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All costumes:
Successfully play through the game getting costumes
for Max And Monica, then start a new game. You can now choose
any costume you previously collected for Max and Monica.

Hint: Butterfly Forest: Elements:
If looking for Elements to build up your weapons or
to build your towns, revisit Butterfly Forest. Before entering
the level press Triangle to see what Elements can be found
there. Its an easy way to look for the particular Element you
need. Its also a good way to level up your characters.

Hint: Zelmite Mine: More coins or weapons:

Play the first level in the Zelmite Mine. Happy Clowns
carrying coins or weapons appear about 15% in that level, and
normal/trapped chests carry them 10% of the time. Thus, you have
25% of getting a weapon or coins. Normal dungeon levels only have
about a 10% or less chance.

Hint: Easy items:
To swindle some free items, get Polly and/or Ferdinand
to accompany you on your journey. When you are on the train, add
them to your party. Press Triangle and go to character.
Go to them and use their ability to gain free items. Parn is also
a good character to get. Put him in your party, and if your better
character dies, use his special ability to leave a dungeon for
free. To get health and battle items easily, go around and collect more
people to put on the train. Then go on the train and make them
join your party. Use them to make things such as Cheese, Roasted
Chicken and Improved Bombs.

Hint: Easy level up:
Take one of your strong characters (i.e., most health,
strongest weapon) but not the Ridepod, and go to a dungeon that
you can get minimal damage done to you. Kill the enemy with your
strong person, and immediately afterwards, press L3 to
switch characters or R3 to switch to the Ridepod. This
is especially useful when trying to build up the Ridepod since
he loses fuel easily. This makes it so he does not move or get
hurt. To level up your weapons faster, alternate your characters. Press
L3 immediately after defeating an enemy. The ABS points
will then get distributed evenly between your right- and left-handed
weapons. This way, you do not have to actually use your gun/armband
to level them up. Use the following trick to level up your weapons quickly and easily.
First, obtain additional low end weapons (such as the Trumpet
Gun, Broad Sword, etc.). Level them up to +5, then Spectrumize
them after using up their Synthesis Points. You will get a Synthesis
Crystal with an array of abilities increase, but it only costs
you 5 Synthesis Points to add to your weapons. The downside is
that you will have to go to Underground Channel very often in
order to get all those crystals to synthesize to the weapons you
"sacrifice" to the weapon that you are building up.
Use the following trick to level up your wrench. This is easiest
if done in Chapter 2 or later, but it can also be done in Chapter
1. Instead of using the crystals for Spectrumizing the weapon
you want to keep, use them on a cheap sword, gun, or wrench. If
you level up a classic gun, battle wrench, or long sword to level
5, you will have about 18 SP for that weapon, as well as increased
power and durability. To level it up quickly, kill an enemy with
your strongest weapon, then switch to your cheap weapon while
collecting the experience points. Use all the crystals you want
on it, then Spectrumize it. Finally, synthesize it with the weapon
you wish to keep. This will be a stable Synth Sphere, allowing
you to transfer over half of the weapon's stats that you Spectrumized
into it. This will cost 5 SP to synthesize into your weapon. However
to get the kind of stats with using crystals on the weapon you
want to keep, it will cost about 30 SP. To get even more SP while
leveling up cheap weapons, always have the characters that give
you extra SP per level.

