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1 Destroy All Humans! 2 on Thu May 12, 2011 2:47 pm



Bonus movie:
Press Start and select the "Archives"
option. Select the "B-Movie" option. Then, hold L3
and press X, Square, Triangle, Circle,
Square, Circle, Triangle, X(2) to
see a movie featuring Crypto and Pox talking about the events
from the original Destroy All Humans!
Control title screen:
Take out a gun during game play and fire it. Get to
a check point and save the game. Restart the game. At the title
screen, Crypto will be holding that gun.

Control loading screen:
When the game is loading and it shows the Earth spinning,
quickly press X and it will spin faster.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding

Zap-o-Matic: Start the game.

Dislocator: Climb the water tower then get onto the roof to collect
the datacore.

Disinigrator: Defeat Bongwater in Bay City. Go behind the Revlade
tanks on the left in Bongwater's base and collect the datacore.

Anal Probe: Enter Oranchov's base in Albion. Take the right tunnel,
avoid the toxic gas, and collect the datacore.

Meteor Strike: Complete the "From Russia With Guns"
in Albion. Go right where Natalya's car was parked, destroy the
wooden boxes, then collect the datacore behind the boxes.

Ion Detonator: At Takoshima, the white ninjas will reward you
with a datacore. Defeat the black ninjas and collect the datacore.

Gastro: Complete the "Dr.Go!" mission at Takoshima and
collect the datacore left behind in Castle Kuro.

Hint: Alien Artifact Detector:
To unlock the Alien Artifact Detector you must complete
all of the Arkvoodle Cult missions in Albion. The last Arkvoodle
Cult mission in Albion, has two parts. Shama Llama will tell you
to go back to Bay City and talk to The Freak and convince him
to paint a poster for you. Once you complete that mission, go
back to Albion and complete the last Arkvoodle Cult mission there.
After you complete this mission you will unlock the Alien Artifact
Detector. The Alien Artifact Detector allows you to find the Alien
Artifacts a lot easier. When you are near one it will show up
as a blinking red dot on your mini-map/radar.

To find Alien Artifacts easily, you must have the Alien Artifact
Detector. Go to your space ship and fly around the area. You will
see red dots on the radar. These dots are Alien Artifacts. If
you see one, find a landing zone nearby and use it. Go to the
place where you saw the Alien Artifact. You can do this in all

Hint: Burrow Beast:
To get the Burrow Beast Datacore you must complete
all of the Arkvoodle Cult missions in Takoshima. However to unlock
the final Arkvoodle Cult mission you must have collected 30 Alien
Artifacts. Once you do this and complete the final Arkvoodle Cult
mission you will be rewarded with the Datacore that unlocks the
Burrow Beast weapon. You will also unlock the Furotech Cell Detector
upon completely finishing this mission. The Furotech Cell Detector
works the same way as the Alien Artifact Detector. When you are
near a Furotech Cell, it will show up as a blinking blue dot on
your mini-map/radar.

Hint: Furotech Cell Detector:
Complete all of the Arkvoodle Cult missions in Takashima.
The Furotech Cell Detector makes any Furotech Cell appear on your
mini-map/radar when you are near one. To find Furotech Cells easily, you first need to have the Furotech
Cell Detector. Get into your space ship and roam around the area.
You will see green dots on the radar. These are Furotach Cells.
When you see the cells, find a nearby landing zone. Go toward
the location where you saw the Furotech Cell. This is an easy
way to get faster upgrades.

Hint: Quantum Deconstructor:
The Datacore for the Quantum Deconstructor can be found
by searching around the village of Tarkovskoye (in Tunguska).
Pox will message you about the Datacore when you are close to
it. Go to the village of Tarkovskoye where there are three little
houses. Get directly in the middle of the two houses. Walk in
the direction of the house on the other side of the street and
go past it. When you are close enough, Pox will tell you where
to go.

Hint: Additional Arkvoodle Cult missions:

To unlock more of the Arkvoodle Cult missions, you
must complete main missions and Odd Jobs.

Hint: Final Arkvoodle Cult mission:
Collect 30 Alien Artifacts to unlock the final Arkvoodle
Cult mission.

Hint: Gallery in Archives:
Abduct the specified type of humans and then gene blend
them. This allows you to view the Gallery in the Archives, but
you still need to unlock the various types of stuff in the Gallery.

