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1 Alex Ferguson's Player Manager 2002 on Sun Apr 24, 2011 3:38 pm



Hint: Recommended teams:
The best team to choose when first starting include Arsenal, Chelsea, Leeds, Liverpool, and Manchester Utd.

Hint: Easy money:
Choose a club that has high transfer money and loan money, such as Manchester United or Liverpool, Loan out about £50 to 70 million and set the repayment date to 12 months. Your transfer money would now be around £74 million. Next, buy some good players such as Zidane, Del Piero, and Figo, who are priced heavily by their clubs. You should then have around £5 to 10 million remaining for your transfer money. Price any unwanted/bad players at £55 million or above and wait a few months. Your transfer money should decrease every month. At some point, you will not have enough transfer money to pay up. A message will appear stating that your team has been forced to sell one of those unwanted players for £55 million in a bid to support their financial crisis. You now should have about £32 million in transfer money (some of it was used to pay a bit of your loan). You can now buy more good players or repeat the cycle again to get some more money.

Hint: Recommended players:
Goal keepers: Buffon and Abbiati
Defenders: Carragher, Woodgate, Gavin, and Kaladze
Midfield: Maresca, McPhail, Ambrosini, and Fiore
Forwards: Ravanelli, Sergio, Owen, and Trezeguet


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