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1 Def Jam: Fight For NY on Wed May 11, 2011 1:35 am



Cheat mode:
Go to the "Extras" menu and select the "Cheats"
option. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the
corresponding cheat function.

100 reward points:
Enter Crooklyn, GetStuff, Duckets, TheSource,
or NewJack as a code. Note: Each code can only be used

Baxter song (Chopshop):
Enter Chopper as a code.

Bless song (Seize The Day):

Enter Sieze as a code.

Bless song (Get it Now):
Enter Platinumb as a code.

Chiang song (Koto):
Enter GhostShell as a code.

Chiang song (Dragon House):

Enter Akira as a code.

CNN song (Anything Goes):
Enter Militain as a code.

Comp song (Comp):
Enter Chococity as a code.

Fat Joe song (Take A Look At My Life):

Enter Cartagena as a code.

Ice T song (Original Gangster):
Enter Power as a song.

Joe Budden song (Walk With Me):
Enter Pump as a code.

Nyne song (Afterhours):
Enter Loyalty as a code.

Outkast song (Bust):
Enter BigBoi as a code.

Public Enemy song (Move):
Enter Respect as a code.

Ricbyobyche song (Lil' Bro):
Enter GonBeTrubl as a code.

Sticky Fingaz song (Man Up):
Enter KirkJones as a code.

Ultramagnetic MCs song (Poppa Large):
Enter Ultramag as a code.

Cage match:
Defeat Crack in story mode.

Demolition match:
Defeat Magic in story mode.

Inferno match:
Defeat Sticky Fingaz in story mode.

Ring Out match:
Defeat Chiang, Masa and Santos in the Dragon House
in story mode.

Subway match:
Defeat Danny Trejo in story mode.

Window match:
Defeat Crow in story mode.

Baby Chris:
Defeat Baby Chris at 7th Heaven in story mode.

Defeat Bless at Syn Energy Powerplant in story mode.

Defeat Bo at The Foundation in story mode.

Bone Crusher:
Defeat Bone Crusher at 7th Heaven in story mode.

Bubba Sparxxx:
Defeat Bubba Sparxxx at The Pit in story mode.

Carmen Electra:
Defeat Carmen Electra with your girlfriend at The Babylon
Club in story mode. Alternately, with Carmen Electra as your girlfriend
win or lose to your ex-girlfriend at The Babylon Club.

Defeat Chiang at The Dragon House in story mode.

Cindy J:
With Cindy J as your girlfriend, defeat Nyne at The
Babylon Club in story mode.

Defeat Comp at Syn Energy Powerplant in story mode.

Crazy Legs:
Defeat Crazy Legs at The Terrordome in story mode.

Danny Trejo:
Defeat Danny Trejo at The Limit in story mode.

Elephant Man:
Defeat Elephant Man at The Babylon Club in story mode.

Erick Sermon:
Defeat Erick Sermon at The Pit in story mode.

Fam Lay:
Defeat Fam Lay at 7th Heaven in story mode.

Fat Joe as Crack:
Defeat Crack at Club Murder in story mode.

Flava Flav:
Defeat Flava Flav at The Terrordome in story mode.

Defeat Freeway at Syn Energy Powerplant in story mode.

Ice T:
Defeat Ice T at Club 357 in story mode.

Joe Budden:
Defeat Joe Budden at The Babylon Club in story mode.

With Kimora as your girlfriend, defeat Nyne at The
Babylon Club in story mode.

Lil Flip:
Defeat Lil Flip at The Gauntlet in story mode.

Lil Kim:
With Lil Kim as your girlfriend, defeat Nyne at The
Babylon Club in story mode.

Defeat Ludacris at 7th Heaven: Club DTP in story mode.

Mack 10:
Defeat Mack 10 at The Chopshop in story mode.

Defeat Masa at The Dragon House in story mode.

Memphis Bleek:
Defeat Memphis Bleek at The Limit in story mode.

