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Rate - "America's Ten Most Wanted"

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1 America's Ten Most Wanted on Sun Apr 24, 2011 4:11 pm



Note: This game is also titled Fugitive Hunter.

Cheat mode:
Press Circle(5), Square(4) at the title screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Select the "Special Features" option to access the cheats, which can now be enabled individually before starting a game. The cheat options include "Invincibility", "Infinite Ammo", "All Fugitives", and "All Weapons".

More Osama Bin Ladens:
Press Start to pause game play during the Afghanistan-Pakistan Border mission, then press Circle(3), Square(3). Enemies will randomly appear as Osama Bin Laden. Note: They will still be normal in every way except appearance, and will not be a Boss opponent. Note: In the PAL version of the game, press Circle(3), Square(3), R2.

Hint: Easy points:
At the start of the level where you must catch Casey Weber, you will have to find a man who tells you where Casey is located. After he tells you, keep on shooting him and your points will keep increasing. This man does not die. To save your bullets, just punch him or enable the "Cheat mode" code.


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