Hint: Easy money:
When you get Erik in Chapter 2, go up to him and add
him to your party. Press Triangle to go to the menu and
select "Character". Select Erik and use his ability
to make bombs. Then, send him back to the train and sell them.
Keep going back to him when his skill points increase. Do this
repeatedly. Each of his bombs cost 150 Gilda. Go into the first floor of the underground channel. In most of
the treasure chests, you will find up to about four Attribute
Crystals (Flame,Cyclone, Chill, etc.). Each crystal sells for
75 Gilda apiece, which is 300 Gilda per chest. Invent the "Turkey" Spheda Club using Special Peking
Duck, Tree, and Windmill Feather. Then, get at least three Rolling
Logs and three Scrap Metal. The total cost is 90 Gilda. Make one
and sell it for 230 Gilda. Equip the Lure Rod to Max and put on one lure of any kind. Make
sure you have another lure of the same type with you. Go to the
Lure Rod status screen. Go to the extra lure and equip it. At
this point, it should have made a noise and you should still have
the same amount of lures in your inventory. You can do this as
many times as needed until you have up to 998 lures on your rod
(not including the one in your inventory). Select the lures with
Triangle and move them into your inventory. You can now
sell them for 150 gilda each, for almost 150,000 Gilda total.
In Chapter 5, you will encounter an enemy called Steam Tore. Make
sure that you have your target locked on Steam Tore. Keep moving
around Steam Tore while you are locked on. It will spit out little
trees. Keep moving and avoid them. They eventually explode and
leave a large amount of gilda. Keep doing this for awhile to rack
up a lot of Gilda in very little time. Note: Spitting out all
those little trees also weakens Steam Tore for an easy defeat.
In Chapter 2, when you get the fishing rod from Norm, discard
the Mimi Bait that he gives you. Then, talk to him again. He will
give you five Mimis every time you run out. Take and sell them
to the man that makes Improved Bombs for you. You will make 200
gilda each time. Every ten minutes, you can have him make six
Improved Bombs, making an additional 900 gilda. It is possible
to make about 5,000 Gilda in about ten minutes. You can do this
until you complete the Great Fish mission. In Chapter 2, when you get the fishing rod from Norm, discard
the Mimi Bait that he gives you. Then, talk to him again. He will
give you five Mimis every time you run out. Use the bait in the
swamp next to him. Catch fish until you run out of room in your
item menu. Go to Erik and sell all the fish for about 3,500 gilda.
With about every 20 fish you catch, Erik's ability to make Improved
Bombs fully restores. If you go to him three times and fill up
your item menu with fish, you can get 6,000 gilda as well as about
4,000 FP. If you do this for about six and a half hours, you will
have maximized your fishing levels, and have about 78,000 Gilda.
Create or find any weak weapon and get enough ABS to level it
up by one. Then, unequip it and take it to the store to sell.
It will sell for close to 5,000 Gilda. In the Rainbow Butterfly Forest, go to the monster fish swamp
(the one that asked for the grape juice that is sitting on the
log). Get fish bait and fish. Do not get the fish that needs a
Poison Apple. Catch a lot of fish. then go to a store and sell
them for 50 Gilda each. Keep lots of the Ability Spheres that you collect. These can be
sold for 75 Gilda each. Sell them in groups to get a lot of easy
money. In Zelmite Mines, on the floor Hell's Turning Point, every box
except the map and crystal will be a coin.

Hint: Leveling up weak weapons:
Use this trick to level up weak weapons that you find
in areas with strong monsters which that weapon will have no effect.
If you have a stronger weapon and want to use the weak one, use
the stronger weapon (Sword, Brassard, Wrench, or Gun). After you
defeat a monster, switch to the weaker weapon (must be the same
type), then pick up the ABS grains with that weapon equipped.
That weapon will get the points. Think up the Knights Boots (Moon + Belt + Shield), then make it
with two Thick Hides and one Study Cloth. The materials should
only cost 120 Gilda if bought from Conda and the store with the
pumpkins at Palm Brinks. Then, Spectumize the Knights Boots. You
now have a two attack power value item that uses only one synthesis
point at a cost of only 120 Gilda.

Hint: Getting ultimate weapons easily:

You can get weapons like the Samurai Sword 4, Heavy
Hammer, and Nova Cannon 4 at the start of Chapter 2. The album
is on a different save file than the game itself. You can get
scoops/pics from the end of the game at Chapter 2, when you get
the album. Just put the pictures that make the super weapon in
the album in one file, and in a different one at Chapter 2. Get
the album and the super weapon's pics will be in there. Note:
Even if you get the pics for the Nova Cannon 4, you cannot create
it until Chapter 7, when you get the Sun Stone.