Method Man as Blaze costume 2:
Successfully complete story mode.

Method Man as Blaze costume 3:
Successfully complete story mode.

Defeat N.O.R.E at The Heights in story mode.

Omar Epps as O.E.:
Defeat O.E. at The Foundation in story mode.

Defeat Pockets at The Babylon Club in story mode.

Defeat Prodigy at The Heights in story mode.

Defeat Rome at Syn Energy Powerplant in story mode.

Defeat Scarface in The Babylon Club in story mode.

Sean Paul:
Defeat Sean Paul at the Babylon Club in story mode.

With any girlfriend, lose to Nyne at the Babylon Club
in story mode.

With Shawnna as your girlfriend, defeat Nyne at The
Babylon Club in story mode.

Slick Rick:
Defeat Slick Rick at Syn Energy Powerplant in story

Snoop Dogg as Crow:
Defeat Crow at Crow's Office in story mode.

Defeat Solo at the Babylon Club in story mode.

Sticky Fingaz:
Defeat Sticky Fingaz at Red Hook Tire Co. in story

Sticky Fingaz: Costume 2:
Successfully complete story mode.

Defeat Teck at Hunt's Point Scrapyard in story mode.

Warren G:
Defeat Warren G at The Chopshop in story mode.

Defeat WC at The Chopshop in story mode.
Blazin' moves:

2.13.61: Win the one on one tournament.
Air Pocket: Defeat Pockets.
Animal Instincts: Defeat David Banner.
Back Attack: Defeat Chiang.
Balls to the Wall: Defeat Redman.
Bombtrack: Defeat Omar Epps.
Break Beats: Defeat Dan G.
Chiropractor: Defeat Masa.
Claw Buster: Defeat Comp.
Crack Attack: Defeat Crack.
Don't Come Back: Defeat Meca.
Double or Nothing: Defeat Erick Sermon.
Filipino Pride: Defeat Santos.
Final Frontier: Defeat Fam-Lay.
Flatline: Defeat Cruz.
Front to Back: Defeat Xzibit.
Game Over: Defeat Lil' Flip.
Good 2 Go: Defeat Elephant Man.
Hang Hang: Defeat N.O.R.E.
Hell On Earth: Defeat Prodigy.
Hostility: Defeat Havoc.
House Call: Defeat House.
Iceberg: Defeat Ice-T.
Kidney Stones: Defeat Trick.
Latin Twist: Defeat Skull.
M.A.D.E: Defeat Memphis Bleek.
Never Scared: Defeat Bonecrusher.
No Way Out: Defeat Solo.
North Philly: Defeat Freeway.
Old School Beat: Defeat Baxter.
Over Hard: Win the Club Murder Free For All tournament.
Platinumberg: Defeat Bless.
Pogo Stick: Win the 125 Street Station Free For All tournament.

Pop Off: Defeat Joe Budden.
Pop Your Collar: Defeat Bo.
Pushover: Defeat Capone.
Readjustment: Defeat Trejo.
Repeat Offender: Defeat D-Mob.
Rock Steady: Defeat Crazy Legs.
Rough Night: Defeat Rome.
Southern Hang: Defeat Bubba Sparxxx.
Speedbag: Defeat Nyne.
Spine Splitter: Defeat Warren G.
Stand Up: Defeat Ludacris.
Street Respect: Defeat Sean Paul.
Swing Time: Defeat Ghostface Killah.
The Fix: Defeat Scarface.
The Show: Defeat Slick Rick.
Throw Dem Bows: Defeat Teck.
Times Up: Defeat Flava Flav.
Violator: Defeat Baby Chris.
West Threat: Defeat Mack 10.
Westside Special: Defeat WC.

Fighting styles:
Learn the following disciplines in order to unlock
the corresponding fighting style.

