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1 Daisenryaku 7 Exceed on Sat May 07, 2011 9:00 pm



Disable fog of war:
Press Left, Right, Left, R2,
L2, R2, L2, Left(2), Right(2),
Square at the main menu. A message and sound will confirm
correct code entry.

All Free Play mode maps:
Press Left(3), L2, R2(3), Left,
Right, Left, Square at the main menu. A message
and sound will confirm correct code entry.

Complete the indicated mission to unlock the corresponding
map in Free Play mode.

Aim For Power: Mission 21
Arctic Rescue: Mission 17
Attack From The Deep: Mission 6
Black Gold: Mission 14
Boa Strike: Mission 18
Border Dispute: Mission 10
Capturing Facilities: Mission 2
Crescent Bridge: Mission 3
Crimson Revolt: Mission 19
Forest Stronghold: Mission 7
Hot And Cold: Mission 9
Hotsands Offensive: Mission 11
Lost World: Mission 13
Merchant Defense: Mission 4
Recruit Training: Mission 1
Scarlet Breakout: Mission 20
Sea Monster: Mission 12
Search For Hope: Mission 16
Show Shell: Mission 15
Southern Defense Force: Mission 5
Vermilion Keys: Mission 8

Complete the indicated mission to unlock the corresponding
unit in Free Play mode.

APC WZ551 (China): Mission 2
Assault Ship Foudre (France): Mission 9
Assault Ship Lun (Russia): Mission 19
Assault Ship Oosumi (Japan): Mission 5
Assault Ship Wasp (USA): Mission 18
ASW Heli Lynx Mk. 8 (UK): Mission 6
ASW Heli Super Lynx (Germany): Mission 6
Attack FB-22 (USA): Mission 10
Attack Heli 500MD Lahatut (Israel): Mission 11
Attack Heli AH-64 (Japan): Mission 5
Attack Heli AS 532UL Horizon (France): Mission 12
Attack Heli Ka-52 Alligator (Russia): Mission 17
Attack Heli OH-58D Kiowa Warrior (USA): Mission 18
Attack Heli VBH BO-105M (Germany): Mission 15
Destroyer Type 45 (UK): Mission 20
Destroyer Zumwalt (USA): Mission 8
Interceptor F-35B (USA): Mission 4
Light Tank Type 99 LAT (China): Mission 7
MBT Leopard 2A6 (Germany),: Mission 3
MBT Merkava Mk. 4 (Israel): Mission 11
MBT Type 69 (China): Mission 2
Multi-role F-35A (USA): Mission 10
Recon Vehicle LAV (Japan): Mission 13
Recon Vehicle VBL (France): Mission 16
SPH AU-F-2 (France): Mission 9
Submarine Virginia (USA): Mission 8
Tank Destroyer 2S25 Sprut-SD (Russia): Mission 14
Tank Destroyer Wiesel 1- TOW (Germany): Mission 21
VTOL F-35C (UK): Mission 20
VTOL F-35C (USA): Mission 20


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