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1 Dirge Of Cerberus: Final Fantasy 7 on Thu May 12, 2011 4:50 pm



Skipping the storyline:
During an intermission or a story, press Start,
then X. The sequence should stop and the game should begin.

Event Viewer:
Successfully complete the game and save. Load the cleared
game file to view the unlocked intermission sequences at the Event
Viewer menu. Note: Only scenes unlocked by the Memory Capsules
previously collected will be available for viewing.

Alternate ending sequence:
Successfully complete the game with all three G Reports.

Extra hard difficulty:
Successfully complete the game under the normal or
hard difficulty setting.
Extra hard + difficulty: Successfully complete the game under the extra hard difficulty

Mission mode:
Successfully complete the game.

Hint: Chapter 6: Help from bugs:
After you get to where all the DG soldiers are, you
can shoot over where the insects are. Take out your Hydra gun
and shoot the one in front. They should get mad and think that
the DG soldiers did it, While they are attacking the soldiers
you can rest. After they are done you can kill them.

Hint: Easy gil and experience:
In Kalm, with the mission goal "Help the WRO",
run around the center tower killing Deepground soldiers. As long
as you stay away from the gate with the white boxes and mana springs,
you can kill an unending number of soldiers gaining as much experience
as desired. Soldiers will randomly drop ammo and potions to keep
you going indefinitely. After a large amount of experience has
been gathered, continue with mission up until the snipers. Kill
two and allow the last sniper to kill you. With the restart you
will be able to use the experience to level up or gain a lot of
gil. Then, do it one more time for more gil or experience. Make
sure to not die the second time through and to defeat the helicopter
Boss. You can also take advantage of the checkpoints within chapters.
If you die at the end of a segment, just before the next checkpoint,
you can use the experience for gil or leveling. This trick can
be used by looking at the save points on a completed game or while
following a more detailed walkthrough. For most gamers, the best
strategy will be to use the first experience to level which will
then make re-playing the level even easier. At the end of the
level you may lose some stats for dying, time, and damage but
you can then use the final experience for a large chunk of gil.
You can only die once per checkpoint for this to work and manual
restarts will do no do the same thing. When on the final chapter under the Normal or Hard difficulty
(Omega and Chaos) you will start by fighting the Crystal Feeders.
Destroy the Crystals and when fighting the Omega Cocoon notice
the respawning group of flying creatures that shoot lasers. Shoot
them and scout around for items. They drop Hi-Potions, Red Potions,
Phoenix Downs and Death Penalty ammo (usually in quantities of
3 and 9). Continue killing them until you have obtained the desired
amount. It only requires one shot to kill them and they drop
lots of items. Staying alive should not be a problem. For each
one you kill you will receive 80 experience points or 800 gil.
Killing 100,000 points of experience points worth of the creatures
will give you 1 million gil. Remember that 1 experience point
will refine into 10 gil. Check your experience occasionally.
When you are satisfied with the amount, simply die. If you defeat
Omega Weiss you will not gain anything. You must make sure to
die in order to receive any of the gil you have earned. This
trick can even be used for experience if you are having trouble
with Omega Weiss. This trick can be done any mode but is easiest
under the Normal or Hard difficulty settings.

Hint: Ultima Weapon:
If you happen to find the weapon called "Toy Gun",
keep it. It take require 300,000 gil total to upgrade it. The
first upgrade makes it a Silver Toy Gun, and the next upgrade
makes it a Gold Toy Gun. The final upgrade costs 200,000 gil and
creates the Ultima Weapon.

Hint: Cloud reference:
In the third mission (the one going to Edge city),
you will have to save a boy. After you chase him out of the building,
the camera will pan away from the building. You will see a small
icon of Cloud Strife on a dirty cloth hanging from that building.

Hint: Fenrir reference:
The Gummi Ship special model "Fenrir" is
a motorbike with a person on it. The person is in fact Cloud,
and the motorbike is called Fenrir. The motorbike he is on is
the one he uses in Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children, and
on Dirge of Cerberus. Before he leads the raid on the force
"Deep Ground", he says "Lets go..... Fenrir".

Hint: Short Circuit reference:

On the Shera, when talking to Reeve Tuesti, he
mentions that he managed to salvage something from the ruined
WRO headquarters. A Cait Sith walks up and says, "Number
5, is alive" which is a direct quote from the robot Johnny-Five
in the 1986 movie Short Circuit.

Glitch: Mysterious shape:
In Chapter 7 "The Shera", after the meeting
go to the base floor of the control room. Face Cid and go to your
right. Stand next to the WRO member and swing the camera out over
the side. You should see the shape of a person in black out the


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