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Rate - "DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix"

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1 DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix on Wed May 11, 2011 1:19 am



View song list:
Hold Left + Right + Start at the
song selection menu. Choose one of the category letters to view
songs that begin with that letter.

Extra options:
Hold Start after choosing a song at the selection
screen. Alternately, choose a song at the selection screen, then
hold Circle.

Boost mode:
Press Left, Right, Down, Up
at the song selection screen.

Groove radar values:
Select a difficulty setting, then hold Start
just before the song selection screen appears. If timed correctly,
numbers will appear on the groove radar, indicating the groove
value of each song.

Oni mode:
Highlight "Heavy" at the difficulty selection
screen and press Right to select Oni mode.

Change song order:
Press Start to cycle through various song sorting
methods (alphabetical, beats per minute, best, and normal).

Control ending sequence:
Successfully complete the game and press a button while
one of the names in the credits is next to the guide arrows at
the top of the screen.

Abyss stage:
Clear 70 stages in arcade mode.

Complete the MAX 300 extra stage with at least an "AA"
rank to unlock the Candy extra stage. Complete this extra stage
to unlock Candy. Candy can also be unlocked by completing 200 songs under any difficulty

Celebrate stage:
Fail one song in arcade mode.

Drop The Bomb stage:
Clear 500 songs in game mode. Alternately, complete the Hardcore course in Oni mode.

Dynamite Rave (Down Bird SOTA Mix) stage:

Clear 65 stages in arcade mode.

Electro Tuned (The SubS Mix) stage:
Clear 95 stages in arcade mode.

Gambol stage:
Clear 80 stages in arcade mode.

Gentle Stress (Sensual Mix) stage:
Fail an Oni mode course.

Get Me In Your Sight (AMD Cancun Mix) stage:

Clear 15 stages in arcade mode.

Gradusic Cyber stage:
Clear 250 stages under any difficulty setting.

Healing Vision stage:
Clear 30 stages in arcade mode.

Holic stage:
Clear 75 stages in arcade mode.

I'm For Real stage:
Clear 45 stages in arcade mode.

Jam And Marmalade stage:
Clear 85 stages in arcade mode.

Kind Lady stage:
Clear 40 stages in arcade mode.

Let The Beat Hit Em! (BM IIDX version)
Clear 35 stages in arcade mode.

Look To The Sky (True Color Mix) stage:

Clear 25 stages in arcade mode.

Love This Feelin' stage:
Clear 5 stages in arcade mode.

MAX 300:
Finish the final song in heavy mode with an "AA"
rank to unlock the MAX 300 extra stage. Complete the extra stage
(MAX 300 in heavy mode, at fast speed, and reverse arrows) to
unlock MAX 300 in arcade mode. Alternately, clear 100 songs in
heavy mode.

My Summer Love stage:
Clear 90 stages in arcade mode.

Rhythm And Police K.O.G G3 Mix stage:
Clear 10 stages in arcade mode.

Sana Morette Ne Ente stage:
Clear 55 stages in arcade mode.

Secret Rendezvous stage:
Clear 50 stages in arcade mode.

Silent Hill stage:
Fail the Extra stage once.

So In love stage:
Clear 20 stages in arcade mode.

Spin The Disk stage:
Clear 300 songs in arcade mode under any difficulty

Trip Machine Climate Mix stage:
Clear 150 songs in arcade mode under any difficulty

True (Trance Sunrise Mix) stage:
Complete the Firefly (Be For U), Dive (More deep and
deeper style- Be For U), or True (Radio edit - Kosaka Riyu) songs.
Once two of those songs are completed, the True (Trance Sunrise
Mix) song will be unlocked.

Hint: Resort songs:
To put the songs in alphabetical order, press Start
at the song selection screen.

Hint: Unlock songs faster:
This trick requires a controller with an auto-fire
feature. Set a game to play in Event mode and start a Versus game
at any difficulty, except for Oni mode. Using a method of your
choice, then hold X or Circle for an extended period
of time at the song selection screen. Songs that can be unlocked
by playing a number of songs should be unlocked after about one
and a half hours. Note: This will affect the Best rating of one
song; most likely the default song.

Hint: Easier game:
To complete the songs easier, enable the "Extra
options" code, then choose "Little" at the cheat
menu. To unlock songs easier, play the game in light mode.

Hint: Unlocking new songs and Oni courses:

To unlock new items, modes, songs, and Oni courses,
you must get a certain amount of points. After the credits begin,
the game displays how many points needed for the next unlockable
bones. The following ranks will earn the corresponding amount
of points:

AAA: 10 Points
AA: 8 Points
A: 6 Points
B: 4 Points
C: 3 Points
D: 2 Points
E: 1 Point

The procedure is applicable in challenge mode. However, because
you can only miss four steps per song, then the only rating you
can get per song is "AAA", "AA", "A",
or "E". Also, if two people are playing, you each get
points respectively.


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