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1 Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner on Thu May 05, 2011 2:30 am



Zoradius mini-game:
Select "Extra Missions", "Boss Battle
mode", and fight Vic Viper. Pause game play when fighting
Leo then press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right,
Left, Right, L1, R1. A sound will
confirm correct code entry. The Zoradius mini-game will now be
unlocked when you return to the "Extra Missions" screen.

Zoradius mini-game: All power-ups:
Pause game play during Zoradius, then press Up(2),
Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right,
L1, R1.

Alternate appearance:
Successfully complete the game to unlock more versions
of Jehuty.

Alternate ending sequence:
Successfully complete the game with an "A",
"S", or "SS" rank to unlock new pictures after
the credits.

Alternate Zoradius ending sequence:
Successfully complete the Zoradius mini-game with a
score greater than 570,000.

Versus mode:
Successfully complete the game to unlock versus mode.

Auman Anubis:
Successfully complete the game and save the game. Instead
of starting a new game, load your completed game file. Proceed
to the location where you had to open two locks to open a gate.
When you get the choice, move towards the left path. Locate the
Metatron on the far west side of the left path on your map. Go
to the Metatron. There is a dead end behind it. Fly close to it
and look for cracks on that wall. Shoot this part of the wall,
then enter the tunnel that is revealed. Defeat Anubis and collect
his icon to unlock Auman Anubis. Note: You will have to fight
Nepthtis immediately after this battle.

Successfully complete the game and save the game. Instead
of starting a new game, load your completed game file. Proceed
to where you enter the basement from the elevators. Go to the
second room before fighting Inhert. Kill all enemies in this room.
Go to the bottom of the room and to the second level of the moving
pillars. Note: Counting from the bottom upwards, this is the second
to last level of moving pillars. When the pillars retract, go
around the corners. The icon is located on one of the corners.
You must be close to the corner to find it.

Naked Jethuty:
Successfully complete the game and save the game. Instead
of starting a new game, load your completed game file. Proceed
to immediately after the LEV battle where you must go through
two descending rooms. The icon is located at the end of the second
room, in the area just prior to the force field tunnel. Kill all
the enemies in the second room of the descending path, but do
not enter the force field tunnel. Find the two openings immediately
below the entrance to the tunnel that are guarded by lasers. Shoot
the lasers and enter. Defeat Naket Jethuty and collect the icon.

Super power and unlimited subweapon power:

After completing the game, load your saved game. It
should say "clear game" or something similar. The "New
Game" screen will appear.Choose Naked Jehuty and either still
have your subweapons or not. When you are in Jehuty, you will
be about ten times stronger than normal Jehuty and will have unlimited
subweapon power.

Ken in tank top:
You can get Ken to appear in a skimpy tank top for
awhile. After you defeat the Viola AI, grab Ardjet and go down
by the lava for awhile. she will start screaming and wiggling.
Fly up to the end after you killed the enemies. In the intermission
sequence where she jumps into Jehuty's cockpit, she will be wearing
a tank top. She will also be wearing it while you are flying to
the place with all of the booby traps before Lloyd's palace.

Alternate Extra Mission menu background:

Successfully complete all missions with the highest

Hint: Heal while carrying:
Whenever you have to carry someone (for example, Ardjet
after defeating Viola's AI), you can heal them by using boost
while carrying them. It uses up some of your SUB gauge, but you
can use them as clubs.

Hint: Faster dashing:
To dash faster than normal, hold R2 then press
it harder. Wait a moment and you will be dashing faster than normal.

Hint: Jehuty view while using Vector Cannon:

You can actually see a different view of Jehuty when
using the Vector Cannon. When charging the Vector Cannon, rotate
the view with R3. Note: Keep moving or the view will change
back to the original position.

Hint: Changing sub-weapons:
You can change your sub-weapon without going into menu.
During a battle or outside a battle, tap L1 to change back
and fourth on your selected sub-weapon and grab. If you want to
use another sub-weapon, hold L1 and choose it. Note: Note
the game will pause when L1 is held, allowing you enough
time to switch sub-weapons.

Hint: Defeating Anubis:
Once you have acquired 0-Shift (either on a new game
or replay), teleport away from him immediately when he launches
his red homing-lasers. Your range to him is not an issue; they
will not be able to track and will fade.

Hint: Defeating Nephtis:
When you encounter Nephtis at the power plant on Mars,
grab a solar panel on one of the towers. Wait until she charges
up her dash attack and guard with the solar panel. She will be
stunned for a few seconds. Attack her until she starts moving
again. Repeat this process until she is defeated. When you fight Nephtis inside a giant force field, wait for her
to charge up her dash attack. As soon as she attacks, dash out
of the way and she will hit the force field and become stunned.
Attack her until she breaks free of the force field. Repeat this
until she is dead. Note: Be sure not to run into the force field
while attacking her. When Nephtis is inside the tower like area, use the Geyser to
stun the Clods and grab them and then wait for Nephtis to attack.
Guard with the Clod and Nephtis will be stunned, attack her until
she starts moving again. If the Clod tries to break free use Burst
to keep them from escaping. When Nephtis's AI infects Ardjet, dodge any of her long range
attacks, then when she is done move into melee. Wait for Ardjet
to swing at you, then deflect her attack by slashing at the correct
moment. Deflect the sword four times and she will become stunned.
Grab and hold her while ADA deletes the AI. Repeat until she is

Hint: Defeating Nohman:
When you encounter Nohman after fighting Viola's A.I.
Data, do not run up to him. Block his lasers if needed. Shoot
normal lasers at him. When he teleports to you, you will know
what to do.

