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1 AFL Premiership 2007 on Sun Apr 24, 2011 1:27 am



Hint: Change player designs:
Go to your team setup in Career mode. Select a player then press Square. You should be able to change his name, number, birth date and a lot more.

Hint: Easy goals:
If you play under the Easy difficulty setting, leave the tactic to normal at first. When you are sure you win the centre ball-up, switch the tactic to attacking. When you are inside the 50m arc, keep kicking behinds. The backs will kick the ball in. Even if they run, do not tackle him. When he has to kick the ball away, mark the ball, then kick behinds again until it is close to the end of the quarter. Then, kick a goal. This strategy is extremely important when you are down by a few points, but down on time.


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