Crow's: Martial Arts, Kickboxing, then Submissions
Cruiserweight: Submission, Kickboxing, then Wrestling
Drunken Kung-Fu 1: Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Wrestling

Drunken Kung Fu 2: Martial Arts, Wrestling, then Streetfighting

Jeet Kune Do 1: Martial Arts, Wrestling, then Submission
Kung Fu 1: Martial Arts, Submission, then Kickboxing
Muay Thai Kickboxing: Kickboxing, Streetfighting, then Wrestling

Pedigree: Wrestling, then Streetfighting. Grapple L1 +
R1 then press Square and you will jump on him called
Street Brawl 1: Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Kickboxing

Street Brawl 2: Martial Arts, Kickboxing, then Wrestling
Street Brawl 3: Martial Arts, Wrestling, then Kickboxing
Street Brawl 4: Martial Arts then Streetfighting
Street Brawl 5: Martial Arts, Kickboxing, then Streetfighting

Street Brawl 6: Martial Arts then Kickboxing
Technical Freak: Martial Arts then Submission
Tiger Claw 1: Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Submission
Tiger Claw 2: Martial Arts, Submission, then Streetfighting
Crouching Tiger: Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Submissions

Hidden Dragon: Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Kickboxing
Streetbrawling Freak: Submission, Wrestling, then Streetfighting


125 Street Station: Defeat Trejo at 125 St. Station.
7th Heaven Extreme: Defeat Ludacris.
7th Heaven: Defeat Bonecrusher.
Babylon: Defeat Sean Paul.
Chop Shop: Win team competition.
Club 357 High Stakes: Defeat Redman.
Club 357: Defeat Ice-T.
Club DTP: Defeat Ludacris.
Club Murder: Defeat Crack.
Crow's Office: Defeat Crow.
Dragon House: Defeat Santos.
Gauntlet Intense: Win the one on one tournament.
Gun Hill Garage: Defeat Magic at Gun Hill Garage.
Red Hook Tire Co: Defeat Sticky Fingaz.
Red Room: Defeat WC.
Scrap Yard After Hours: Defeat Crack and Magic.
Scrap Yard: Defeat Teck.
The Gauntlet: Defeat Lil' Flip.
The Heights: Defeat Prodigy.
The Limit: Defeat Trejo.


After Hours: Defeat Crow.
Anything Goes: Defeat Sean Paul.
Blindside: Defeat Trejo at 125 St. Station.
Bust: Defeat Lil' Flip.
COMP: Defeat Comp.
Dragon House: Defeat Masa.
Get It Now: Defeat Bless.
Koto: Defeat Chiang.
Lil' Bro: Defeat Magic at Gun Hill Garage.
Man Up: Defeat Sticky Fingaz.
Move!: Defeat Flava Flav.
Original Gangster: Defeat Ice-T.
Poppa Large: Defeat Slick Rick.
Seize The Day: Defeat Bless.
Take a Look at My Life: Defeat Trejo at 125 St. Station.
Walk With Me: Defeat Crow,


Bleek's Mercy Chain: Defeat Memphis Bleek.
Capone's Chain: Defeat Capone.
Crazy Legs' Chain: Defeat Crazy Legs.
Fam-Lay's Chain: Defeat Fam-Lay.
Freeway's Chain: Defeat Freeway.
Luda's Skull Chain: Defeat Ludacris.
Sean Paul's Chain: Defeat Sean Paul.
WC's Chain: Defeat WC.
Xzibit's Chain: Defeat Xzibit.


1 Minute K.O.: KO your opponent in under a minute.
100 Combo: Get 100 story mode combos.
3 Wins in a Row: Win three story mode matches in a row.
5 Blazin': Perform five Blazin' taunts in a story mode match.

50 Wins: Win fifty fights.
50th Blazin': Execute fifty Blazin' taunts.
Bling King: Spend $200,000 on jewelry.
Bonus Fights: Win all bonus fights after completing story mode.