Hint: Get through dungeons faster:
In Chapter 4, Goodbye Shingala, complete the dungeon
and save Shigura Village. Do not go to Luna Lab. Instead, go to
Pau's house. He will be standing near the location where the injured
Shigura was found. Walk up to him and talk to him. Give him a
Carrot and he will join you. In Chapters 5 through 9, you can
use him as a third party member to have the full map shown when
you enter a dungeon floor. He will warn you when a chest is actually
a Mimic. Also, a red dot will flash on the map if it is the monster
holding the gatekey. In a dungeon walk through it until you find
the flashing dot. Defeat the monster and proceed to the next floor.

Hint: Bombs:
Once you gain the ability to have a third party member,
go to Erik and have him make bombs for you. Then, switch to someone
who is more useful in the field into your party. When you return
from fighting, see Erik again and have him make more bombs for
you if he has recharged enough ability points. You can also sell
Erik's bombs for quick cash.

Hint: Skipping bombs:
Throw a bomb in water and it will skip.

Hint: Barrel Cannon III:
Barrel ,Water Tank, and Waterfall will create the Barrel
Cannon III.

Hint: Georama:
If you need things such as a bundle of hay or sugar
cane, go to Morton (the owner of the store with pumpkins in the
front of Palm Brinks and buy a monster info book. Then use it
and look at the monsters. Find the ones that carry the item you
desire. Next, look at the location of where it is and go there.

Hint: Jurak Gun:
In Chapter 2, if you complete the Sindan Georama 100%,
you get the Jurak Gun.

Hint: Knight Boots:
The best invention is Belt, Shield, and Moon. This
is the Knight Boots. They are already equipped to Monica, but
they can spectrumize into two attack points for weapons. You can
get it at the start of the game. Sell the Attack Spheres for money.
You already have the Belt. The Moon is in the sky, at night. The
Shield is in the weapon shop.

Hint: Laser Arm Four for Ridepod:
To make the Laser Arm Four for the Ridepod, you need
the Legend Of The Moon, Blue Lantern, and Energy Pipe.

Hint: Lure Rod:
To make a Lure Rod, all the photos you need are Fish,
River, and the Lafrescia Stem.

Hint: Power-up Powder:
Sun Chair, Sun Table, and The Sun will create Power-Up
Powder for weapons.

Hint: Serpent Sword:
In Chapter 4, The Great Sage, when you defeat the Boss,
Gaspard, at the last level, an intermission sequence will start.
When this is done, you will go to Chapter 5, Good'bye Shingala.
When this is done, go back to Starlight Canyon. At the bottom,
the message "There has been a change in the future, maybe
something will happen" will appear. After that, go to the
portal. When there, yet another intermission sequence will start
with Maximillion, Monica, and Lin, well, "Crest,". She
thanks you and will give you the Serpent Sword. It is crimson
red but its attack is not very high.

Hint: Sun And Moon Armor:
Sun And Moon and Electric Sesame creates the Sun And
Moon Armor for Ridepod, which is the best you can get.

Hint: Saving money:
Use the following trick to save Money when escaping
dungeons. When you have 1000 Gilda or more, make sure to talk
to Conda and buy as many gold bars as possible. Since they buy/sell
for the same price, you can get your money back whenever needed.

Hint: Saving health restoration items:

If you are in a dungeon, after every floor leave the
dungeon and return. Leaving the dungeon fully heals all of your
characters. If you were hurt badly in the previous floor of a
dungeon, you do not have to use up the health restoration items
at the start of the floor you are currently on.

Hint: Save Ridepod fuel:
To save Ridepod fuel on levels with Ridepod Only medals,
run around the levels as Max. When you see an enemy, press L3
to defeat it, then press L3 again to return to Max and
not waste fuel.

Hint: Easy photos:
Spin around the room or area you are in to find all
the photos you need.

Hint: Adel:
Enter Max's house and talk to Adel. She will need to
get items to make new clothes for you. Get the items and give
them to her. Leave the room, go back in, and talk to her.

Hint: Borneo and Erik:
Borneo and Erik become available to move into the houses
you build in the Georama area in chapter 5.