Hint: B-Movies:
Collect a certain number of Alien Artifacts to unlock
various B-movies in the Archives.

Hint: Defeating Blisk:
To defeat Blisk in the nuclear rod mission, it helps
to have full Disintegrator Ray ammunition. Start by moving them
away from any radiation clouds. Then kill the small ones without
shields. Next, take out your Zap-O-Matic. Zap them until their
shields go off. If they go into radiation clouds they will regenerate.
Once they have no shield, zap them with any weapon apart from
the Discolator. Note: The meteor can hurt them even with their
shields on. Note: The Blisk will be around that area from now
no -- be careful. In order to avoid the Blisk, find a spot that is either above
or below it. Because the Blisk only has a laser that goes side
to side, they cannot aim up and down. It also helps to have your
jet pack upgraded all the way.

Hint: Defeating Coyote Bongwater:
This can be difficult you do not look around first.
At this point you should only have two weapons, the Zap-o-matic
and the Disclocater. Unfortunately, neither of these weapons will
work effectively enough to kill both Bongwater and the KGB agents.
However at the very start of the level, towards the left far wall,
you will see a large container of Revelade. Around these containers
are small barrels. These are explosive barrels. Just as the level
starts, quickly jetpack over towards the left side of the room.
Once there, try to take cover behind one of the Revelade containers.
While hidden, use your PK ability on one of the explosive barrels.
Once you have it levitating, either quickly swing it at the KGB
agent's or Bongwater's feet, or press Triangle again to
push it towards them. Either will work, as the explosion is enough
to take out almost all the KGB agents. Only about two to three
explosive barrels are required to take out Bongwater. Do not get
too close to the barrel when it explodes, as it will drain your
shields drastically or kill you. Walk in, but not so far that the KGB and Bongwater notice you.
Use your PK power to slam an explosive barrel directly on top
of Bongwater. They will not react to your presence in the room
unless you begin to attack them or walk too close to them. This
will not kill all the KGB agents, but it will kill Bongwater before
cutting away to a scene before the KGB can finish attacking you.
Once the intermission sequence is over, you can take out the remaining
KGB agents easily. First, kill the KGB agents with your Zap-o-matic. Avoid Bongwater
if possible. When your health is low, jetpack to the ceiling and
hide from the enemies so your shield will regenerate. When all
the KGB are gone, jump onto one of the Revelade containers. Bongwater
will run to the base, but he cannot hit you. Zap him to death
from your elevated position. Do not worry about the KGB agents. Just PK exploding barrels at
Bongwater. Just one will do it. Walk into the old fort and kill all the KGB agents. Then, use
your jetpack and get on top of a Revelade tanker. Wait until Bongwater
is at the base of the tanker. He cannot get you. Zap one of the
exploding barrels. All the barrels will explode and Bongwater
will die.

Hint: Defeating the KGB Boss in Alibon:

Avoid his first attack by staying in motion and hiding
behind a pillar or a box. When he is finished, take out your Anal
Probe an shoot him once, He should start to turn back to normal.
If not, try again. When he is back to normal, zap the green gas
in the air and finish him of with your Disintergrater Ray.

Hint: Defeating the KGB Boss in Bay City:

If you have the Meteor Strike, use it on him and it
will be very easy. He will be three quarters dead. Make sure to
stay away when you shoot it.

Hint: Defeating Kochiro:
As soon as Kochiro gets out of the water, destroy any
buildings you think she will get. She does move to the city. After
you get all the building in the city, you can get out of your
saucer. Make sure you have ammunition for your Meteor Strike.
It also helps if you have the upgrade for the Meteor Strike that
has three meteors and a planetoid. This is very effective. If
you have enough ammunition, run up to Kochiro and fire all of
your meteors. If she kills you just get more ammunition. Shoot her with your saucer until Pox tells you to get on the ground.
Then find a landing place close to there. If you can, find a place
to get on top of a building. Jump on her head. You actually can
walk on her neck and head. Then, aim down and start blasting away
at her with the Disintigrater Ray. It will take away a lot if
her health. You can also use Meteor Strike a few times to get
her down. Having that upgraded all the way can also be helpful.
Get in your saucer and fly to the bubbles in the water. Follow
it until you gate to the shore, but do not fire at it. Save your
ammunition and do not attack any military defense because they
are attacking Kochiro (or being attacked). Go all the way to the
city and take out all of the buildings. Take ammunition from enemies
if you can through your saucer. When Pox says to get out, stay
in and take out all buildings if any remain. Kochiro will then
stay in the city but she will not be able to heal herself because
there are no buildings remaining. From here on you can attack
it, but when you do this homing missiles will fire from her. When
she starts firing them, find and drain a tank close to you. The
damage and healing will cancel each other out. If you cannot do
this in time, use your Cloaking Shield. Continue doing this until
you finish her off.