Brotherhood: Save a friend in need.
Catfight: Win a catfight.
Charisma: Raise your Charisma to 75% or higher.
Chop Shop Champion: Win the Chop Shop tournament.
Crowd Move: Execute fifty crowd double team moves.
Demolition: Total your opponent's vehicle.
Find All Weapons: Find and use all weapons in story mode.
First Special Move: Learn a new special move.
Free for All: Win all four Free For All matches.
Grapple Move: Perform twenty five grapple moves in a match.
Health: Max out your Health skill in the gym.
Hybrid Styles: Learn a second fighting style.
Inferno Match Win: Win the Inferno match without touching flames.

K.O.: Perform fifty KO.s in story mode.
Learning Moves: Learn all the Blazin' moves.
Lower Strength: Max out your Lower Body Strength in the gym.
No Penalty: Receive no penalties in a story mode match.
Perfect Health: Win a match without losing any health.
Raided Territory: Win against a rival in the Red Room.
Single Game Earning: Earn $10,000 in a single match.
Skill Points: Max out all six skills.
Speed King: Defeat the first ten fighters in story mode in under
thirty minutes.
Speed: Max out your Speed skill in the gym.
Story Mode: Complete story mode.
Subway Match Win: Win the subway match with Subway KO.
Toughness: Max out your Toughness skill in the gym.
Tutorial: Complete the tutorial.
TWIY: Earn $250,000.
Upper Strength: Max out your Upper Body Strength in the gym.
Win %: Complete story mode with an 80% or higher winning average.

Window Match Win: Win a window match without touching glass.

Hint: Defeating Crow:
Get him near the window. Bang his head on the window
three times and he will fall out. When you fight Crow, get him into danger then smash his head against
the window. This will make him fly out of the building and result
in a K.O. When fighting Crow or anybody in his office (or the ring of fire)
get them into danger then start Blazin. If they are still in danger
use the Blazin move on them. Your character will enter a cinematic
and throw them into the fire, or out the window.

Hint: Defeating Danny Trejo:
Use the following trick to defeat Danny Trejo in the
Subway match. Get Trejo's health to the danger level and have
your momentum full. Use your Blazin' attack while Trejo is in
danger. You will beat him up and throw him in the tracks in front
of a train.

Hint: Defeating Fat Joe (Crack):
You are in a cage in this match. Use it to your advantage.
Keep throwing him into the cage until you get a special. Use it,
then go back to throwing him against the cage. Make sure you use
a few punches and kicks occasionally. This works best with a wrestler
or street fighter. It also helps if you have good upper and lower
body strength and good speed. When he gets to danger, either use
a hard grapple or throw him against the cage one last time.

Hint: Terror Squad:
Return to story mode after you have won all matches,
including the bonuses. Buy a Dark Camo Puffy Jacket, Crack's Platinum
Terror Squad Piece ($50,000), Black Sean John Pants, Hiking Boots,
and a Def Jam Baseball Cap tipped like Fat Joe's. Then, play all
tag team characters in the game (try to pair them with interests;
for example, Ludacris and Shawnna are part of Disturbing Tha Peace,
Flava Flav and Crazy Legs are old-school, Capone and N.O.R.E.
are C-N-N, etc.). Then, defend your title as the Terror Squad
at Club Murder.

Hint: Special moves:
In certain areas (for example, the Subway Station,
Crow's Office, or Sticky's Hideout), you can do special area moves
like at the end of the introduction for the game. To do these
moves, you must have your opponent in danger and with your special
meter almost full, Taunt to blaze, then go near the edge of the
ring (the window, fire, or near the subway tracks), then grapple
them. Do your special. Your fighter will give them numerous punches
to the head followed by a stomach shot. You will then put them
in a head lock and throw them to finish them off. Note: The way
you finish them off will depend on your area. In Sticky's Hideout,
you will throw them into the flames and a piece of the ceiling
will come down on them. On Crow's Office and the Sub Station,
they will just be thrown out the window and into the train.

