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1 X-Men: The Official Game on Sat May 07, 2011 4:36 pm



Bonus Iceman Danger Room level:
Press Right(2), Left(2), Down,
Up, Down, Up, Start at the Cerebro
Files menu.

Bonus Nightcrawler Danger Room level:
Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right,
Left, Right, Start at the Cerebro Files menu.

Bonus Wolverine Danger Room level:
Press Down(2), Up(2), Right, Left,
Right Left, Start at the Cerebro Files menu.

Danger Room missions:
Progress through the game to unlock the first three
Danger Room missions. Six more Danger Room missions are unlocked
by collecting all Sentinel files and Weapon X files with all characters.

Comic alternate costume:
Collect all Sentinal Techs with a character to unlock
his or her alternate comic costume.

Street alternate costume:
Collect all Weapon X files with a character to unlock
his or her alternate street costume.

Hint: Finding Tech Pieces:
To save time and frustration, run through the level
on novice to find all six Tech Pieces, then distribute mutation
and save the game. Go back on the higher levels to gain the missing
mutations, without worrying about racing around trying to find
the pieces (especially on timed missions).

Glitch: Cannot continue if you backtrack:

Continue on to Act 2 without acquiring three Mutation
bars in Act 1 for a certain character. Acquire at least two Mutation
bars in Act 2 then go back to an Act 1 level and complete it on
a higher difficulty for a 100% level completion. You will be given
a Mutation bar, but you will not be allowed to add it because
you can only add three bars to each character in Act 1. The game
will not let you past this screen or regress any of the bars.
You will have to restart the game.


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