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1 Another Century's Episode on Sun Apr 24, 2011 4:30 pm



Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete Story mode to unlock Free Missions mode and the Earth and Space Extra missions.

Bonus mechs:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding mech.

  • Alstromeria: Unlock 5 secrets.
    Amonduel Stack: Get an "Ace" rank with the same mech on ten levels.
    Ashura Temple: Unlock 15 secrets.
    Auge: Unlock 40 secrets.
    Baronzu: Unlock 35 secrets.
    Bound Dock: Unlock 25 secrets.
    Gilgazamne: Unlock 45 secrets.
    Green Bilbine: Use five different mechs to complete the same level.
    Gundam Epyon: Get an "Ace" with the same mech on thirty levels.
    Quebeley: Successfully complete Story mode.
    Sazabi: Successfully complete the Space Extra mission.
    Tallgeese: Use 25 different mechs to complete the same level.
    Yuu Brain: Successfully complete Story mode.
    Zakarl: Successfully complete the Earth Extra mission.
    Zwarth: Unlock 30 secrets.


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