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Xtreme alternate costumes:

Press Up(2), Right, Left, Down(2),
Start at the main menu. During game play, go to an Xtraction
save location and use the button next to "Skin".

Alternate costumes:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the classic costumes
(Bobby Drake/original Iceman, 1990's Colossus/without metal, original
Beast, 1980's Cyclops, original Jean Grey/Phoenix, original Nightcrawler,
street clothes Magma, 1990's Wolverine/Weapon X).

Play as Storm:
Successfully complete level 1.

Play as Emma Frost:
Locate Emma Frost in X Mansion after the Nuclear Facility level.

Play as Colossus:

Successfully complete the Nuclear Facility level.

Play as Beast:
Successfully complete level 1.

Play as Cyclops:
Defeat Mystique in the New York City Riot level.

Play as Gambit:
Successfully complete level 3.

Play as Ice Man:
Successfully complete level 1.

Play as Jean Grey:
Successfully complete level 1.

Play as Jubilee:
Successfully complete level 2.

Play as Magma:
Successfully complete Magma's second training round.

Play as Nightcrawler:
Successfully complete level 2.

Play as Professor X:
Enter the Astral Plane for the first time.

Play as Psylocke:
Successfully complete the New York City Riot level.

Play as Rogue:
Successfully complete level 1.

Collect all 19 Sketchbooks to unlock the artwork in
Colossus' room.

Stat increase:
Collect the hidden Comic Books to increase your characters'

Bonus Danger Room tasks:
Collect the hidden Danger Room Discs to unlock more
tasks in the Danger Room.

Hint: Defeating Marrow:
Use the following trick to defeat Marrow after GRSO
soldiers have attacked the tunnels. At first is seems very difficult,
but it is best to have someone such as Storm on your team who
can fight at long range. After killing Marrow and all of her henchmen,
two Marrows will appear. One will have a green shield and will
appear under one of the torches. Instantly do Cyclone Fury with
Storm or another Xtreme long range power. This will kill her.
You will still have to kill the other Marrow. Then, try to find
the special Marrow after each kill of the regenerating Marrow.
After you have killed the special Marrow three or four times,
just defeat the other Marrow.

Hint: Defeating Mastermind:
To defeat Mastermind, first use Wolverine and slash
away at his feet and jump when he steps. When the three Sentinel
Controllers come out, fight them and dodge Mastermind's missiles
by running in circles around the generators. When he gets his
shield, turn on the three generators and wait until it goes away.
From now on, use a long range fighter to finish him off. Remember
to dodge the missiles.

Hint: Defeating Mystique:
Get to level 2 with Wolverine and get many healing
potions. Attack her with R1 + X until she dies.

Hint: Defeating Sentinels:
Choose Wolverine (at a high level) and run behind the
Sentinel. Choose the Brutal Slash attack (R2 + X)
and repeat it until the Sentinel falls. Have Colossus get Bands Of The Gladiator and Legend Smash. Two
hits will drop them.

Hint: Extra health and energy:
When you receive a new course in the Danger Room, do
not complete it. Instead, fail as much as possible. Every time
you do the course, you will receive health packs, energy packs,
armor, etc. The best way to get a extra utens is to fail the Danger Room courses.
If you complete a course, the next time you send in your team
they will not receive anything for their trouble. However, the
first "final exam" as a freshman is a very easy one.
Just do not destroy the generators. By doing this, your team can
run around kicking butt for quite awhile and collect a lot of
times. Note: Make sure all your teammates are set to auto-refill
their health at 80% (this can be changed in the first field of
the detail view for your characters). Also, watch for the inevitable
cut off time (about a half hour in). At this point, the villains
will no longer give anything up. Then, destroy the reactors and
leave. Make sure to sell Forge anything you absolutely do not
need; otherwise about halfway through your available time your
inventory will be full and you can miss out on some good items.

