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1 Deus Ex: The Conspiracy on Thu May 12, 2011 3:25 pm



Cheat mode:
Enter the Goals/Notes/Images screen. Press L2,
R2, L1, R1, Start(3) to display another
tab on this screen with the following options:

Full Health
Full Energy
Full Ammo
Full Mods
All Skills
Full Credits

Some options may need to be re-enabled after entering a new area.
The Tantalus option allows you to destroy a highlighted object
during game play. Note: This has no effect on indestructible objects.

Hint: Annoyed people:
In every level are small items that you can pick up.
Find such an item and look for a friendly person (green target
cursor). Throw and hit the person with the item to get random
reactions. Do not try this on an enemy unless you want to get

Hint: Slow reaction time:
Standard (non-Boss) enemies you encounter have a slow
reaction time when spotting you. The farther away you are from
the enemy, the longer it will take for him to spot you. All enemies
except for Bosses will say something such as "What was that
noise?" or "Who's there?". If this happens, it
does not mean that they know you are there -- they only think
that you are there. If you hear en enemy say something similar
to that, look for cover, because they will investigate. This trick
will not help you if you are out in the open.

Hint: Killing Grays:
There is trick to killing a Gray with a pistol or a
low-tech weapon. Since the Grays are quick, you have to do this
fast. Aim for the legs when using a pistol. Then, shoot them slightly
above the torso, at about the neck area. They will die with one
shot. Note: You need to do this with pistol advanced or trained.
If you do this with it untrained, you will get killed easily.
With a combat knife or crowbar, find a medkit. Stand near the
Gray and slice it only on the neck. When it needs just one more
slice, slice it near the crotch. It will die very easily, and
will be prevented from firing the Radiation Cannon. Use the medkit
since you have been damaged by the radiation. It will heal about
25, depending on how long it took you to kill it, and how much
damage you took. If it is over 45 or 50, find the nearest Medbot.
Note: It is much easier to kill it with throwing knives by doing
the same process. If you have lower than advanced, you will automatically

Hint: Killing robots:
You can kill robots with just about any weapon, but
it will take awhile when using a shotgun. With a normal unmodified
clip, it will take over ten clips, and you will need God mode.

Hint: Blind enemies:
Shoot the fire extinguishers that you see occasionally
throughout the game to blind your enemies.

Hint: Easy money:
When you are at the Lucky Money in Hong Kong, get Inside
the club and go where the door girl is located. Kill her, then
right click on her to get some credits. When you are in France and have just come out of the sewers from
the catacombs, find the hostel and go to the bar. There will be
two people, one with hi-tech gear and one dressed in white. Speak
to the one in white (Renault). He will ask you to break into a
bakery to steal the zyme in the oven for about fifty credits.
You will then have three options. Select the "I don't deal
in zyme" option and he will ask you to rob the bakery for
sixty-five credits. Tell Renault that you will check the bakery
(Number 15). When you return, give him the zyme for fifteen credits
more than his first offer.

Hint: Extra items:
When you are low on items, go up behind a security
guard and make sure there are no robots, other guards, or cameras
around. Hit him with the crowbar. He should die instantly and
have bullets, knockout ammo, explosives, and a few other items
that are very useful.

Hint: Control credits:
Press Up to roll the credits faster or press
Down to slow them down.

Hint: Candy bar in training missions:
When doing the training missions, you are taught how
to climb ladders. In this room, there are two pipes on the left
wall. Go to the far end of the room and look down the end of the
pipe to find a candy bar.

Hint: Keep weapons in training missions:

When you leave each area, throw your weapons down before
the UNATCO Guard talks to you. You can then pick them up and use
them in the next area. Note: The handgun and sniper rifle will
lose all their ammuntion, but you can use the "Full Ammo"
cheat to regain it.

Hint: Secret room in training missions:

On the last room of the training missions, where you
look at different holograms to learn about people, there is a
brick sticking out on the left wall (about halfway down). Push
this in, and the wall opposite will open. Go in to receive an
interesting message from Jaime.

Hint: Secret area in alex's office:
In Alex's Office, just past the desk in the middle
of the room (on the right side), there are two hidden hatches
in the floor. Go down one (they both lead to the same place) to
find a scope weapon mod, credit chits, a lockpick, and some other

Glitch: Falling sky:
On any level where you are outside, take out a projectile
weapon such as pistol, shotgun, machine gun, etc. Look straight
up into the sky until you cannot look up any higher. Fire a few
shots straight up into the sky. If you keep looking up, you will
see marble size pieces of the sky fall down onto you.

Glitch: Retain inventory:
After becoming detained, press Square when the
"Area Unknown, Time Unknown" text appears to drop all
of your items. Wait a few seconds, then collect them again. If
timed correctly, you can keep all your items.

Glitch: Ghost toilet:
If you get to the mole people tunnels, at one of the
ends is a women's bathroom that has its door leaning next to the
door. When you walk in, you should see two mirrors to your right.
Walk to face them, then put away any weapons you may have out
for visibility. On the left hand mirror, look at an angle to the
right slightly. There will be a black toilet in the reflection,
but there in the game.


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