Hint: Cedric:
As the game progresses, Cedric begins to get more parts
for the Ridepod in every new chapter.

Hint: Corinne:
Play a game and Hide and Seek with her. Find her both
times, and she joins you. She is in Max's room and the upper hall
in Claire's house.

Hint: Donny:
You need to buy an Indestructible and Dark Coin. Give
them to Donny and he will join you.

Hint: Ferdinand:
To recruit Ferdinand, you must help him complete his
recipe by giving him a Roasted Chestnut.

Hint: Gerald:
If you remember correctly, Max's Dad gives Max a gun.
Level this gun up twice into the Bell Gun. Max's Dad should join
you after returning the gun to him. To get Gerald easily, when he hands you the trumpet gun, go to
a store and sell it for money. Then, get a picture of a phone,
fountain, and a tree. This triggers the bell. The phone is in
the servant's (Adel's) room; the fountain is to the left of the
police station; and the tree is across the river (get as close
to the river as possible, equip the camera, and zoom in as much
as you can to take the picture). Then, create the gun using two
Wind Element, two Silver Ball, and ten Scraps Of Metal. This will
cost about 620 Gilda to create. When you finish, bring the gun
to Gerald and he will join you.

Hint: The Mayor:
Enter City Hall and go upstairs. Talk to the Mayor.
He will need a code for his safe. The code is "1221".

Hint: Milane:
To make Milane join your party, build up Monica's favorite
sword to "Island King".

Hint: Mina:
Talk to Mina and she will say that she is feeling sick.
This will start several rounds of Spheda. Compete in ten rounds
of Spheda.

Hint: Olivie:
Finish in first place in any of the classes of the
Finny Frenzy.

Hint: Pau:
To get Pau, all you have to do is give him a carrot.
He can be found in Vennicco during Chapter 5.

Hint: Monica's magical blocking:
Find a Gemron or Gundron and block its projectile.
A screen will appear, telling you how to do Monica's magic absorb

Hint: Low sword value:
Try to sell the sword Seventh Heaven at the Wise Owl
shop to learn that it is only worth 1 Gilda.

Hint: Defeating Dark Genie:
When fighting the Dark Genie in his final form (phase
3), use Osmond. It is easier to dodge the laser beam attack. This
is best done if Osmond has his one of his best weapons (SuperNova
+4 at least is recommended). This trick requires the final weapons for both hands. Their attack
needs to be about 300 maximum, and all elemental properties need
to be over 110 except for Durability (maximum is 99), Also have
a lot of healing items. Resurrect Powder will help. If you do
not have it, take Priest Bruno with you as he will revive you
one time. You only need these stats for one person (Monica or
Max) . The Ridepod is almost useless in this battle. Make sure
your long range attacks are strong enough to hurt him. You will
have time to do this while you are in the other areas in the mines.
The Dark Genie is invincible up until a certain point when he
is pink. You cannot hurt him; you need to take out some of his
helpers first. When you see him change to a bluish dark color,
start firing away with your long range weapon. Make sure you dodge
the beam that appears from his gut. He will scream before he shoots.
You can guard it, but you will still lose a lot of health.

Hint: Defeating Bats:
In a level where you have to defeat all enemies with
only Max's wrench or Monica's sword for a medal, you can kill
the Bats easily by using Max's or Monica's charge up attacks.

Hint: Defeating Gaspard:
In Starlight Canyon, to beat the Boss, Gaspard and
Devil Flames, as Monica block his slashes and hack away. He may
do his assassin strike move where he flips over you and stabs.
Because he does this randomly, always guard when you are not slashing.
Sometimes, Devil Flames will try to kill Lin. As Max, quickly
spin the camera to see where they are coming from. As long as
you have a strong weapon, you will kill them in one hit. Repeat
the process to easily defeat Dark Assassin Gaspard.

Hint: Defeating Griffin:
Get the Ride Pod, circle him, and shoot the missile
pod arm three times.