Hint: Learning new styles:
Use the following trick to learn new styles. Try them,
and if you do not like it, go back to your old style or try another
one. Note: Two memory are required. Go to Story mode and load
your character's profile. Go to the options menu, disable the
autosave feature, and save your new options. Then, go to the gym
and select "Learn New Style". You must have 2,500 dev
points to learn a style. Select the style of preference and exit
Story mode. When the saving screen appears, save your profile
to the other memory card that you did not save to earlier. Go
to Battle mode. Load your new profile (with the new style) and
play a one on one match. If you have two controllers and allow
the second player to remain idle, you can test your new style
better. After test your style, go to "Options" at the
main menu and select "Delete Id User". Delete your new
profile. If you like your style, go to your old profile and buy
the style you tested. If you do not, test another style or do
not buy anything.

Hint: Easy money and Charisma:
Two controllers are required for this trick. Go into
battle and select either "Free for All" or "One
on One" modes. Select a user ID or create a new one. Press
Start on the other controller. Do not select an ID for
those opponents. Select whatever character desired. Choose a stage
with lots of weapons. When match starts, beat one of your opponents
until that person is on the ground. Then, grab a weapon and continuously
kick your opponent until your Blaze meter full. Use your Blaze
on the other opponents. Repeat the process until you are satisfied
with the amount of skill points. You should have a full load of
money quickly.

Hint: Avoid losses:
Every time that you are about to lose, press Start,
select "Quit", then start over. The "Loss"
section will indicate that you have not lost a match.

Hint: Easy win (demo version):
In the burning warehouse, throw your opponent into
the flames to take some House away. In the foundation, whip him into the crowd.

Hint: Get the Window Match quickly:
Go to unlock rewards, venues and buy crow's Office
to unlock the Window Match. Crow's Office costs 250 reward points.

Hint: Get the Subway Match quickly:
Buy the 125 Street Station.

Hint: Get the Cage Match quickly:
Buy Club Murder.

Hint: Get the Demolition Match quickly:

Buy Gun Hill Garage.
Hint: Creating good characters:
Try to start with a character with Martial Arts as
his base style and later combine with other styles. It will be
slightly more difficult at first as with only Martial Arts; knocking
out your opponents will be harder as you can only do it by flying
attacks. However when combined with other styles, your character
will be very fast because the attacks will be changed to jabs
and quick kicks. This will allow your character to outwin any
opponent easily.

Hint: Albert Wesker (Resident Evil
series) created fighter:

Skin: 4 or 5, slightly tan
Hair: Fiery, Blonde
Accessories: Sunglasses (any that will not show his eyes), Gloves
(Black Driving Gloves)
Tops: Cargo Vest, Black, Buttoned up no shirt
Bottoms: Black Sean John Leather Pants
Shoes: Black Motorcycle Boots
Style: Street Fighting/Martial Arts/Kickboxing
Finishers: Your choice
Stats: Upper strength and lower strength maximum; rest balanced
about 80%
Voice: Your choice
Any Alter Egos: Chris Redfield

Hint: Apollo Creed (Rocky
movies) created fighter:

Skin: Near the last
Hair: Medium, Dreads, Jet Black
Accessories: Heavily Taped Gloves, White
Tops: None
Bottoms: Boxing Trunks, red with white trim
Shoes: Tall Maroon Workboots
Style: Street Fighting
Finishers: Preferably Pushover or Speedbag
Stats: Speed, Upper Body, Toughness and Health Balanced, Lower
Body slightly lower
Voice: Smooth
Any Alter Egos: Rocky Balboa

Hint: Biker created fighter:

Skin: 2 or 3.
Hair: Your choice
Accessories: Black sunglasses, black bandanna, and black solid
driving gloves.
Tops: Black T-shirt ether standard or long.
Bottoms: Black baggy jeans.
Shoes: Black Chuck Taylors
Style: Your choice.
Stats: Your choice.
Voice: Your choice.

