V-Rally 3 on Wed May 04, 2011 5:16 pm



Floating cars:
Enter 210741974 as a first name and MARTY
as a last name.
Small cars:
Enter 01041977 as a first name and BIGJIM
as a last name.
Smashed cars:
Enter 25121975 as a first name and PILOU
as a last name.
Jelly cars:
Enter 07121974 as a first name and FERGUS
as a last name.
Flat cars:
Enter 21051975 as a first name and PTITDAV
as a last name.
Stretched cars:
Enter GONZALES as a first name and SPEEDY
as a last name.
Realistic physics:
Enter WHEEL as a first name and REAL
as a last name.
Small cars with high-pitched commentary:

Enter no first name and PALACH as a last name.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI:
Select career mode and win the 1.6L FWD championship
in V-Rally mode.
SEAT Cordoba Repsol:
Win the Pirelli Challenge in challenge mode.
Subaru Impreza 2000:
Select career mode and win the 2.0L 4WD championship
in V-Rally mode.
Toyota Corolla V-Rally:
Set a record time in all circuits.
Reversed tracks:
There are four tracks in each country. Beat the record
of a track to unlock the next one. Unlock all of them to access
the four reversed tracks for that country.
Extra challenges:
Win the Michelin Challenge in challenge mode.
Car preview:
Hold Right Analog-stick Left or Right Analog-stick
at the car selection screen to open either door. Hold
Right Analog-stick Up at the car selection screen to open
the hood. Hold Right Analog-stick Down at the car selection
screen to open the trunk.
Hint: Africa: Shortcut:
On the normal (not reversed) Africa track with the
railtrack, follow the track and turn right when you get to the
rails. Follow it and you will end up by the checkpoint with about
six seconds off the fastest time.
Hint: Recommended 4WD car settings:
When playing in time attack mode, you will notice that
the records are all set by using the 1.6L car. A 1.6L FWD car
is much easier to control than a 2.0L 4WD car, as you will find
a 4WD car spins very easily and is difficult to control, whereas
a FWD car is more stable. It is possible to adjust the parameters
so that that the 4WD car drives closer to a FWD car. This will
give the stability of a FWD car and the traction and fun of a
4WD car.

Select the correct tire.
Put front pressure to highest, back pressure to lowest.
Put front suspension to hardest, back suspension to softest.
Leave the ride height and stabilizers at default setting.
Put the gear ratio to your own preference.
Put front differential to fully open, rear differential to fully
close, center differential all the way to 40/60.
Put brake balance to fully rear, brake strength at average.

With this setting you will find your car will not fish-tail or
spin a lot, as the rear part of the car becomes more stable. This
setting is very good for the muddy, slippery and sandy places
like England and Africa, but it is not very good for roads like


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