Hint: Griffin's name:
Near to the end of the game, but not the last chapter,
you will find a door that you must give Griffin's real name to
enter. Enter "Sirus" and you should find that the door
will open.

Hint: Defeating Holloween:
When you throw a bomb back at Holloween and he falls
over, switch with Ride Pod and hit him. It only takes a few hits
to defeat him.

Hint: Defeating Mimics:
Use the following trick to easily defeat Mimics and
enemies that charge. Hold R1 as the enemies charge at you.
Press X button to pick them up, then toss them at a wall
or another enemy to make then dizzy. Slash twice, then repeat
by picking them up before they charge at you again. This works
well with Mimics. Mimics are best approached from behind. This
works well with those hard to hit Gemrons. It is much easier to
pick them up and toss them at another enemy, and attack while
they are confused.

Hint: Avoiding Mimics:
When opening a treasure chest, open it from the back.
If it is a Mimic, you will be able to get some good hits on it
and might kill it before it can turn around. Also, if you pick
up a Mimic (you cannot pick up a King Mimic) and throw it, it
will stall a slightly, allowing you to run in and hit it one or
two times. Use this trick to learn if there are any Mimics around. Clear
the Level of all monsters without opening any treasure chests.
If the intermission sequence does not start, then is a Mimic or
King Mimic lurking in a treasure chest. Go back and check the
chests. Check them from behind so you can get a good hit or two
on them if they are Mimics.

Hint: Star Exits:
For those at earlier parts in the game that are wondering
how to get through the Star Exits on the two-exit levels, you
must wait until Chapter 6 to get a key which will unlock them.

Hint: Winning the fishing tournament:
If you are in Chapter 4 and can enter the fishing tournament,
the biggest fish are in Vennico. At or near nighttime to early
morning, you can catch the big fish. You will need some Evys.
Fish anywhere and wait. If it bites quickly, it will be little.
If your safety bar line goes slow, then break it. If it takes
a while and it finally bites and the line on your bar goes fast,
then reel it in. It will be a Bobo or the fish with the pointy
nose. Catch three of them, enter them in the fishing tournament,
and you should win. If they are 70 cm or longer, you should win.
They weigh from 4,900 to 5,900. When looking for a big fish to win the fishing contest, equip
the Lure Rod and put on the Fork Lure. Then, go to the hot springs
in Reim Hamma (where you build the Georamma, there is a small
place to the side). Wait until 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., then cast your
lure into the hot springs. It might take a while, but you can
catch a big fish that always weighs over 5,100. You will also
get a hefty 300 FP for it. You can win the fishing tournament if you go to Palm Brinks bridge
(near Morton's Shop, not near the Palm Brinks Lake), and fish
beside it. There is a 104 cm Gobbler that gives you over 100 FPs.
Try using a Mimi for bait. If you cannot get it, go to Hiem Rada
with the Lure Rod and the Fork Lure between the hours of 4 p.m.
and 9 pm. It might take awhile, but there are Baron Garayans there
that give you over 200 FPs. Note: To get the Mardon Garyan, go
to the Fish Monster Swamp between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. with the rod
that Norm gave you and a Poison Apple.

Hint: Fishing for Giant Kaji:
Fish at the location where the Shigura were at using
the Lure Rod and the Minnow.

Hint: Fish stats:
The following stat explanations are useful when you
are trying to win the Finny Festival or Fish Races.

Tenacity: Determines how badly the fish will try to win. It increases
by 1 point when a fish is fed a Prickly.

Stamina: Determines how fast your fish can go. It increases by
1 point when a fish is feed a Evy.

Endurance: Determines how long your fish can stay at its top speed.
It increases by 1 point when a fish is feed a Petit Fish.

Boost: Determines how fast your fish will start off at the beginning
of the race. It increases by 1 point when a fish is feed a Carrot.
but the gender of your fish will change

Power: This stat does not affect races. It is a stat used the
Battle Tank.

Weight and Length: These two stats do not appear to affect how
your fish will do in the race.

Hint: Badges:

Aquatic: Throw gift capsule filled with 3 Batton at a Froggy.