Hint: Defeating Kojira:
To defeat Kojira, get out of the saucer and make sure
you have the following: Meteor Strike upgrades: 3 meteors, and
a small planetoid; Crypto's Shield upgrades: Shield Enhancer Pack,
and the Shield Resonator Plus. Go to Kojira and make sure she
is standing still. Then, use Meteor Strike, Ion Detonator, then
Disintegrator Ray. Repeat that, but at the end use Mind Flash
to stop everything including her, then use Meteor Strike.

Hint: Defeating Milenkov:
Make sure that you have full Gastro ammo, Ion Detonators,
and the Disintegrator Ray ammo. When the battle begins, bring
out Gastro and shoot Milenkov with the Disintegrator Ray and Ion
Detonators. When you are out of ammo, Transmog some of the things
nearby. Avoid his nasty attacks when Transmoging things and when
fighting him. When all ammo is full, go back to fight him and
bring out Gastro. Do not worry if you die because you will have
Milenkov at the same health that you left him with, and you will
have Gastro and plenty of ammo. Take him out and he will be finished
soon enough. Keep repeating these steps until he dies. On Solaris in the former Blisk base when you are fighting the
Spore-Blisk-infested human, Mind Flash if you can and do it if
you havfoe taken the Gen Blend for it to make it longer. While
under Mind Flash, take out the Boss with a Disintegrator Ray.
Do not use the Meteor Gun because the pillars above you will block
it, and he does not move from his location. Take out all of his
armor one by one. If you have the Energized Ion Gun with Blisk
damaging ability, it will work very will on him. Shoot a Burrow Beast at Milankov and let the beast eat him.

Hint: Defeating Mutants:
Take out your Anal Probe and shoot it at the Mutant.
The Mutant will turn back to a human. You do not have to kill
the human. Just kill the purple mist that comes out of it. Do
not let the purple mist touch anyone else. To kill the purple
mist, you can use anything except the Anal Probe. The Disintergrator
works the best.

Hint: Defeating Mutated Oranchov:
If you are having difficulty defeating Agent Oranchov
in the underground KGB base, call upon another player and enable
Multi-Furon mode. Disinfect Mutated Oranchov by probing him. Immediately
after he turns back to human form, have either player PK him to
prevent from becoming mutated again and the other player just
shoot it with any weapon except the Anal Probe.

Hint: Defeating Pongsby:
Before fighting, refill the Mind Flash gauge and load
your Disintegrator gun's ammunition. As soon as the battle begins,
hold Circle to activate Mind Flash. You will have a short
amount of time where everything stops. Take out your Disintegrator
and blast away at Pongsby. As soon as the fight starts, run towards the gate then over to
the left in the grassy area of the park to find a landing pad.
Call your saucer, get in it, and dodge the missiles by bobbing
in all directions. Shoot him with your Death Ray and he will be
dead in a few seconds. Make sure your Mind Flash gauge is filled. Also make sure you
have full Meteor Strike and Disintegrator Ray ammunition. At the
start of the battle, use Mind Flash and Meteor Strike, then hit
him with your Disintegrator Ray.

Hint: Defeating Shama Lama:
On the final level of the Arkvoodle Cult mission when
fighting Shama Lama the easiest way is to get rid of all the white
ninjas. Then he has about 30 lives. One shot from a Disintegrater
Gun will take one life away.

Hint: Bay City: Send civilians plunging
to death:
Go to the Coit Tower and get up on top of one of the
ledges on the building. PK people on top of the ledge you are
on. When they get up there, they will see you and become scared.
They will then run off the side of the building.

