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1 Alex Ferguson's Player Manager 2001 on Sun Apr 24, 2011 3:36 pm



Hint: Extra money:
Set the salary of your worst player to £99.9 million. Spend all of your funds and the board will begin to complain. Release your player and you will have millions of pounds. If another team offers for one of your players, "consider" the offer. Then, set the value of that player as high as desired. The other team will then bid all the cash they have for this player. If you really want to rub it in, after they have made their huge bid, set the player's value to £0. He will then be sold every other week or so and never play. The downside to this is that you will never be able to re-sign players you have sold in this manner. Lose all your money by signing bad players on huge contracts. Take out a loan that you can only just repay. Give everyone a £1 million win bonus, but value your worst player at £99.999 million. When you hit minus money, the game will automatically sell him for that, leaving you with loads to play with. This is tough to do in the Premiership, but works well in the conference.

Hint: Placing good players:
Keep the basic 4-4-2 but with a few adjustments. Move the full-backs wider than they start. There is nothing you can do to make the central midfielders play better in this game, no matter who they are. To make the team more secure, move them back a bit though to protect the defence. If you have some valuable CMs (without a good power stat) sell them and buy a couple of 16-year old South American ones because they play no worse.

Hint: Good players:
A player that must be purchased no matter who you are is Barcelona's Javier Saviola. With a sell-on clause, you can get his value down to about £1.5 million. Play him on the left wing (although he is a striker). Look for a player in any position with good pace and power stats (the only important stats for a winger) and play him on the right wing. The quality of crossing will not always be great but they will get past their men easily, and Saviola will not run the ball out very often down the left (unlike most wingers). Upfront, there are a number of quality players available. There are the obvious ones: Batistuta, Trezeguet, Owen, Ronaldo, etc, but watch for pace, power, control and agility in your forwards (shooting does not really matter). A good cheap player with potential if you start a default game is 16 year old Paraguayan F. Torres. He should have 92 on pace and about 50 on shooting. You can get him (without sell-on) for about £140 thousand. Also, if you can afford it, buy Pascal Zuberhuler (Leverkusen) as your goalie. A good player for not much money is Sammy Baumgart of Wolfsburg.


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