Beast: Throw gift capsule filled with 3 Cheese at a Sewer Rat.

Card: Throw gift capsule filled with 3 Dimonds at a Dimond Card.

Darkling: Throw gift capsule filled with 3 Gold Bars at a Spider
Flora: Bought at Jurak Mall.
Magical: Throw gift capsule filled with 3 Sturdy Rock at a Statue.

Moon: Received from Donny.
Reptile: Throw gift capsule filled with 3 Wind Element at a Wing
Spirit: Throw gift capsule filled with 3 Gooey Peach at a Pixie.

Sun: Received From Donny.
Undead: Attack a Skeleton Soldier with Holy Water.
Windup: Attack a Bomber Head with Bomb.

Hint: One time scoops:
Many times, mostly in a Boss battle, you will have
a chance to get a scoop. The following list will show one time
scoops, how to get them, and where they are.

Underground Channel: Brave little Linda
Time of scoop: Fighting mini boss, Circus darling Linda. This
one can be easy. Lock on to the behemoth, sneak around to its
back side, and provoke it with one punch from the Ridepod. Quickly
switch back to Max and stay behind it for an extra second. Then,
back up and it will jump up and stomp down. Just before it lands,
snap it.

Underground Channel: Clown Robo's attack
Time of scoop: Fighting Boss, Tricky entertainer Halloween.
This is slightly more difficult than the last one. You must take
a picture when a missile launches out of his right eye. First,
stay as far away from Halloween as you can. If he jumps your way,
run as far away as you can from the space he is about to land
on. He cannot launch bombs to the other side of the arena, and
will have to shoot a missile. This is when you get the picture.
If he launches flotsam balloons instead, defeat them and try again.

Rainbow Butterfly Wood: King Mardan
Time of scoop: Meeting the holy one, known as King Mardan.
This is an easy one. When you fish him out of the swamps, as soon
as he stops talking to you, snap.

Rainbow Butterfly Wood: Rainbow Butterfly united
Time of scoop: Fighting the boss, legendary creature Rainbow
Butterfly. You will most likely take damage obtaining this scoop.
Unless you do not have bread, do not worry about it. First, take
the path you would normally use to defeat the butterfly by smashing
the flower petals to make them separate. When there are seven
butterflies in the arena, hit one with a wrench that is any color
except for red. Suddenly, all the butterflies will attack you
so fast that it is almost impossible to dodge or guard. They will
all head back into the flower to reform the Rainbow Butterfly.
Less than a second before the glint disappears, take a picture.

Starlight Canyon: Phantom Memo-Eater
Time of scoop: Fighting mini boss, devourer of memories Memo-Eater.
This is fairly easy. As soon as the fight starts, the Memo-Eater
will be directly in front of you. Take the picture.

Starlight Canyon: Flying Battleship
Time of scoop: Fighting boss, Dark Assassin Gaspard. This
one is fairly easy to get. You will start out as Monica and cannot
get the scoop immediately. If you have a powerful weapon like
a Dusack or Choora, it is best to bring Gaspard down to a tiny,
yet visible proportion of his health bar. Then, wait for you to
go back to Max. If you do not, and defeat Gaspard before you change,
you will have one more chance to get it later in the game (look
below). When you are in control of Max, quickly locate the ship
Monica is fighting on and snap the scoop.

Ocean's Roar Cave: Puppet Shingala
Time of scoop: Fighting mini-Boss, Dragon of the sea Shingala.
This is an easy one. As soon as the battle starts, take out your
camera. Snap whatever is in front of you.

Ocean's Roar Cave: Doctor Jaming
Time of scoop: Fighting Boss, Tragic figure Dr. Jaming. First,
get in the middle so that the Shigura cannot hit you. Look above
their heads and find the marionette. When you can see Dr. Jaming
on the marionette, and not just the bottom, take your picture.