Hint: Takashima City: Ninjas:
After getting to Takashima City, every once in a while
you will see a kong (a bell-type object). Take out your Disintegrator
Ray and shoot the middle of it. If you hit the correct location,
it will make a sound and two white ninjas will appear. They should
not hurt you. Do not shoot them. They will kill the other (black)
ninjas. While they are killing the enemy ninjas, you can kill
all the KGB agents. Note: You can only use the kong once in every
area, unless you leave and return. Go to the white ninja's base. When a black ninja appears use the
fire blaster and shoot the bell. The white ninjas will appear
and fight the black ninjas. If you ever attacked a white ninja,
they will never help you.

Hint: Tunguska: "Super" Blisk:

After you have completed the Odd Job in which you have
to go kill a "yeti", which is actually a white colored
"Super" Blisk warrior, they will start to appear in
areas of Tunguska that are away from the main civilization. For
example, in the mission where you must defend a house with a person
inside from a group of army people, behind that house will be
a "Super" Blisk. They are like the white Blisk warriors
but they are slightly larger. Also, they will actually shoot you
with the beam and follow your movement. They also have much more
health when compared to the other ones. Because they chase after
you, you can bring them to other "Super" Blisk and fight
multiple ones at once.

Hint: Tunguska: Fighting White Blisk several
After you complete the Yeti Odd Job, those monsters
will appear near forests, far from people. If you go to the Frozen
Lake, you will find a White Blisk in a large ice field behind
the cargo boat. Kill him and leave the city, but came back later.
He will be there again.

Hint: Destroying tanks:
When you finish destroying the blimps a lot of tanks
will appear. If you are in two player mode, the player in the
turret can shoot the tanks and the player that is flying can abduct
hippies and drain power from the tanks. One method to destroy tanks easily is to get into your saucer
and pick one up with the Abducto Beam. Drag it over towards water
and throw it in. Hold [Abduct-O-Beam] in your saucer, fly over a tank, and
keep pressing Circle. Blow up a few of the very big cars that the army rides in very
near the tank. That should weaken it immensely. Hop on another tank. The Police, Army, KGB, Secret Ageny, and
even other tanks will shoot at that tank, and the tank cannot
hit you. You will get hit, however, but almost every time they
miss and hit the tank. Use the following trick to easily destroy tanks, laser tanks,
and SAM launchers. Take your saucer to the highest altitude possible.
Activate the Abduct-O-Beam. Pick up a big car or another vehicle.
Release the Abduct-O-Beam, then press [Probe] (where you
are shown options such as PK or drain). You choose either "Drain"
or "Transmog". The force then pushes the tank into the
ground or just destroys it.

Hint: Flying:
Play in two-player mode. Have two players get on dumpsters
next to each other. Use PK on each other's dumpster and press
Up. You can have the ultimate flying or on-foot flying.

Hint: Easier Alien Artifact and Furon Tech
Cell recovery:
This trick can save a lot of time. Note: This only
works after you have the Alien Artifact Detector and the Furon
Tech Cell Detector. Get in your saucer in any city and start flying
around. Do not destroy anything, except things that are shooting
at you. When you see a green or red dot on your map, descend so
you can see any buildings or other items around it. Then, bring
up you full map and find the closest place to land and do so.
Return to the area and pick up the Artifact or Tech Cell. This
is much easier than walking around and trying to find them on
foot. Note: You will not be able to see them when in your saucer,
but they are there.

Hint: Causing mass pain:
Using the Abducto Beam, abduct a person. Just after
you select store, release L1. They will slam into the saucer
causing a huge bang.

Hint: Exploding vehicle damage:
Cars and other vehicles can eventually explode and
do damage. However, some vehicles do more explosive damage than
others. To learn which vehicle does more explosive damage, check
how hard it is to destroy. For example, the big army trucks are
the second most difficult to explode. Therefore they will do more
explosive damage than the third hardest to blow up. Also, things
you can make explode in three hits will do less explosive damage
than something that requires four or five hits to destroy. Tanks,
being the hardest to destroy, will do the most explosive damage,
while a mini-bus being very easy to destroy, will do the most explosive damage,
while a mini-bus being very easy to destroy, will do much less
Hint: Hurt yourself:
You can hurt yourself with various guns, especially
the Meteor Gun. However, take out your Disklocator once. Aim it
at the ground as close as possible to you, then fire. You should
get hurt. Go directly next to a wall. Take out your Incinerator and aim
it at the wall. Fire it, and you should get hurt.

