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1 Yakuza Fury on Thu May 05, 2011 4:35 pm



Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding

Agu Masato: Complete level 10 in Double Justice mode.

Black Asuka: Complete Epilogue "The road to honor" in
Story mode.

Bukotsu Yoshimi: Complete Final Chapter "The real end"
in Story mode.

Double Justice mode: Complete the game once (at least four chapters

Guren Hitoshi: Complete Final Chapter "Towards a new goal"
in Story mode.

Itomaki Eiji: Complete level 4 in Double Justice mode.

Kurashi Hiro: Complete Final Chapter "Meaning of the clan
code" in Story mode.

Onishi Hajime: Complete level 1 in Double Justice mode.

Ootori Akisa: Complete level 8 in Double Justice mode.

Same Toei: Complete level 6 in Double Justice mode.

Shiryuu Rika: Complete Final Chapter "Alliance In Disarray"
in Story mode.


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