Mount Gundor: Fire Squall
Time of scoop: Disabling the Fire Squall This is easy. Just
get to the Fire Squall and before it burns, take a picture of

Mount Gundor: Flying Battleship
Time of scoop: Fighting mini-Boss, flying battleship Death
Ark. If you did not get the scoop in Starlight Canyon, this is
your last chance. Go behind a rock, and when it is not attacking,
go out and get a new scoop.

Mount Gundor: The Ulitimate Gaspard
Time of scoop: Fighting Boss, flame demon Ultimate Gaspard.
This one is difficult, due to it being airborne and shooting fireballs.
It cannot shoot fireballs while it is on the ground. Attack with
your Ridepod's Nova Cannon and it will go to the ground. From
a good distance, take a picture of the idling beast.

Moonflower Palace: Griffon's Real Face
Time of scoop: Fighting Boss, Emperor Griffon (first time).
This one can be easy. As soon as the battle starts, equip the
camera and take a picture of Emperor Griffon's more fuzzy side.
He should attack until about three seconds into the battle.

Dream Spiral: Legend Of The Moon
Time of scoop: Fighting the final Boss, Dark Element. This
is a floating robe with a jellybean head that sounds like a georama
piece. Although you will want to smash his "jellybean",
you need to get the most important scoop in the game first, The
Legend Of The Moon. Equip an Anti Petrify and Anti Stop Amulet
as your second and third spaces, and your camera as the first.
As soon as the battle begins, take a picture of the giant moon,
above you.

Zelmite Mine: Flotsam Revived
Time of scoop: Fighting mini Boss, imortal clown metal Flotsam.
This is probably the most important scoop in the game, as you
need this pictue to make the Nova Cannon 4 and Samurai Arm 4 (the
two most powerful Ridepod weapons). This metallic menace is fast.
When he approaches you, be ready. Try to corner him before you
take the picture.

Zelmite Mine: Zelmite Found
Time of scoop: Fighting the second final boss, Dark Genie.
You will have to take a picture of the Zelmite you found first.
As soon as the battle starts, look around the room for the Zelmite
and take a picture of it. This is one of the few scoops that cannot
make an invention, but this late in the game and you will not
need one.

Zelmte Mine: Mr.Bigshot's Shadow
Time of scoop: Fighting the second final boss, Dark Genie.
You must take a picture of his face. He only has one other attack
other than releasing his minions and does not use it at the very
start of the battle. Take advantage of this after you get the
scoop above this one.

Hint: Future scoops:
You have a limited time to dwell in the future. When
you get to Chapter 8, neither the Ixion or the Atlamelia will
allow you to go back. Note: There are also ideas in the future
too, but they are too numerous to list.

Jurak Mall: Hmmmmm, Jurak
Time of scoop: Reviving the great tree elder,Jurak. As soon
as you revive Jurak, take a picture of him.

Jurak Mall: Find The Golden Egg
Time of scoop: Finishing up the Jurak mall on the Georama.
One of the last requirements for the Sindain Georama is to make
the golden eggs appear in the trees. Once you get the eggs to
appear, take a picture.

Saint's temple: Moon Crystal
Time of scoop: Completing Saint's temple. When you have 100%
completion (you also need it to progress in the game), the Moon
crystal and Lin will appear. Take a picture of the Moon crystal.

Lunatic Wisdom laboratory: The Symbol Of Luna Lab
Time of scoop: Finishing Luna lab. When you get 100% completion,
the symbol of Luna lab will appear on top of the main lab. Take
a picture of it.

Gundora Workshop: Paznos
Time of scoop: Reviving Paznos. When 100% of the Georama is
complete, Paznos will appear. Take a picture of it for this scoop.

Hint: Random one time scoops:

Chapters 6 to 8: Ixion
Time of scoop: At any train station. Take a picture of the
gaudy, yet amazing Ixion time traveling train for this scoop.

Chapters 6 to 8: Kazerov Stonehenge
Time of scoop: Getting the four gems of the Chrono Union.
Take a picture of the pillar you just took the star key from for
this scoop.

