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1 D1 Grand Prix on Sat May 07, 2011 5:27 pm



Bonus cars (Japanese version):
Defeat the indicated opponent to unlock the corresponding

AE86: Defeat Keiichi Tsuchiya (opponent 32).
B310: Defeat Zaku (opponent 5).
Cop Car P34: Defeat opponent 38.
Eclipse Advan JZA80: Defeat Manabu Orido (opponent 20).
RB1: Defeat Manabu Suzuki (opponent 10).
Stream Option Z33: Defeat Daijiro Inada (opponent 15).
Taisan Benihana Viper: Defeat Tarzan Yamada (opponent 26).

X-Treme mode:
Win all seasons in the D1 Series (including Custom)
and complete Survival mode.


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