Hint: Long distance abductions:
Aim a saucer weapon at the object you intend to abduct,
then quickly press Triangle + L1. The abductable
object you pointed at will quickly fly to you.

Hint: Screensaver:
Remain idle and the screen will turn black and white,
like an old television show.

Hint: Gallery entries:
Successfully complete the indicated missions to unlock
the corresponding entry in the Gallery menu.

Crypto's Back!: Gene Blend - Crypto's Back
Desperately Seeking Natalya: Gene Blend - Natalya's Secrets
Furons A Go Go!: Gene Blend - Furons A Go Go!
It's the Sixties: Gene Blend - The Swinging Sixties
Oh the Humanity!: Gene Blend - Oh the Humanity!
Popular Mechanics: Gene Blend - Popular Mechanics
The Martians...Err, Blisk are Coming!: Gene Blend - The Blisk

Hint: Jukebox entries:
Successfully complete the indicated missions to unlock
the corresponding entry in the Jukebox menu.

Albion Disguised: Mission 10
Albion Hunted: Mission 10
Albion Undisguised: Mission 10
Back In That Room: Mission 4
Bay City Disguised: Mission 5
Bay City Hunted: Mission 5
Bay City Undisguised: Mission 5
Destroy All Humans 2 Theme: Mission 19
Dirty Red: Mission 21
Down In the Valley: Mission 9
Help You Ann: Mission 12
Long Road: Mission 9
Moon Base Solaris Disguised: Mission 28
Moon Base Solaris Hunted: Mission 28
Moon Base Solaris Undisguised: Mission 28
Pattern Skies: Rage of Aquarius side mission
Pier 13: Mission 18
She Changes Like the Weather: Mission 3
Takoshima Disguised: Mission 16
Takoshima Hunted: Mission 16
Takoshima Undisguised: Mission 16
Tunguska Disguised: Mission 22
Tunguska Hunted: Mission 22
Tunguska Undisguised: Mission 22
Turn It Off: Mission 18
When You Touch Me: Rage of Aquarius side mission

Hint: Movies:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding
movie at the B-Movies menu.

Closing Movie Animatic: Collect 50 Alien Artifacts.
Finishing Movie: Complete the game.
Happy Mix Intro Movie: Collect 30 Alien Artifacts.
Opening Movie Animatic: Collect 20 Alien Artifacts.
Rap Party Video: Collect 10 Alien Artifacts.
Salad Days With Crypto And Pox: Collect 40 Alien Artifacts.

Hint: 2001: A Space Odyssey
When you are in Bay City not disguised, run up
to a male hippie. He will say "Open the pod bay doors H.A.L.".

Hint: Battlestar Galactica
During one of the first odd jobs you can do, you
,must place an antenna on top of Coit tower. Listen towards the
end of holo-Pox's conversation with the general. He will say Frak.
When Crypto comments he simply responds that it is an ancient
Cyclon curse word.

Hint: The Beatles reference:
Sometimes in Bay City, a hippie can be heard saying
"I buried Paul" or "Turn me on dead man";
or sings "Helter Skelter!". In Albion, pedestrians can
be heard saying "She loves me! Yeah yeah yeah".

Hint: Destroy All Humans
Sometimes when pedestrians see Crypto, they will
say "You looked taller in the first game."

Hint: Dr. Who reference:

If you are in Albion, remain there long enough
until you hear someone shout "Where's the bleeding T.A.R.D.I.S.".
While in Albion some people will say "Silurians! Call the

Hint: Ghostbusters reference:

Towards the end of the game Pox will give you a
mission, then argue with himself about crossing the "beams".

Hint: Half-Life 2 reference:

In the Tunguska area, scan the thoughts of people
in science town. People will start thinking "City-17? Who
would call a town that?". This is a reference to Half-Life
, with City 17 being the area you start at.

Hint: James Bond reference:

Allow the starting screen to idle, where it reads
"Press Start Button". Natalya (the woman you meet in
Albion) will walk in and point her gun to the right, then to the
left and slowly back out. This is a reference to some of the James
Bond movies.

