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1 Yakuza on Thu May 05, 2011 4:34 pm



Completion bonus:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Premium
Box, Adventure Review mode, Battle Review mode, and Movie Viewer.

Master Fighter mode:
Get an "S" rank in all fifty missions in
Battle Review mode. Master Fighter mode features an unlimited
heat gauge.

Easy mode:
Intentionally fail the game three times. After three
retries the game will ask if you want easy mode. Note: If you
select "Yes" you cannot return to normal mode.

Hidden Boss battle:
Successfully complete all the side quests. Talk to
the Boss that appears in front of the movie theater to begin another

Unlimited Heat:
Get an "S" Rank on all fifty Extra Battle
Review mode missions.

Hint: Easy money:
In the place where you plays slots, there is a "No.
1 Machine". It always gives good matches all the time. Press
R2 for the maximum bet, and press Down. Then, press
Square, X, Circle. When in Purgatory go to the underground (after gaining access
to tournament and casino). Go into the tournament, put all items
in the box, and save. Go into the casino, get a high amount of
chips, and play roulette. Bet all on 31-36 and end bet when the
timer reaches "50". Most likely it will end up on 31-36.
When you win it will be six times the amount you bet. For example,
if you bet 6,400 chips you will get 38,400 chips. If you lose
all the chips you can quit the game and try again. When you win,
buy as many gold plates as possible. Store the gold plates in
the box in the tournament area. Continue doing this as many times
as desired until you want to sell plates. Tthe plates will be
shown to be sold even if in the box.


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