Hint: Chris Redfield (Resident Evil
series) created fighter:

Skin: 4 or 5, slightly tan
Hair: Fiery, Jet Black
Accessories: Black Driving Gloves
Tops: Cargo Vest, Black, Buttoned Up with Undershirt
Bottoms: Black Camouflage Pants
Shoes: Black Motorcycle Boots
Jewelry: Dog Tags, your choice
Style: Street Fighting/Martial Arts/Kickboxing
Finishers: Your choice
Stats: Same as Wesker's or your choice
Voice: Clean Cut
Any Alter Egos: Albert Wesker

Hint: Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy)
created fighter:

Eyes: Blue
Build: Medium
Hair: Spiky blonde
Top: Dark blue short muscle shirt
Bottoms: Blue pressed dress pants
Shoes: Brown tall hiking boots
Gloves: Leather gauntlets
Skin: 1
Voice: Clean cut
Blazin Moves: Your choice

Alternately, use the following settings.

Height: 6' 4"'
Weight: 195 lbs.
Body: Medium
Skin: Lightest
Face: 2
Eyes: 4
Eye Color: Light blue
Eye Brows: 5
Nose: 7
Mouth: 3
Ears: 4
Hair: 8 (spiky style; unlock)
Hair Color: Blonde
Facial Hair: None
Voice: Clean Cut
Top: Classic T- Shirt (blue)
Bottom: Pressed Dressed Pants (blue; unlock)
Shoes: Tall Hiking Boots (brown; unlock)
Accessories: Leather Gauntlet (Black)

Hint: Goku (Dragon Ball GT)
created fighter:

Skin: 2,3,4
Hair: (Normal) Boy Band Super Saiyan (Fiery)
Hair Color: Normal (Black) Super Saiyan (Blond)
Accessories: None
Top: Blue Karate Gi with White Belt
Bottom: Kung Fu Pants
Shoes: Karate Shoes
Style: Martial Arts, Kickboxing
Finishers: Any
Stats: Everything at maximum
Voice: Clean cut
Alias: Son Goku, Son Gokou, Kakarot

Hint: Rocky Balboa (Rocky
movies) created fighter:

Skin: 4 or 5, slightly tan
Hair: Some kind of slicked back, not the slicked haircut or Fiery

Accessories: Heavily Taped Gloves, White
Tops: None
Bottoms: Boxing Trunks, white with red trim
Shoes: Tall White Workboots
Style: Street Fighting
Finishers: Preferably Pushover or Speedbag
Stats: Same as Apollo's but more balanced with Toughness, Health
and Upperbody ahead
Voice: Clean Cut
Any Alter Egos: Apollo Creed

Hint: Rock Lee (Naruto)
created fighter:

Tops: Green long sleeve shirt, lightly tucked
Bottoms: Green kung pants with red belt
Shoes: Blue kung fu or blue motorcycle boots
Blazin: twist and slam, with rock steady or street respect,
Stats: Generalized (about the same) with speed, toughness and
kicks higher
Hair: Regular Lee: mid part, Five gates Lee: Fiery, both Color:
Style: Drunken Kung Fu: Martial Arts, then Street Fighting, then
Accessories: None except for bandages. Heavily taped hands (white)

Hint: Self reference:
During the introduction sequence while you start a
new game (where D-mob introduces you), notice that Blaze and Sticky
Fingaz are playing a game on a PlayStation2. You can hear from
the sound effects that they are playing Def Jam: Fight For NY.
You can hear that someone has make a final submission.

Glitch: Missing driver:
When you finish the fight against Fat Joe: Crack and
the limo crash Trejo and Busta: Magic, look inside at the driver's
seat. You will see that there was no driver in the limo.

All characters, stages, and matches:
Enter CHECK as a code.
This code has been reported
as inaccurate. Please submit
any corrections or verifications.


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