Hint: Jesus Christ Superstar
If you perform suspicious acts (such as picking
up and dropping cars on the police), eventually one of them will
say: "What's the buzz, Tell me what's a-happening."
This is a reference to the movie Jesus Christ Superstar
in the first scene, where everyone is singing and in the scene
when the Romans are taking Jesus in custody.

Hint: Metal Gear Solid
series reference:
Scan a Takoshima co-ed enough times and eventually
one of her thoughts will be "You know what would be the coolest
name for a cute guy ever? Revolver Ocelot! Yeah! That would be
totally sexy!"

Hint: Poltergeist reference:

When you are in Bay City, go around the roads anywhere
near the water and start causing problems. PK cars and smash them
into other cars. Eventually you will hear someone say "They're

Hint: Power Rangers reference:

Go to Takoshima, then fly over to the Zen Temple.
Run around a bit. You will soon hear a man say "Agh! Mighty
Morphin Power Alien!".

Hint: Ultimate Showdown
In Takoshima, while fighting Kojira eventually
Crypto will say something similar to, "Old Kojira was hoppin'
around Takoshima city like a big playground... it never fails
to get stuck in my head."

Hint: Pandemic logo:
Look closely at the explosive barrels. Some will have
the Pandemic logo on them instead of a biohazard symbol.

Glitch: Floating dead person:
Go on top of a flat rooftop. Levitate a car off the
ground and bring it on the roof. Then, grab a person and kill
them with the Zap O Matic. Put their dead body on top of the car.
Next, use the Dislocater and shoot the car to get it out of the
way. If this does not work, just levitate it somewhere else. When
the car is gone, the person's body will be floating in the air.
Kill a human with the Zap-O-Matic and PK them to your saucer.
Put them on top. Take off and press X to skip the sequence
where it is lifting off. The body will be floating in the air.

Glitch: Flying KGB agent:
In Bay City, go to "The Rock" in your saucer
with your Death Ray ready. When you circle around the island,
KGB agents will appear at certain areas on the island. When you
see one appear, shoot near him but not at him. Do not hold down
the trigger; just tap it or he will just burn to a cinder. If
done correctly, the KGB agent will be on fire and will more than
likely scream, "I'm on fire!" or "Water!".
While he is ablaze he will run to the water. Once he hits the
water the fire is out and he is fine, until he flies off screen
into the air.

Glitch: Bury people in ground:
PK a car over someone and slam it down on them They
will be stuck in the ground and not be able to do anything Note:
Do not let go or it will not work.

Glitch: Cloning everyday people:
Go to Zen Temple in Takoshima. Wait for someone to
hide in a corner. PK a rock and push the person against a wall.
Keep doing this. Soon you will see that exact person standing
there, but also on the ground. Note: Make sure you can see the
person being pushed against the wall.

Glitch: Floating tank:
Get in your saucer and abduct a tank. Place it on a
building. Then, destroy the building. You will see the building
collapse, but the tank will still be floating in the air. You
can also fly around with the tank on Crypto. Fly under it and
Crypto should look like he is carrying it.

Glitch: See through water:
Have Crypto stand next to a hill by the waterside.
Move the camera until Crypto gets very close to it and turns transparent.
Hopefully the camera will be facing the water. If you look through
Crypto's body, you will notice that the water has turned tan (depending
on the level), and that some of the land seems to extends further
than what you could see normally. The water normally visible has
disappeared by looking through a transparent Crypto.

Glitch: Walk inside bridge:
Go to Canal Side in Albion. There should be some bridges.
Walk under one then walk straight into the wall that is there.
You will now be inside the bridge. Note: You cannot go far into
the bridge.

Glitch: Fly through saucer:
Go to a landing zone. Then, call your saucer. When
it is just about to land, jetpack up very quickly. You should
fly through it.

Glitch: Pox's voice echoes:
On Solaris, when doing the first mission after you
destroy the Ursa Minors, Pox will talk to you and his voice will

Glitch: Extracting Cosmonauts:
When you extract the brainstems of cosmonauts in Moon
Base Solaris either manually or by probing them, notice that after
their brainstems have already popped out their heads are still
intact. This differs from extracting people on Earth, who become
headless after extraction.


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