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1 Z.O.E.: Zone Of The Enders on Thu May 05, 2011 2:24 am



Refill ammunition and health:
Pause game play, then press L1(2), L2(2),
L1, R1, L1, R1, R2, R1.
Note your level will be penalized each time this code is activated.
Note: This does not make the Jehuty invincible.

Versus mode:
Press Circle, X, Right, Left,
Right, Left, Down(2), Up(2) at the
"Press Start" screen. A sound will confirm correct code
entry. Alternately, successfully complete single player mode under
any difficulty setting. Complete the game a second time under
any difficulty setting to unlock two more stages.

All characters and levels in versus mode:

Successfully complete the game easy mode with at least
a "D" rating.

Alternate ending sequences:
Earn an "A: rank in all S.O.S. calls. New music
will play during the ending sequence.
Intentionally do badly during the game by destroying all buildings
and killing all survivors during the various missions. This includes
completely destroying the colony shaft during the last SOS mission.
Defeat Tyrant and go to the Mountain 1 level to view the worst
Toget the alternate ending easily, play the game in easy mode.
Once you get to the final mission, just explode all bombs except
for one or two. After that, you will hear the second ending song
called "A Light With The Name Of Hope".

Hint: Enemy's vital meter:
To check how much vitality your enemy has (not Bosses),
check the color of its level indicator. Vitality ranges from high
(light blue) to low (red).

Hint: Defeating Tempest:
In his first form, hit him with your Burst Attack (be
sure to keep your distance), until he changes. Put your shield
up, get as close to his head as possible, and hit him several
times with Burst Attack. When he goes high in the air, do not
move until you see him release the small bombs. Dash to the place
where none are coming down. When he returns to the ground, repeat
until he is defeated.

Hint: Defeating Tyrant:
When you first meet this Boss, Jehuty is infected with
a deadly virus that causes it to die if hit just once. Tyrant
also has a Lock On attack to which you cannot escape. Instead
of taking him on, leave the area and return later. Obtain the
vaccine from Factory 2 to get rid of the virus. Be sure to avoid
all battles when obtaining the vaccine. When Tyrant has gone past 50% damage he will start to rush you.
When he reaches you, drop a decoy and fly over his head. He will
release missiles which will target the decoy rather than you,
and will therefore cause considerable damage to Tyrant himself.
This makes the battle much easier to win. Note: This strategy
should also work with other orbital frames.

Hint: Defeating Zombie Neith:
As soon as the battle starts, begin firing your gun
without using your Dash Laser attack. She should use her shield.
Continue firing, approaching her as you fire. When you get into
close range, begin using your slash combo. She cannot use her
homing energy balls if she is being shot. This also works well
against level 3 Mummy Heads, who use a sort of Halberd laser attack. When fighting Zombie Neith, always stay close to her doing slash
attacks. This makes it twice as easy to kill her.

Hint: City 1: Destroying the Relay Block:

During your first visit to City 1, you are required
to destroy a Relay Block but there is a forcefield in the way.
You also lack the necessary weapon to do so. Exit the city and
revisit Town 2 for the second town. There will be new enemies
you need to kill. After that, Ada will tell you some information
on "porters". Destroy all the purple blocks you see
to release Vector Trap. Obtain the Sniper and return to City 1.
Equip the Sniper, aim for the white dots on the rotating column
and fire.

Hint: City 2: The Gauntlet:
Find the enemy with the passcode and defeat him. Then,
leave and go to EPS 2. Find the metal thing where it says you
need the Gauntlet Passcode. Get close to it on the ground and
you will know what to do.

Hint: Town 3: Rescue Mission:
After the first encounter with Tyrant, you will be
presented with a rescue mission that takes place in Town 3. There
are only three squads of enemies here. However, remember that
Jehuty is infected with a virus. It will die with one hit. Use
Dash to get to the sides and avoid incoming projectiles.
Use your Dash Shot to slowly kill the enemies. Do not try to get
in close and use your Energy Sword. You will be left vulnerable
to other enemies nearby. After the mission, do not leave. Destroy
the porters on top of the buildings to get a program.

Hint: S.O.S. missions: Higher rankings:

During the S.O.S. missions, engage in combat with an
enemy squad, then start to fly away. This lures them away from
the survivors buildings and therefore causes minimum casualties
which will earn you the higher rankings. Use the Circle
attack when in close combat to grab an enemy, then turn to face
away from any buildings and release Circle to send the
enemy flying away from any survivors and possibly destroying them
at the same time.

Hint: Halberd:
After obtaining the "Halberd" drive and program,
return it to the local server to gain the "Halberd".
This powerful plasma sword is one of the strongest weapons in
the game. To wield it effectively, use it against enemies that
have a Halberd of their own. Enemies that fight with Halberds
are extremely dangerous -- use your own Halberg to take them out


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