Hint: Easy experience:
Make sure you find the "Focus 601" Danger
Room disc. Once you have passed the exams (Qualifying 100, 200,
300, 400, and 500) and can access the "Legends" menu,
select "Focus 601". In this mission, you must defeat
five Master Acolytes, which will give you over 297,000 experience
points each. Each time that you do this mission successfully,
you are guaranteed at least 1,100,000 experience points. Go to qualifying exam 400 and keep failing it. Do not worry about
Professor X; just keep killing Astral Fury about for 117,000 experience
each time. Colossus can kill them in one hit. To do this trick, first have Storm and Cyclops learn the Leadership
ability. This works best if the skill is at the maximum. Once
done, always have Cyclops and Storm in your party with two other
members that you want to level up. Start fighting your enemies,
except this time use your abilities more often. This ability will
work once you execute a combo with either Storm or Cyclops' abilities.
It should give you extra damage and experience points. To make
this even more beneficial, try your best to execute a combo with
both Storm and Cyclops' abilities. This should double the normal
amount of bonus experience and damage. The Leadership ability's
maximum capabilities is at 150% damage bonus, and 25% experience
bonus; and if you managed to combo both Storm and Cyclops' abilities
this should dish out a 250% damage bonus and 50% extra experience.
This trick should be used in the Danger Room Focus 601 or Qualifying
Exam 400. These are the areas that give most experience points
with the most time for you to dish out your attacks. Go into the Danger Room and choose Challenge: Legends. Take Cyclops,
Storm, Jean, and anyone you want to level up. When you defeat
the first three Bosses, switch to Jean and go to the middle area
between the first two doors. Use Psychic Shout to rack up experience.
However, do not finish the challenge. Let time run out and retry.
You can reach level 40 and beyond very quickly by doing this.
Note: Storm's Chain Lightning or Lightning Legend also works well.
First, you must have the "Challenge - Legend" option
available in the Danger Room. This trick will also be easier with
the Mask Of Xorn (gives you unlimited mutant), but when you complete
the challenge you will get it. First, have Cyclops (or anyone
else with a range attack) on your team. Have him or her equip
the Mask Of Xorn and place anyone else you need to level up on
the team. At the beginning of the simulation, there are three
generators (there are really four) and one further down to the
end. Destroy the two on either side (left and right) and leave
the one in the middle or at the bottom (do not destroy it). Then,
run up dodging Marrow (if desired). Next, make a right and destroy
the single generator. Then, run back down to the beginning where
you left the middle generator running. Using Cyclops (or other
ranged person) as your main character, start blasting anything
that moves. Use your mutant power as much as desired, but stay
near the beginning. Notice the objectives at the bottom right
hand corner. When you are done destroying the forty enemies, notice
that three out of four generators are destroyed and the timer
is still going. This is your chance to get as many experience
points as possible. When the timer reaches about ten seconds,
blow up the last remaining generator. This is why you should stay
near the beginning. This should result in at least ten million
experience points.

Hint: Easy kills:
This trick works best at the start of the game. Have
Rogue in your party and level her up quite a bit. Now once you
have skill points, use it on Southern Strike/Smash and increase
the abilities level as far as possible while you are playing the
game. Use it on your enemies and it should either kill or take
out a large amount of HP. Combine with Leadership to deal more
damage. A fast way to kill enemies without any powers is to simply corner
them. Get one of your characters to hit the enemy to the wall.
Get the other characters to form a circle around the enemy. Once
you have done that, keep pressing X, Circle, or
combos in order to quickly kill them.

Hint: Throw Wolverine:
Have Wolverine and Beast in your party. Choose Beast
and face Wolverine. Press Throw and Beast will pick up
Wolverine and hurl him at an enemy, doing a large amount of damage.
Note: Rogue can also throw Wolverine just like Beast. This is the signature move of Wolverine and Colossus combined
(but can also be done with Beast). Play as either Colossus or
Beast and press Square to throw Wolverine. Beast, Rogue, and Colossus can throw Wolverine for his special

Hint: Make other people fly:
Choose someone like Storm and tap Triangle(2)
so that she flies. After she is in the air, have one of your nearby
teammates press Square. She will pick him or her up and
you both will be flying. To drop them off, go down towards the

Hint: Unlimited combo:
Start the combo by pressing Circle then X(2),
Circle(2), then keep repeating X(2), Circle(2),
X(2), Circle(2), etc. It is a lot easier if done
slowly and you wait for the character to swing.

Hint: Icy Swords:
Have Iceman and Magma stand next to each other. Then,
have Iceman do his R1 + Circle move while standing
next to her. Magma will have icy swords at the end of her hands.

Hint: Making bridges:
This can be done with Jean Gray, Magma, or Ice Man.
For Jean Gray, hold R1 + X. For Magma, hold R1
+ Circle. For Iceman, hold R1 + X.

Hint: Recommended team:
The strongest team in story mode consists of Cyclops,
Iceman, Gambit and Wolverine. The idea is to pump up Wolverine
as much as possible. Maxed out all the following boost skills:
Cyclops - Command, Iceman - Ice Forge, Gambit - Kinetic Mastery,
and Wolverine - Unstoppable Rage. Simply assign these skills to
your help button (AI Skill), During battle press that button to
pump Wolverine and activate Unstoppable Rage. Wolverine will move
and attack very fast, dealing a large amount of damage that can
kill almost all enemies without the help of others. For best results
put some skills or max out Cyclop's "Leadership Skill".
Equip Wolverine with Muscle Accelerator or Super Accelerator or
whatever is available in your inventory that can enhance Wolverine's
speed. You can also try The Hammer of Nimrod vs. Sentinels, The
X-Cutioner Hood vs. Mutant, The Exodus Cloak vs. Humans, or Shadowcat's
Touch vs. Robots.

Glitch: Unlimited Savage rampage:
You must have X-treme tokens to do this. Hold R2
and keep pressing Triangle. Note: This only uses one X-treme


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