Glitch: Monica referred to instead of Max:

When you have defeated all the enemies on a certain
floor, if you are allowed to play Spheda and you are on the Ridepod
at the time, the game will ask if you want to move Monica to the
Spheda Ball, rather than asking if you want to move Max (or the
Glitch: Dr. Osmond referred to as Mr. Osmond:

When you enter the Luna Lab and dr. Osmond gives you
the electric worm, Max will say "Thanks Dr. Osmond",
but the words at the bottom say thanks "Mr. Osmond".

Glitch: Spheda:
In the Moon Flower Palace, shoot your ball close to
the wall. If done correctly and you select "Move Max to ball",
the game might place you outside the map, or on a ledge that you
cannot get off.

Glitch: Two Cedrics:
In Chapter 1, after Cedric persuades Mayor Reed into
reopening the railroad, he gets on the train and rides away. However,
if you make Max go back to Cedric's shop, he will be there and
will not say anything about the railroad being reopened.

Glitch: Endless NPC walking animation:

The glitch happens to the NPCs who pose for Max when
he aims his camera at them. It must be a NPC who does not walk
around. Go behind the NPC and get as close to them as possible.
Then, aim at them with your camera. When they pose, put the camera
away. Then carefully while staying against the NPC, walk to where
they were originally looking before they turned to you and posed.
Then, quickly walk away from them. When the NPC is turning back,
walk against them before they turn to their original position,
They should be walking in one location, going nowhere.

Glitch: Fish swim on land:
In the Rainbow Butterfly Woods, after defeating enemies
on a floor start fishing with a bobber. The fish sometimes move
to the land with the fishing line seen leading straight into the
ground. Face the pond with the ground to your right going straight.
Cast the line as close as you can to the ground. When you get
a fish, start to reel it in. At about 7 to 8 m in length remaining,
the fish will go to the right, straight into the ground. It still
acts as though it is in the water. This works for both the squarish
pond and the thin straight one.

Glitch: Walk on fire:
when you get a level increaser like (for example, Stone
Block, Iron Stand, etc.) and a pot torch or some other type of
Georama like the Clay Pot or Luna Stone Light, you can fall off
the level increaser and on the pot or pot torch and walk on it.
You can walk on fire on the pot torch.

Glitch: Incorrect enemy placement:
When you see "Dark Cloud 2" on the title
screen, wait untill the "A new adventure" sequence starts.
After that, you will see a scene showing the enemies in the game
.These enemies are not in the correct dungeon. You will see Shadows
and Himarras from Chapters 1 and 2 in Chapter 3's Starlight canyon.
You will also see Vanguards, which were in the underground channel.
You will see dragons in Ocean's Roar cave, which only appear in
the dungeon before. In the Zelmite Mine scene, you will see a
Wind, Fire, and Thunder Drake with Ore Robbers and Fairy Helpers,
which are not all supposed to be on the same floors. It also shows
the end of Chapter 1 with you beating on the circus ringmaster
with what looks like an Oldsmobile, which you never get to drive.

Glitch: Frozen Now Loading screen:
Play the game from the beginning to the THIRD Dungeon
in the Underground Channel after viewing the story line. You will
see a white screen with "Now Loading..." at the bottom
right corner. Once you see it, it will be frozen. It is best to
save the game after completing the second dungeon then play another
game for awhile before switching back to Dark Cloud 2;
or reset the game and load the saved game. It should load the
third dungeon in the Underground Channel. You will then be able
to complete your way through the Channel Pump room without any

Glitch: Incorrect instructions:
Once you get Ruby in Queens, go to the Shipwreck, then
find a locked door with a Crystal next to it. Switch to Ruby,
then walk tup to the Crystal until you see the "!".
When you press X, the description reads "There is
a crystal with a yellow beam. Maybe it will react with some spell.
(R2 change view -> O cast spell). It is actually R2
to change view, and X to cast the spell.

Glitch: Mismatched dialogue:
When Max and Monica are sent to recruit Doctor Dell,
his text reads "Well, alright. Let's go.", but his voice
says "Hmm... not good. Not good at all. A few more days like
this and she's done for." This is what he says when you bring
him to Lin.


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