Hint: Defeating the Train:
When you fight the Train, you will have to destroy
all the carts in five minutes. To destroy a cart, target its weapons
and use homing missiles to destroy them. Once all of a cart's
weapons are destroyed, it will explode and a fleet of enemies
will attack. Use Gauntlet to knock enemies into the walls and
out of range. The first and fourth cart have machine guns, the
second has laser beams, and the third has machine guns and a massive
laser cannon that is easy to avoid. The fifth cart is defenseless.

Hint: Defeating Vic Viper in versus mode:

If you opponent is playing as Vic Viper uses the morph
to fly around, use Anubis's 0 Shift attack to follow him. If he
stops, attack until he is defeated. Do not do anything else except
for that as he is weak in that state.

Hint: Easy kills:
If you have low health while fighting enemies (outside
of boss battles), get them close to each other then hold R2
and press Square. You should now be circling the enemies.
Then, release Square. After completing the game, select Naked Jehuty and choose to
start with all subweapons. During the game, switch to the missile
subweapon. Whenever any opponent shows itself, press Circle
hard to deploy all the missiles and launch them. With the unlimited
sub power, homing, and attack power of the missiles, you can defeat
anything by constantly launching wave after wave at the enemies.
You will destroy them easilty without letting them get into range.

Hint: Easy experience:
When you land on Aumaan, before you go into the core,
you will be attacked by two Nephtus. Naked Jehuty can kill these
easily with one hit and not be hurt. When you start the Deimos section, after Taper calls but before
you get him, completely clear out the two accessible hallways.
At least two sets of enemies will spawn in both hallways. You
should gain at least level 2 experience before you get Taper.
After you get Taper, clear all accessible hallways and rooms in
Deimos before you take him to the shooter. You should have at
least have 90,000 experience points by the time you take him to
the shooter, and the last two sets of enemies on Deimos (they
form the first parties) should push you to level 3 experience.
You could remain in Deimos longer and continue to destroy the
re-spawing wall lasers, but the enemies' experience continues
to decrease the higher your experience gets (once your level is
higher than theirs).

Hint: Anubis: Extra attacks:
When using the Anubis or Aumaan Anubis in versus mode,
rotate the Left Analog-stick counterclockwise to have Anubis
hit its opponent eight or more times, depending on how fast you
rotate it, instead of the usual four with its spear.

Hint: Anubis: 0 Shift in versus mode:
To do the 0 Shift in versus mode, press L1.

Hint: Jehuty: Efficient burst attack:

For multiple aiming of Jehuty's Burst, hold R2
+ Left or Right to dash. While dashing, hold Square
to aim in all directions to get your target locked on. Release
Square, then fire. Note: The Burst attack is effective
when destroying a swarm of Wisps or small projectile attacks.

Hint: Vic Viper: Special attacks:
Press L1 and he will turn into his flying mode.
It is almost invincible against any character, even Jehuty. While playing as Vic Viper, press L1 to turn into the plane.
Then, press R3 button to double the amount of whatever
you shoot. You can do this up to four times. For example, instead
of just one energy ball, there can be up to five shot at once.
Note: This trick takes down your health each time you use it,
just like your shield.

Hint: Better Moving Dash technique:
When you are fighting, do your Moving Dash technique,
but press Square very hard. There will be more little blasts.
This is very effective when fighting multiple targets, or when
going against a swarm of Mosquitoes.

Hint: Wisp Technique:
Once you have acquired the sub-weapon Wisp, you can
drag and smash enemies or objects by holding Circle while
using Wisp on an enemy.
Hint: Easier BAHRAM fleet destruction:

In the level where you destroy the BAHRAM ships, there
is a way to do this without using the Vector Cannon. If you hit
a part of the ship with a strong shot, part of the ship's armor
will blow off. Destroy all of the outer armor (including the tower
on top of the bulkhead). That should destroy the ship.

Hint: Control scenes:
When playing the game in the story mode, during the
scenes when you see Dingo talking with other characters while
inside Jehuty , move the Right Analog-stick. As you move
it, the picture of Dingo will move around and allow you to see
a little bit around him. When you are listening to a conversation between the characters,
use the Right Analog-stick to move Dingo's view inside
his window to any direction. You can do the same with another
character's window by pressing R2 and then using the Right
. Use the Left Analog-stick to change your
direction when you are in Jehuty's cockpit. Sometimes, pressing
R1 may enable you to zoom in during a scene, be it inside
Jehuty or outside. You can zoom in more if you press R1
harder. During the scenes where you see Dingo talking with other characters
while inside, press R2 to control other characters. Press
R2 again to control Dingo. Use the Right Analog-sick
to move the characters.

Hint: Responding to comments:
Make sure that the game captions are on. This helps
with the timing. Whenever either ADA, Ken, or Angie talks to Dingo,
press either R3 (positive nature response) or L3
(negative nature response) and he will respond. This technique
can be very useful in combat situations. For example, when ADA
recommends switching to a particular sub-weapon, responding positively
will result in her switching to that weapon for you, without Dingo
having to stop and do it himself. No response or a negative response
in this case will keep things as they are. You can keep responding
in some cases almost to the point of a short conversation. However,
he does not seem to respond to Boss' comments. You must make your
response while the comment is still on the screen for it to work.

Glitch: Nephtis' shield:
In versus mode, while guarding with Nephtis, press
either Circle or L1 to make the shield do strange


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